At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 236

The entire hall was silent.

More than a hundred sons of the Lu family were as motionless as the wind, as if they were stone statues on the resurrection island.

Although from the outside, the hundred or so people, all with bland expressions, were waiting quietly for their selection.

But in their hearts, there were all sorts of thoughts.

Although Murong Ruo Lan was already forty-three years old and an aunt, no one would have been able to tell that she was a woman in her forties if she had not taken the initiative to say so.

After all, she only looked like she was in her twenties.

What’s more, Murong Ruo Lan was so beautiful that it would not be too much to describe her as being as beautiful as a heavenly immortal.

Even though these sons of the Lu family had seen almost every type of beauty in the world, Murong Ruo Lan’s beauty could still occupy the top few places.

Moreover, Murong Ruo Lan was also a member of the Murong family, and being able to marry a woman from the Murong family naturally elevated her status.

After all, grandpa, who is the head of the Lu family, is so polite to a “fourth young lady” of the Murong family, so you can imagine the status of the Murong family in the world.

However, there were also people who were on tenterhooks at the moment, fearing that they might be taken in by Murong Ruo Lan.

Most of these people are the sons of the Lu family who are married and love their fiancées very much.

Or they have an official girlfriend and love her very much.

Even if Murong Ruo Lan is beautiful and has a high status, who would be willing to abandon the most important person in their life to choose a new one if they are truly in love?

Obviously, Neo is the latter type of person.

But although he was the latter type of person.

But he wasn’t too nervous in his heart, because when he had met Murong Ruo Lan himself on the Green Snake Mountain, the woman hated herself and would naturally never let herself be her husband.

“All of them are too ordinary, I can’t see any of them!”

Murong Ruo Lan’s gaze, after sweeping over the dozen or so Lu family sons in front of her, her expression gradually looked impatient.

Of course, the children of the Lu family were not ordinary, after all, the children of the top families had been carefully cultivated since they were young, and they all had outstanding looks and temperament.

However, Murong Ruolan’s family was even more top-notch.

This woman was forty-three years old and hadn’t even married yet, so it was clear that she was a very picky woman.

If it wasn’t for the sake of marriage, she would never have picked a husband in a family like the Lu family.

Honestly, at this moment, Neo only hoped that Murong Ruo Lan would hurry up and pick a Lu family son, and this matter would end here, so that he could go back to Wujiang and continue his search for Zhou Yun.

After all, he had offended her on the Green Snake Mountain, and if Murong Ruolan found out that he was a member of the Lu family, it would naturally be detrimental to the relationship between the two families.

However, what was feared really came to pass as Murong Ruo Lan’s gaze moved past the clump of people and suddenly settled on Neo’s body.

Then, the crowd saw that Murong Ruo Lan, who had been lazing around, suddenly turned out to be uncharacteristically lazy and took a big step towards the back.

It was as if, having found some treasure.

The people standing in front were extremely curious in their hearts, wondering who had attracted Murong Ruo Lan so much, but they didn’t dare to turn around to look.

“It’s you?” Murong Ruolan looked at Neo with a cold smile.

Neo secretly cried out in his heart, what bad luck, the world is unpredictable and it was such a coincidence.

“Sorry about Wujiang.” Neo said honestly.

The Murong family could not afford to be offended, he had already seen that.

Moreover, Neo’s words were really from the heart as well, after all, from Murong Ruolan’s perspective, what Neo did at that time was indeed a kind of harassment and molestation.

“Oh, you’re sorry again at this time?” Murong Ruolan looked up and down at Neo and continued to sneer, “I said how you are so bold, how dare you molest a girl in broad daylight, it turns out that by virtue of your family’s name ah, dude is talking about people like you?”

Neo was a bit nervous at this point.

He certainly knew that Murong Ruolan had misunderstood, but this was not the time to explain.

“I’m sorry.” Neo said once more.

On this occasion, he really did not want to implicate the family because of this matter.

He only hoped that Murong Ruo Lan would put the conscription as a priority, and after receiving his apology, he would not care about these matters.

“Follow me up!”

However, Neo was wrong.

Murong Ruo Lan suddenly reached out and grabbed his arm.

