At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 232


At the foot of the hill, a purple Rolls Royce, the door was pulled open violently and a woman in black got into the car, her tone appeared to have a bit of anger on her handsome face.

“What is it, Master Zhuang?”

The young girl in the driver’s seat, seeing the woman in black’s face look out of place, could not help but ask.

“I’m furious, I met a psycho and I was molested by him!” The woman in black still sounded very angry and dusted off her clothes as hard as if they were stained with dirt.

“What kind of person is so bold!” The young girl couldn’t help but raise both eyebrows backwards even as she listened, “I’ll go kill that sè láng!”

“Forget it.” The woman in black was still annoyed, but waved her hand, “Although it is easy to kill him, but there are too many people here, killing a person may cause a stir, not to mention that the times are different from before, it is now the so-called rule of law society, you can’t just kill people.”

The woman in black said this, but the anger in her heart still had not been completely quelled, and whispered to herself again, “I really didn’t expect to see the sè láng getting bolder and bolder after not being in the city for so long! But if I meet him next time, I’ll have to break one of his hands!”

“Don’t be angry, these vulgar people are just like that, they are just a low class! In our eyes, they are as low as pigs and dogs, so it is not surprising that they can do such things.” The young girl said soothingly.

“Oh, and yet, I’m marrying a pig and dog.” The woman in black said with a few sneers and a few sneers on her face.

It was not clear whether it was a mockery of herself, or a mockery of the world.

“This ……”

When the young lady heard the woman in black say this, for a moment, her face also showed a few moments of embarrassment and helplessness, and then, as if to change the topic, she said, “Right, Zhuang Master, you just said that you went to the Pu Xin Temple to find that Master Ku Rong to calculate your trip this time, how did it turn out?”

“I didn’t enter the Pu Xin Temple, and when I got halfway up the mountain, I turned around and came back.” The woman in black said, with a few more moments of clarity on her face, “Because when I got halfway up the mountain I thought, with our family’s position, my destiny is only in my hands, and Kourou is just a mortal with a bit of wisdom, so who is he to judge for me!”

“That’s true, then, Zhuangzhu, let’s go.”


The woman in black nodded, and her gaze went back to the Green Snake Mountain outside, the foot of the mountain was still filled with dark clouds of people, and the woman in black searched the crowd for a moment, not knowing what she was looking for.

But finally, her gaze withdrew and she lowered her eyelids.

The Rolls-Royce, driving away from the Green Snake Mountain.

Green Snake Mountain, with its winding paths and lush green trees on both sides, with patches of branches and leaves that formed a huge green emerald screen.

“Sister, what the hell happened to you just now? Why did you cry after taking a bite of ice cream?”

On the mountain path, two young girls, one dressed in black and the other in grey, were hand in hand, slowly making their way up the mountain.

“I don’t know.” The young girl in black said.

By now, the ice cream from earlier had been eaten and the young girl in black had eased her mind a lot.

Thinking about what had just happened, the girl in black’s heart was also very strange.

The inexplicable and inscrutable sadness in her heart really made her feel a feeling of indefinable desire to cry. It was as if the Pacific Ocean was as wide as the sorrow, which could easily make people drown in it, with **** on all sides, never able to dock, and eventually, they would slowly drown in this ocean of sadness.

“Could it be related to your previous memories?” The grey-clothed girl suddenly said with a glint in her eye.

“Ah?” The girl in black froze, then laughed, “Sister, how is that possible, what could have happened in my past that could make me weep when I eat ice cream, that’s too incredible.”

“But how else can this be explained?” The young girl in grey clustered her eyebrows, still looking like she was trying to think of what had caused this incident.

Seeing the maiden in grey like this, a few moments of relief appeared on the maiden in black’s face.

But then she said, “Alright, sister, let’s not think about me for now, let’s speed up a bit and get to Pu Xin Temple early to find Master Kulong and ask you properly about your marriage and future.”

