At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 235

Just then.

Monk Hui Qing walked out from the room inside.

At this moment, there was not much left inside the back hall, except for Neo, and Zheng Jie and Liu Dafu who had stayed behind and not left in order to taunt Neo.

When she saw Monk Huiqing coming her way, she thought it was because Huiqing had seen that they hadn’t left yet and had come to drive them away.

If this left a bad impression, then I wonder if they would be blacklisted and would not be able to come to Pu Xin Temple to seek divination from Master Ku Rong in the future ah.

Thinking of this, Zheng Jie suddenly panicked in her heart.

She hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Sorry, Master, we’ll leave now.”

As she spoke, she secretly blamed Neo in her heart.

If it wasn’t for this guy, she would have left a long time ago.

Thinking, Zheng Jie pointed at Neo again and said to Hui Qing, “Master, actually we are here to chase him away for you because we see that he won’t leave, it’s not good to always have this kind of person who sticks around and disturbs you and Master Kurenai’s rest.”

Hui Qing didn’t even look at Zheng Jie, and bowed to Neo, “This monk, Master Kurenai has a request.”

Hui Qing had been with Master Kurenai for a long time and naturally knew his habits very well, and knew that if Master Kurenai was resting, then he would definitely not see any guests.

And after reading the letter given by Neo just now, he let Neo in, so one could imagine that this youth must be of extraordinary origin, and Hui Qing did not dare to be negligent, so as soon as he came out, he naturally went straight to Neo’s side.

“Thank you very much, Master.”

Neo was overjoyed that Wang Renhua’s letter had actually worked.

Without further hesitation, he lifted the curtain and went into the inner room.

Next to him, Zheng Jie and Liu Dafu, both froze.

“Master, this, this, how did he get in?” Zheng Jie pointed in disbelief at Neo who had gone in, and then his heart moved, “Then is it possible that Master Kurenai can divine again, can we wait here for a while?”

“Sorry, you two, Master Kurenai has rested, you two come back tomorrow.” Hui Qing said.

This, of course, was not possible.

“But how did he get in?” Zheng Jie said reluctantly.

Yes, even that hanger-on Neo could get in, so why couldn’t he get in himself?

“I can give you more money for the incense!” Zheng Jie said, pulling open her accompanying bag, revealing a pile of red-red banknotes inside.

“Both of you, please go back!” Hui Qing did not reply and continued.

Only this time, the tone of voice was much heavier.

Zheng Jie was no fool, once she heard Hui Qing’s tone, she knew that people were impatient, seeing this, she did not dare to stay any longer, despite her strange and unwilling heart, she had no choice but to leave the back hall with Liu Dafu and the two of them.

In the inner room.

Neo and Master Kulong were sitting facing each other, with only a tea table between them.

The two had already exchanged pleasantries earlier.

Master Kurenai asked about Wang Renhua’s recent situation, lamented about the old man and sighed about world events.

At this moment, Neo also followed Master Kourou’s instructions, stretched out his palm and closed his eyes.

Master Kourou took out the white spirit jade, which was milky white, as if it had just been taken out of milk, and he placed it over Neo’s palm.

Only, at this moment, as soon as Master Kurenai saw the White Spirit Jade, he couldn’t help but think of the abnormal astrological phenomenon of all-white that appeared in the White Spirit Jade when he had just given a pre-determination to the girl in black.

Peculiar, truly peculiar.

Master Ku Rong hurriedly shook his head and returned to his divine thoughts.

Gazing intently at the white spirit jade above Neo’s palm.

Ready to give Neo a pre-determination.

However, with this look, Master Kurenai was instantly even more shocked, and even he, who had always been calm and cultivated indifferently, could not help but tremble slightly at this time, his mouth muttering, “How, how could this even happen!”

At this moment, one could see the milky white glow on the White Spirit Jade gradually dimming, and slowly, the milky white colour disappeared completely, replaced by a deep inky blackness that grew darker and darker.

