At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 234

“Little girl, please.”

Master Kurenai, at this time, also said.

The young girl in black was still hesitating.

“Sister, what are you still worried about, it might even help you remember what happened before.” Cao Qian said.

The young girl in black also said nothing more.

Sitting down, she did the same as Cao Qian had just done, opened her palms and closed her eyes.

Master Kourou, just as he had just done, placed the white spirit jade in his hand over the palm of the young girl in black.

Without waiting for Master Kourou to say anything, Cao Qian had also long since eagerly put her head up, wanting to see what the starry sky above the White Spirit Jade really looked like.

After all, when Master Kourou had just shone the light on her, she had closed her eyes and saw nothing, only listening to the conversation between her sister and Master Kourou in her ears.

In his heart, he was also feeling very curious.

“Ah, it’s so blinding! What’s going on!”

However, as soon as Cao Qian looked over, she saw a blinding white light radiating from the white spirit jade, which itself was milky white, as if it was transformed into a fluorescent light.

Cao Qian hurriedly turned her head away.

“Dang, why is it so bright, what did you guys just say about the starry starry sky, how on earth did you see it?” Cao Qian muttered, remembering the conversation between her sister and Master Ku Rong just now.

Yes, it was so blinding, it was impossible to see it at all.

Master Kurenai’s face couldn’t help but be surprised too.

He stared intently at Bai Lingyu and seemed frozen.

“How is it, Master Kurenai?” When the young girl in black heard her sister muttering and Master Kurenai not speaking for a long time, she could not help but feel strange in her heart and asked.

“Little girl, your astrological sign is too strange.” There were still a few moments of amazement in Master Kulong’s tone as he said, “I have never seen such an astrological vision before either, I cannot see any astrological officials, I only see a white glow, as if, as if …… if the sky is filled with stardust, the whole starry sky is as bright as daylight.”

“Little girl, what this astrological sign portends should …… be,” Master Ku Rong said, pausing for a moment.

“What is it?” The young girl in black and Cao Qian, both of them, hurriedly said, their eyes eagerly looking at Master Kurenai, anxious to hear the master’s answer.


Master Kurenai said only one word.


“Someone loves you very much, little girl, in a deeper kind of way than you can imagine.”

“Ah, Master, was it before or in the future?” Cao Qian asked again hurriedly.

Master Kurenai revealed his trademark smile again, “The sky is only as far as it goes, maybe it was before, maybe it will be in the future.”

“Thank you, Master, for your guidance.”

With that, the two black-clad sisters, both of them, thanked Master Kurenai and walked towards the curtain of the room.

The outside of that curtain was precisely the back hall.

This curtain was the one that separated the room from the back hall.

The girl in black reached out and grabbed the curtain, just about to uncover it.

“Maiden, outside that door are the guests who have come to wait for the divination, you please go through the other door.” Master Kourou said at this time, pointing to a curtain on the other side of the room, “The rule of divination is that new guests and old guests do not meet.”

“Okay, Master.”

The young girl in black put down the curtain in her hand, and with the young girl in grey the two of them left the Puxin Temple through another door and left along the mountain path.

As he watched the black-clothed maiden leave, a few moments of contemplation appeared in Master Ku Rong’s gaze.

“Huiqing.” Master Kurenai suddenly shouted.

“Senior Uncle.”

The curtain of the door picked and in walked a middle-aged monk.

“Master uncle, the two female guests have just left, ah, then I’ll go outside and call the other guests.” The middle-aged monk said.

“No.” Master Kourou looked a little sad at this point and said, “That’s all for today, say sorry to those guests.”

The middle-aged monk was stunned.

This was a bit out of place, it was still very early in the day, and Master had always seen the afternoon before, so how could it suddenly end here today.

But despite the doubts in his mind.

But naturally, he could not disobey his senior uncle’s command.

With that in mind, the middle-aged monk took his orders and walked outside.

Master Kourou, at this moment, was frowning, the sky was full of stars and glowing with light.

Could it be that the 5,000-year catastrophe is really coming?

At this moment, inside the back hall.

“Oh, really, since Master Kulong is so spiritual, why isn’t there a fee threshold here? It would be better if there was a fee, and no one would just come here to divine. It would be better if there was a fee, so that no one would just come here to ask questions about something big.” Zheng Jie turned her head and stared at Neo, saying with cold contempt.

Obviously, this was mocking Neo.

Only, Zheng Jie also knew that this was a temple, so she did not dare to be too vocal, and only said in a low voice.

Neo had no choice, so he pretended not to hear.

What’s more, his mind had already flown to the room inside, imagining what Master Kurenai would say to him when he met him later.

So, he let Zheng Jie do the talking.