Immediately afterwards, Neo felt a huge force pulling him, and involuntarily followed Murong Ruolan, to the very front of the hall.


When he saw Murong Ruo Lan pulling Neo up, Lu Bei Ke couldn’t help but be stunned.

There was also an indefinable pride in his eyes. It was also true that Neo was one of his favourite grandchildren, and the young lady of the Murong family would naturally not have a poor eye when choosing someone.

Since she had chosen Neo, in turn, it proved that Neo was indeed outstanding enough.

When the hundred people below saw that Neo had been chosen by Murong Ruo Lan, most of them were convinced.

After all, they all knew that Neo was the third young master in the family’s direct line, and among the grandchildren, if we ranked them according to their status, only Neo’s two brothers were ahead of him.

“Miss Murong, is this the pick of my grandson, Neo?” Lu Bei Ke said.

At this moment, I am afraid that only Neo’s heart was smiling bitterly.

It was not surprising that his grandfather and the others had misunderstood, after all, Murong Ruo Lan had just said that she would choose her husband, and now that she had pulled herself up, she must have thought that she had been chosen.

However, Neo knew very well in his heart that this woman, was merely trying to punish herself.

I’m afraid that soon, she would be counting her previous indecent behaviour towards her in front of everyone.

Moreover, no matter whether she had wronged herself or not, grandfather naturally could not choose not to believe her.

After all, it was always impossible to say that Miss Murong was lying.

In that case, then for the sake of the family’s safety and security, grandfather would definitely have to give Murong Ruo Lan a satisfactory result as well, and then he would definitely have to use the family law against himself to punish himself.

How would grandfather punish him?

When he thought of this, Neo’s heart moved, Master Kuyong had previously predicted that he would abandon the family.

Could it be that what Master Kurenai predicted was what happened today?

Would grandfather have to expel himself from the family in order not to offend Murong?

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart could not help but suddenly well up with great grief.

Although he was willing to give up his family for the sake of Zhou Yun, however, when this matter really came, Neo realised that the hardship was so overwhelming.

It was like, the day before the farewell one might be able to calmly say goodbye, but the moment they really parted on the platform, only then did they realise how hard and difficult it was to part.

Yes, to give up the family, that is to give up all the life that you had before.

To give up so many loved ones!

How many of his family brothers he hadn’t seen for years, how many times had he thought that one day they would meet up and drink together and talk about the past and the future?

However, if he had been expelled from the family today, all the things he had longed for before would have been destroyed forever.

And there is a difference between willingly giving up the family and being expelled!

To be expelled would mean being a disgrace to the family!

And a lifetime of unexplainable shame!

What’s more, the reason for this expulsion was that he had molested Miss Murong!

Will he live with this disgrace for the rest of his life?

No one in the family will ever know the truth, everyone in the family will think that he really molested Murong Ruo Lan!

My parents will know, my grandfather will know, my brothers and sisters will know, all my aunts and uncles will know! Everyone will know that I, Neo, was expelled from the Lu family for my sordid behaviour, they will be disappointed in me, and I will never have the chance to explain myself again!

My parents will be disappointed, my grandfather will be disappointed, my sister Wan’er will be disappointed …… and all those who love me will be disappointed too!

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart was suddenly surrounded by a boundless grief and despair.

After all, his own twenty-three years, the family is his only connection within himself!

But, but ……

For the sake of Zhou Yun, in order to find her and protect her, he endured humiliation, he was misunderstood by everyone, he lived a humble life, and that was not an insult to his original promise.

Even if he died alone in a corner of the world, he could finally say to Zhou Yun, “What I promised you, I have finally done.”

Thinking of this, Neo couldn’t help but look at him with tears in his eyes, taking a deep breath, since it was time to come, it was time to come!

“Why are you crying?”

Murong Ruo Lan smiled faintly and looked at Neo, in a meaningful tone, a tone that only the two of them understood the deep meaning, “Are you so afraid that I will tell you what happened before? Are you afraid of being punished by your grandfather and being expelled from the family? See how scared you are, don’t worry, it’s not that, I brought you up here because, I chose you.”


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