In the end, the entire White Spirit Jade turned into a disc like black charcoal.

“Void astral image!”

Master Kurenai muttered as he looked at the White Spirit Jade in shock.

In one day, two consecutive people had abnormal astral signs, one was a starry sky as bright as day, and the other was a void astral sign as silent as death.

“Master, how is it? Any results yet?” Neo also sensed Master Kurenai’s abnormality and could not help but open his eyes.

“Young Lu, your astrological image is very peculiar.” Master Kurenai took a deep breath and couldn’t help but think of the young girl in black again, “I’ve been giving guidance at Pu Xin Temple for decades, and in those decades, you are one of the two people I’ve encountered with the most peculiar astrological signs.”

“Oh, who is the other one?” Neo couldn’t help but ask curiously.

“The other one ……,” Master Kurenai was just about to explain to Neo about the young girl in black.

But then, two words popped into his mind, “Heaven’s opportunity”!

That’s right, don’t let the cat out of the bag!

“Please forgive me, I cannot tell you this.” Master Kurenai sighed inwardly, “Young Lu, tell me what you seek to ask me about divination.”

“I’m looking for a girl, and I want Master Kurenai to give me some pointers on how I can find her.” Neo said.

“What kind of girl?”

“Zhou Yun.”

“Young Lu, you are not going to say her name, but her relationship with you, if I am correct, is it a girl you love?” Master Kurenai said.


“The most loved?” Master Kurenai stared into Neo’s eyes, “You can think about it for a while before you answer me, it’s important.”

Neo was stunned, the woman he loved the most?

Wasn’t Zhou Yun?

Of course …… was.

There had never been any woman that had such an unbearable position in his heart.

“Yes.” Neo said.

Master Kurenai did not speak, he stared intently at the white spirit jade in front of him, despite the fact that it was as dark as ink at the moment, Master Kurenai was still looking at it intensely, and every now and then he was thinking about something.

And Neo, beside him, waited nervously.

His heart was very apprehensive.

Was it possible that, later on, he would know what to do to find Zhou Yun?

Thinking of this, while being apprehensive, Neo’s heart felt a rush of excitement that broke through his heart.

“Young Lu.”

Master Kurenai spoke up.

Neo did not say anything, he knew that Master Kurenai would continue to speak.

“You will find the girl.” Master Kurenai said again.

“Really?!” Neo was so happy in his heart that he couldn’t help but cry tears of joy.

Although his heart had always believed that he would find Zhou Yun, but now that he heard Master Kurenai say it himself, that inspiration for his heart and his perseverance in his belief served to support him even more.

“Yes, only.” Master Kurenai glanced at Neo, a few heavinesses showing in his gaze, “Only that the price is also great, young Lu, and for that, you will have to give up everything in your family.”

“Give up everything of the family?” Neo was stunned again, not understanding what Master Kurenai meant.

“Yes, give up the family’s status, glory, wealth, power, give up everything and everything in the family, and cut yourself off from the family from now on. That is, from now on you are no longer a descendant of the Lu family.” Master Ku Rong looked a little hard even as he said these words.

He certainly knew the status of the Lu Family.

After all, back then, it was he who had given Wang Renhua the guidance to serve the Lu Family and thus evade his enemies.

Neo froze at once.

This was too great a price to pay!

To give up the family.

Then with grandpa, mum and dad, Wan’er’s sister, big brother and second brother, Tianzhi and the rest of them, and all the Lu family, never to be family again, never to be severed from ……

Neo only felt a sudden pain in his heart that made it difficult to choose.

On the one hand was Zhou Yun.

On the other side was the family.

Who to choose?

Was it difficult?

Neo suddenly smiled sadly in his heart, remembering that day?

That day, he was holding Zhou Yun, who was spitting blood from the corner of his mouth, on his knees by the side of the campus road.

That day, he ranted into the phone that if he didn’t get C-level support, he, himself, would never be a member of the Lu family again.