With that, he pulled up the young girl in grey and quickened his pace, heading for the mountain.

Besides, Neo walked step by step towards the top of the mountain.

The Puxin Temple was at the top of the mountain.

As he walked, his mind was thinking about Zhou Yun, who he had just seen in front of the Haagen-Dazs shop.

At this time, Neo’s mind was much clearer and his thinking had returned to normal.

Unlike just now when he suddenly saw Zhou Yun, Neo almost lost his normal judgement as his blood rushed to the surface.

Now he was much calmer.

When Neo thought about the Zhou Yun he had just met, he could not help but feel a little strange in his heart.

The woman in black that he had just encountered was almost identical to Zhou Yun, but it seemed that she was really not Zhou Yun.

In short, she looked very much alike.

However, the character and the person revealed between her eyebrows seemed to be very different from Zhou Yun.

Whatever had happened to Zhou Yun, it would never be possible for a person to change so much in just a few months’ time.

So, could it be that the woman in black, just now, was really not Zhou Yun?

Moreover, that woman, it seemed, had a bit more maturity than Zhou Yun, as she appeared to have a kind of sternness to her, no matter how she spoke or acted.

That was not something that a young girl in her early twenties like Zhou Yun could possess.

She must have experienced a lot of things in the world to be able to develop that kind of temperament.

But in the world, how could there be people who looked so much alike.

Neo shook his head, the more he thought about it, the stranger he felt, and even for a moment, he felt that the world was very strange.

Forget it, let’s not think about it anymore, let’s hurry to find Master Kurenai and ask for clarification, thinking of this, Neo squeezed the letter that Wang Renhua wrote to Master Kurenai in his hand and quickened his pace.

The top of Green Snake Mountain.

Surrounded by ancient pines and craggy cliffs, standing at the top of the mountain, the magnificent city of Wujiang spread out, stretching to the distant sky, seemingly connected to the clouds.

At this moment, standing at the top of the mountain and looking at Wujiang, even if it is only the size of a matchbox to the eye, it is actually a huge neighbourhood of tens of thousands of people.

Anyone who sees this cannot help but feel a sense of human insignificance.

There are still a few people at the top of the mountain; after all, there are many people who come to pray at Puxin Temple.

There were also some people who came to pay homage to Master Kurenai.

Of course, it depends on fate whether one can pay a visit or not.

Puxin Temple is not very big, but it looks very ancient.

The maroon bricks and tiles and the off-white walls look mottled, and there is no telling how many ages it has been through.

Many temples nowadays are beautifully and luxuriously decorated.

There are also many people coming to Puxin Temple, but it is unique in that it still maintains a breezy style.

Once inside the temple gate, there is first a large hall where many people are offering incense.

And to pay homage to Master Kulong, one needed to go to the back hall.

Neo arrived at the back hall.

Once inside, there were quite a few people inside.

As they were all here to pay their respects to the master and seek guidance, they all dressed in a low profile to show their devotion, and put away all their jewellery and watches.

So for a while, it was impossible to tell who was of a higher or lower status.

But you can’t tell by appearances.

However, when one sees that some of them are accompanied by an entourage of people, one can immediately tell that the status of these people is not too low.

Master Kulong was inside the hall room, and between it and the back hall, a greyish-yellow curtain lattice was used to block it off.

Inside the hall, there were some futons for those who came in to sit and wait.

Those who had come first were already seated in front of the curtain in order.

Neo, despite his anxiety, obediently found a futon at the end and sat down.


At this moment, Neo heard another familiar cold laugh coming from the front.

At once, Neo was speechless.

He had run into Zheng Jie and Liu Dafu again.

They had arrived earlier than himself and were in front of him in line at this moment.

“Everyone, Master Kulong is in the hall room, giving the two female guests a discourse on world affairs, so please keep quiet and wait patiently, please do not make any noise and sit quietly to nurture your mind.” A middle-aged monk, standing next to the curtain, looked at the crowd and said.


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