At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 231


Just at this time, a cold laugh suddenly came from Neo’s side.

This cold laugh was very harsh.

Neo couldn’t help but withdraw his gaze from looking at the Haagen-Dazs stall and looked at the two people who appeared unexpectedly in front of him.

The two people in front of him were Zheng Jie and Liu Dafu.

The cold laugh was from Zheng Jie.

Because of the kind of thing that happened last night, now Neo saw Zheng Jie, his heart felt strange.

The mood was rather complicated.

On the one hand, there is guilt, after all, last night Zheng Jie also said some heartfelt words, Neo knows that she once liked himself very, very much, but also because of his rejection and life became gray.

Although Neo didn’t do anything wrong to be held against Zheng Jie, he was also innocent, but it was always about him, so Neo also felt guilty.

On the other hand, it was a bit awkward because Neo knew that Zheng Jie looked down on him, so now that they had met, they were inevitably despised by Zheng Jie again.

Although it was easy for Neo to punch Zheng Jie in the face, he didn’t want to do it because of the guilt he felt.

After all, Zheng Jie had already been hurt because of himself, so why would he need to punch her in the face?

If she was punched in the face, wouldn’t that be adding insult to injury for her?

If she could get a hint of kuài gǎn of atonement from within the act of despising herself, then let herself be despised!

“Aren’t you going to the job market to look for a job, why are you here?” Zheng Jie had thought from the beginning that Neo had come to Wujiang City to look for a job, and she also felt quite strange when she ran into Neo at the Green Snake Mountain.

“No, I just came casually to take a look.” Neo didn’t tell her that he was going to Puxin Temple, there was no need for that, and the more he said, the more trouble he might get into.

“Oh, you haven’t even found a job, and you’ve come here to enjoy yourself, Neo, you’re really no good either, you don’t have the life of a rich kid, you’ve got the disease of a rich kid, where are you going?” Zheng Jie’s eyes shrewdly scanned Neo’s face, then looked at the Haagen-Dazs next to him and suddenly sneered, “Oh, it won’t be to buy Haagen-Dazs? Do you know how expensive this brand of ice cream is? A box costs more than 200, can you afford to eat it? Even if you want to eat it, you have to look at your status, others can afford Haagen-Dazs because they are rich, spending a few hundred dollars is like playing, if you want to eat Haagen-Dazs, you have to spend several days’ accommodation fees, and you still want to eat it, you are also really a lazy person.”

Lu originally came to buy Haagen-Dazs.

Because he thought of Zhou Yun.

How many days had it been since he had seen Zhou Yun?

How many days had it been since he had heard Zhou Yun’s voice?

Now that he could not see Zhou Yun’s person and hear Zhou Yun’s voice, he went to buy a Haagen-Dazs to taste it and to recall the memories he had at the lake, which would also give him a moment of peace.

Who expected to run into Zheng Jie instead.

The first thing he did was to get a drink from the restaurant, and he said he would not buy one, so that she would not have to talk about it again, which would make it even more embarrassing.

It is also true that if Zheng Jie really bought Haagen-Dazs, I am afraid her taunts would be even more frantic.

One more thing is better than less.

Thinking of this, Neo dismissed the idea of buying Haagen-Dazs.

He was ready to leave.

“Oh, you still know how to save face.”

Seeing that Neo wanted to leave, Zheng Jie gave another cold laugh, it seems he was right, this guy is really good at eating and lazy, yes, with his condition, how can he afford to eat Haagen Dazs?

Neo didn’t say anything back.

However, just as Neo was about to turn around and continue up the hill, a familiar figure suddenly moved out of the corner of his eye, causing his heart to pound violently.

He turned back abruptly and his gaze crossed the heavy crowd.

It was fixed on the woman dressed in black in front of the Hagen-Dazs stand.

He couldn’t see the woman’s front, but he could just see the side of her face.

That stunningly beautiful side face, a few wisps of crystal hair, a thrillingly delicate curve, how many times had he been chasing such a side face in his dreams!

At once, the hot blood in Neo’s body rushed up to his head all at once.

At that moment, his hands were trembling.

The woman in black tramped in front of the Häagen-Dazs stall for another moment, turned around and turned her back on Neo, looking as if she was ready to walk away.

It was only then that Neo, as if waking up from a dream, hurriedly took a step and rushed towards the woman.

“Hey, what are you doing, or did you decide to go buy Haagen-Dazs? You don’t even look at your current down-and-out appearance, do you deserve to eat such a luxury!”

Zheng Jie saw that Neo, who was about to walk away, had now turned around again.

At once, her face was cold again.

This time, she directly stopped Neo, still wanting to mock him like she did just now.

However, Neo didn’t spoil her this time and directly pushed Zheng Jie away and walked towards the Haagen-Dazs stall.

“Psycho! What a hopeless case, coming to Wujiang to look for a job instead of seriously looking for one, running to the Green Snake Mountain, having no money on you and eating Haagen-Dazs, being greedy and lazy, you are destined to be a hangman in this life!”

Looking at Neo’s back without looking back, Zheng Jie sneered with hatred.

Over there, in front of the Haagen-Dazs stall.

Seeing the woman in black about to leave.

Neo almost pounced on her and grabbed her wrist!