It was.

Pick that side, the answer was obvious enough.

For Zhou Yun, one could give up whatever one had.

So what if one is not a member of the Lu family?

One was only giving up wealth and power, but one didn’t really lose grandpa and all of them!

“Is it time to give up now? Grand Master.” Neo asked, looking up.

“No.” Master Kurenai shook his head, “Fate will give you a chance to choose at a suitable opportunity. When the time comes, you can also choose the clan, or the girl you love.”

Walking on the path down the mountain.

Thinking back to the words of Master Kulong of the Pu Xin Temple, Neo could not help but look up at the sky, which was far away.

“If fate really wants me to make a choice, then I just hope it will come soon!” Neo secretly clenched his fist and said to himself.

Only, an indescribable sadness in his heart also pervaded his entire body and mind.

After all, if he was no longer a descendant of the Lu family, then, who was he?

“Handsome man, tell a fortune?”

At this very moment, suddenly, Neo felt a person squeeze up to his side.

Turning back, he looked.

He was a middle-aged man in his fifties, thin, with smart eyebrows, two beards on his upper lip, and a banner in one hand that read “fortune telling”.

He looked like a charlatan.

Neo knew that most of these charlatans were frauds and was just about to leave.

The charlatan pulled him back.

“Tell a hand, handsome, you just went to that Kulong, that guy is not accurate, why don’t you let me tell your fortune again, you see which one is more accurate.” The warlock said.

Neo’s heart was moved by this.

He was here to find Zhou Yun, whether it was a trick or a real one, he had to give it a try.

“Good.” Neo said.

“Good!” Seeing that Neo agreed, the warlock flipped his hand and took out a dozen cards like playing cards and spread them on the ground, saying, “Come on, handsome, choose one.”

When Neo looked at the cards, he immediately blushed.

Because on each of these dozen cards, there were women with different postures and no clothes on them.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, handsome, just pick one you like, pick the one you think looks best.” The warlock said.

Neo shook his head and looked at the dozen cards, and somehow a disgust suddenly welled up in his heart.

How could there be a favourite of his own in here?

The person he liked the most was Zhou Yun.

Now Zhou Yun was still not sure where he was, and he was still here to choose a good-looking one from a group of naked women.

A disgust for himself.

“Forget it, it doesn’t count.” Neo’s heart was instantly bored with fortune telling, and he turned around and left.

However, when that journeyman saw that Neo hadn’t turned over a single card, his eyes suddenly lit up and his whole person seemed to be in an indescribable state of shock and elation.

“Handsome! Wait a minute!”

The journeyman did not even care about the stall, and went straight after Neo.

However, there were many people in the scenic spot, and Neo was walking fast, so he soon disappeared into the crowd.

Seeing that Neo was getting farther and farther away, the journeyman was anxious and scratching his ears.

He couldn’t help but shout, “Stop him, stop him, he’s not paying for his trigonometry!”

In fact, Neo didn’t even tell his fortune, so what money would he pay?

It was just that this jianghu magician was very shrewd, hoping that if he shouted like this, some people would take the initiative to help him stop Neo.

However, he had overestimated the habits of modern people.

Not only did no one stop Neo for him.

He was, instead, stopped by a man.

“Which guy did you say ran away without paying you for his fortune telling?” A woman stopped the journeyman and looked at the already distant figure of Neo and said with a heated smile.

“Yes, yes, help me go after him! I have an old man and a young woman, and my whole family depends on me to tell fortunes. The charlatan was anxious to go after him.

“Don’t chase him, he’s already gone so far, it’s impossible to chase him now.” The woman said, opening her bag and grabbing a pile of money from it, “But you don’t need to rush, I know that guy, as long as you do me a favour, all this money is yours.”

With that, the woman shook the banknotes in her hand.

She was of course Zheng Jie.

“Good, can can.” The Jianghu warlock’s eyes instantly glowed, and he didn’t know if it was because he saw the banknotes or because he heard those words from Zheng Jie.