“Neo, what exactly do you want to ask here, huh? Oh.” Seeing that Neo, who he was pointing at, was not speaking, Zheng Jie simply took the initiative to speak to Neo directly, “But just like you, you just came to ask for a job or something? A job with a monthly salary of a few thousand dollars and still come here to ask, what a waste of resources, do you know what we came here to ask? My husband and I are asking about the auction of cultural relics, which is worth millions or even more than a billion dollars, so I’m just saying, if Master Kulong should charge a fee and exclude people like you, so as not to waste resources, some people are like that, when they see one, they always want to come and take advantage of it, huh?”

“My business is much more important than yours.” Neo finally couldn’t hold back a bit and said.

It was fine to insult yourself, but never insult Zhou Yun!

“Yoo hoo, you are really shameless, tell me, what did you come to beg to ask for ……” Seeing that Neo even dared to retort, Zheng Jie was instantly furious.

I was victimized by you back then, and now you’re still a hanger-on, you should have been stepped on properly by me, and now you dare to dislike me!

But Zheng Jie was just about to spew.

The middle-aged monk from earlier walked out.

The crowd had just watched the middle-aged monk being called in, and now that they saw the middle-aged monk come out, they knew that he must have come out to call someone in, so they all looked at the middle-aged monk expectantly at once, hoping that he would call himself in.

“Cough, cough, sorry, everyone, the master uncle has just said that divination will end here today, his old man is a bit tired today, please go back for now, I’m really sorry everyone.” The middle-aged monk then relayed what Master Kourou had just said.

As soon as the crowd heard this, although they were depressed in their hearts, no one dared to say anything more.

They could only sigh at their own bad luck and go back unhappily.

“Dang! What a coincidence, it was so hard to climb up to the mountain and now we have to go back again, sigh!” Zheng Jie was immediately depressed, and turned back to glare at Neo again, “If you ask me, it’s all because you, the unlucky one, followed us here, that caused our luck to turn bad, a hangman like you, wherever you go, there’s no luck!”

Neo ignored her.

Instead, he stood up directly and went to the middle-aged monk: “This master, please let me see Master Kulong, I really have an urgent matter, I beg you!”

Neo was really in a hurry.

Several months had passed since Zhou Yun disappeared, how could one not be anxious?

How could one not be anxious when several weeks had passed since one was ready to set out on the road to find Zhou Yun?

How could one not be anxious when several days had passed since one knew that Zhou Yun had also been struck by the lodging bug?

“Excuse me, this monk, senior uncle really needs to rest, please go back.” The middle-aged monk, his tone was like iron, there was no room for negotiation at all.

“This idiot, what a nutcase.” Zheng Jie saw that Neo was even pleading with the middle-aged monk, and immediately laughed, “Who does he think he is? Master Kurenai has said that he won’t see any guests today, even if the mayor comes, there’s nothing he can do! The last time, there were rumors in the circle of friends that the mayor had come to see Master Kurenai, but that day Master Kurenai was fasting and could not see guests, so he did not see the mayor. Oh, now this hanger-on even went up to plead, really brain-dead.”

Once Neo saw that the middle-aged monk still did not agree.

He was getting depressed.

Suddenly he felt something in his hand, it was the letter Wang Renhua had written to Master Kurenai.

Neo’s heart moved and he hurriedly handed it to the middle-aged monk: “Master, please give this letter to Master Kulong to read, and tell him that there is someone outside who really wants to see him urgently, and I hope that Master Kulong will be kind enough to see me once!

The middle-aged monk saw that it was just a letter, and it was not too much to send it to his uncle to take a look at.

So he said nothing more and turned around to go back to his room.

“Huiqing, the guests outside have all left.” Seeing the middle-aged monk come in, Master Ku Rong said.

“Master uncle, there is a young man who took a letter and asked me to give it to you, and said that he must see you.” Hui Qing said with an honest report.

“Oh? But I really don’t want to see a guest today.”

Master Kurenai’s mouth said, but without thinking much about it, he took the letter, unfolded it, and instantly his eyes twitched, the corners of his mouth actually unknowingly showing a few moments of relief.

“In that case, Senior Uncle, I will go and let him go away.” Hui Qing said.

“No!” Master Ku Rong closed the letter, “Let that youth in! I want to see him!”

“Huh?” Hui Qing was stunned, what was going on, for the first time in his unprecedented history, Master Uncle was meeting a guest when he had said he was going to rest, it seemed that the youth was really from a very unusual background.

“Yes, Senior Uncle.” Hui Qing hurriedly headed outside again.

He was in quite a hurry, yes, for fear that the youth would go away!

At this moment, outside.

“Neo, are you an idiot? Or is it the inability to find a job that’s driving you crazy? I’ve already said that Master Kulong has said that he won’t see any guests, even if a famous, rich and wealthy man with a big salary and a high official comes, he won’t see them as usual, how come he’ll see a little hanger-on like you?” Zheng Jie saw that Neo was still struggling, and he himself felt embarrassed not to mock the words.


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