Besides, Neo, after he came down from the mountain, remembering Master Kurenai’s words just now, he was happy and confused at the same time.

He was happy because Master Kourou had said that he could find Zhou Yun.

But what was confusing was that Master Kourou only said that he needed to give up his family, but he didn’t say how to find Zhou Yun either.

Now, one still had no clue.

Where to go now?

For a moment, Neo lost his mind again.

It was at this moment that his mobile phone suddenly rang.

“Third Young Master.” The call, it was from Elder Xiong.

“Elder Xiong.”

“Third Young Master, please come to the family’s Sky Island quickly to attend the family meeting, this is an order from the Grand Master, Third Young Master, you must ensure that you arrive at Sky Island within ten hours.” Elder Xiong said.

“What?” Neo was stunned, a family meeting on Sky Island?

What had happened that was so serious?

Of course Neo knew that the Sky Island was the largest island in the family, and also the most central island in the family.

In other words, if the Lu family also celebrated Chinese New Year, it would be on Sky Island.

The fact that his grandfather was holding a family meeting on Sky Island and had to attend it himself was something that Neo had never experienced before.

Could it be that something big had happened to the family?

Although he knew that he had to look for Zhou Yun, but this kind of major meeting of the family, Neo also knew that he could not skip it.

With Elder Xiong’s guidance, Neo took a flight at the family helicopter base in Wujiang City, and five hours later, he landed on Tiandao Island.

Compared to islands like Xuanwu Island and Peach Blossom Island, Tiandao was much larger.

There were almost no cliffs on the island, it was flat, and the Lu family’s estate took up a third of the island, as if it were a royal palace.

In the middle of the family hall.

Many people had already come, including big brother and second brother, as well as cousins and cousins, and various cousins ……

Most of them were from the younger generation.

Seeing these familiar faces, which he had not seen for a long time, Neo’s heart was very excited.

He wanted to go up to them immediately and greet them all, even hug them and tell them about their lives over the years.

However, the solemn and serious atmosphere in the hall made Neo suppress his excitement and stand silently in the hall like the others.

At the front of the hall was Neo’s grandfather, the current head of the Lu family, Lu Bei Ke.

“Sons and grandsons of the various Heavenly Generation, the family has called all of you here today for a very important matter.” Lu Bei Ke’s expression was also very serious.

This made Neo’s heart very nervous and his hands couldn’t help but clench tightly as he didn’t know exactly what was about to happen.

But seeing his grandfather like this, Neo was really worried that something bad might happen.

After all, for the Lu family, the number one family on earth, to call everyone from the Heavenly Generation to gather for this meeting, then something must have happened that ordinary people would not dare to imagine.

Lu Beike stopped talking and did not say any more, as if he was selling a story.

However, despite this, all of the more than 100 descendants of the Lu family from the Tianzi generation stood up straight, and the whole room was quiet, with not a single person talking.

It was as if they were over a hundred poplars.

When Lu Beique saw this, a look of relief flashed across his face as well.

He had stopped, perhaps to examine the literacy of his children and grandchildren.

Now it seemed that he was satisfied.

“That is, there is an unmarried woman from a family who wants to join in marriage with the male descendants of our Lu Family’s Tian Zi generation, so the reason for summoning you all here is for this lady to choose.” Finally, Lu Bei Ke put in the following words and added them.

The moment these words were spoken.

Neo could clearly feel that the atmosphere at the scene suddenly became a little bit lighter from the tense and solemn one just now.

This is true, even Neo also felt a little funny, grandpa is intentional?

The marriage was supposed to be a happy and joyful event, but why did he make it look like there was some kind of catastrophe going on?

However, Neo’s heart moved again.


What kind of family was the other party?

How could a woman who wanted to marry have her grandfather summon all the descendants of the Lu family from the four corners of the world?

And still for her to pick!

How was it possible that there could be such a family in the world!

One should know that the Lu Family itself was the number one family on Earth, and if a random male of the Heavenly Generation wanted to get married, any other family’s young girls of the right age should have been picked at random.

But now, it was surprisingly the other way around.

The other party, a woman, actually wanted all of the more than 100 descendants of the Lu Family to arrive for her to choose from!

Honestly, Neo’s heart became curious.

He wanted to see who the other party was and what they were like.

Not only did Neo’s heart want to see what kind of person she was, but I’m afraid that none of the other descendants of the Lu family wanted to.

So, at this moment, everyone’s eyes were looking towards the doorway in front of them.

There was a light, slow footstep, and a woman approached the hall as the crowd watched.

The woman was draped in a black satin cloak, which was embroidered with a conspicuous peach blossom, pink in colour, standing on top of a peach branch with a few scattered petals.

The woman, tall, with a cold face and eyes as if they were peach blossoms, and with a few moments of coolness and disdain, had a small, firm nose, slightly curved, as if she were a little stubborn, but also as if she was a little haughty, with thin lips that revealed a little condescension.

Neo kept his eyes on the doorway, and when he saw the woman clearly, he almost blurted out, “I’m sorry.

Neo almost blurted out “Zhou Yun”.

But soon, he suddenly remembered that this woman was not Zhou Yun.

Instead, it was the woman he had met at the bottom of the Green Snake Mountain who looked like Zhou Yun.

It was her again!

She was the one who had come here to join the marriage?!

“This is the Murong Family’s Fourth Miss ……,” Lu Bei Ke was just about to introduce.

But he was interrupted by the woman again.

“Grand Master Lu should not call me Fourth Miss.” The woman smiled slightly, but the smile was only polite and appeared to have a few chills, “I am already in the previous generation of the Murong family, the title Miss belongs to my nieces, I am now the head of Murong Peach Blossom Villa, you can call me Peach Blossom Villa Master.”

The woman said, her gaze turned and scanned the hall at the grandchildren of the Lu family’s Heavenly characters.

Her gaze was hale and cold as she looked at these hundred or so descendants of the Lu Family, her face still bland and without any stage fright at all.

One had to know that these hundred or so people, taking any one of them outside, would be heaven-destroying figures.

“Hello, I’ll be straightforward, my name is Murong Ruolan, the fourth young lady of the previous generation of the Murong family, I’m here this time to pick one of you to be my husband, from now on the Murong family and the Lu family will also have a marriage alliance, this is also good for both sides.” When Murong Ruolan said this, a sneer emerged from the corner of her mouth.

I don’t know if it was a sneer at herself, or at the Lu family.

Or maybe it was both?

When Neo heard this, his heart suddenly moved.

So she was a member of the Murong family!

No wonder grandfather had such courtesy towards her!

Although Neo did not know much about the Murong family, he knew how mysterious they were.

Neo also understood why Murong Ruo Lan and Zhou Yun resembled each other so much.

Previously, from Wang Renhua’s account, Neo also knew that Zhou Yun’s birth mother was the daughter of Murong Hong, the Murong family’s former second young lady.

In that case, Zhou Yun and Murong Ruo Lan were still related by blood.

It’s just that it’s also really amazing to look so much alike.

“By the way, I would also like to remind everyone that I am forty-three years old, so I hope that those who are picked by me will not mind my age.” Murong Ruo Lan said here, covering her mouth and smiling, surprisingly, she still looked like a young girl.

Neo was stunned again, no, it turned out that she was already at the level of an aunt.

This time, Neo straightened out.

Murong Hong was the former Second Miss, and Murong Ruolan had just said that she used to be the Fourth Miss, and now she was too embarrassed to be called the Fourth Miss.

In that case, she should be Murong Hong’s sister!

In other words, she was Zhou Yun’s aunt!

“Alright, I’m going to start picking now!” When she said this, Murong Ruo Lan’s face was steeply cold, “Those who are picked by me must not refuse me!”


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