No hesitation, no hesitation!


The woman in black looked like she was startled and subconsciously turned back in a hurry.

Seeing the appearance of the woman in black.

Neo’s heart was about to jump out of his heart cavity.

The perfect face, the slightly curved nose, the gentle yet stubborn eyes, it was as if they were engraved in Neo’s heart, and at that moment, Neo was so excited that he could not contain himself.

He had guessed correctly, indeed, God had really wanted him to find Zhou Yun himself!

It was also fortunate that Wang Renhua had asked him to come to Pu Xin Temple to look for Master Kurenai!

Otherwise, how else would I have met Zhou Yun here.

It seemed that everything was a matter of divine providence.

“Zhou Yun, I, I have finally found you.” Neo’s emotions were beyond control, as he took Zhou Yun’s hand with one hand and gently touched Zhou Yun’s face with the other.

It was as if he was feeling the touch.

“Get off! Let go of me!”

However, the woman huffed and opened Neo’s hand, staring at him coldly, “Where did you come from, I’ll give you three seconds to let go of me!”

This time, Neo was really frozen.

This, how come Zhou Yun didn’t seem to know him at all?

Neo froze, but Zhou Yun did not, seeing that Neo still grabbed his wrist and did not let go, Zhou Yun gently shook his arm, Neo felt a sharp pain and numbness in his hand, as if he was electrocuted, almost being bounced away, also involuntarily let go of his grip on Zhou Yun’s hand.


Glaring at Neo with disgust, Zhou Yun turned around and headed down the mountain.

Neo froze.

How could this happen?

Suddenly, Neo slapped his head, yes, it must be because Zhou Yun resented herself that she did this on purpose.

Yes, she had suffered so much pain on the cruise ship and she hadn’t even shown up, nor had she gone to the airport to pick her up afterwards to cause her to have such a big change of heart, leaving her stranded in Wujiang City, thousands of miles away.

She had no reason not to resent herself!

If not, how could she not know herself?

She and herself were so, once, fond of each other and devoted to each other ……

Yes, Zhou Yun must know herself, she must be pretending.

She has been missing for so long, she must have suffered a lot, that’s why she is like this to herself.

I, Neo, am sorry for her.

Maybe I’m not qualified to be her boyfriend anymore, but I must make up for my sins, no matter how she treats me, I will go back to her side, take care of her and protect her.

Thought of this.

Neo, once again, caught up with the woman in black.

“Zhou Yun, I’m sorry, I, I was wrong, I don’t ask you to forgive me, I just hope, in this life, you can call my name once more, and you can accept me to protect you.”

Neo hugged the woman in black from behind, his heart ached, “Even if you like someone else, I, Neo, will bless you, all I ask is, to protect you and never let anyone else hurt you again.”


The woman in black, at this point was hugged from behind by Neo, her face was instantly furious, ashamed and angry, scarlet and red.


From nowhere, a huge force slammed into Neo’s chest.

Neo felt as if he had been hit by a herd of fā qíng elephants, and involuntarily let go of his hands, and his whole body flew several metres, before landing heavily on the ground.

For a moment, Neo was so discombobulated by the fall that he almost vomited as the wind rose in his stomach.

When he came to his senses and got up again, where was Zhou Yun’s shadow?

Neo stood in a daze, frozen in place.

What had just happened was as if it was a dream.

How could this happen?

Zhou Yun, could it be that you really don’t like me at all anymore?

“Oh, did I not let you go to the small hotel next to the train station last night and made you horny like this? I didn’t think you’d be so lewd now, not only are you hung over! Tsk, at that time, my eyes were really blind, I didn’t even see that you were so vile and lewd inside.”

At some point, Zheng Jie came to Neo’s side again and mocked him again, finally pooh-poohing him and leaving in contempt.

Her words, however, did not bring much harm to Neo.

Neo didn’t even hear what Zheng Jie had said.

It was because his mind was all over what had just happened.

Why, why ……

Neo raised his head woodenly and once again saw the Häagen-Dazs sign, this time with those few words, but as if they were a giant thorn, stabbing him deeply in the eye, his heart.

Zhou Yun, you still love Haagen-Dazs as much as before.

Why don’t you love me as much as before!

“Handsome man, want to buy ice cream, what flavor?” The Häagen-Dazs shop assistant looked at Neo with a smile.

“Vanilla.” Neo almost subconsciously said it out loud.

After saying it, Neo even wanted to cry.

He himself would always remember that Zhou Yun’s favourite ice cream flavour was vanilla, because the Häagen-Dazs Zhou Yun bought before that time zì shā was vanilla.

“Ah, sorry handsome, the vanilla flavour is sold out.” The shop assistant gave an embarrassed smile.

“Oh, forget it then.”

Neo waved his hand in a godless manner, he didn’t like ice cream and bought the vanilla flavour just because he missed Zhou Yun.

“Ah, handsome, you go a few steps further, there’s another Haagen-Dazs shop up ahead, there might still be vanilla flavoured ones there.” The shop assistant pointed to the road up the hill.

Seeing the road up the hill.

Neo couldn’t help but feel a stir in his heart.

Some kind of hope seemed to spring up again.

Yes, I will find Master Kurenai and ask for his guidance.

If it wasn’t for Wang Renhua’s guidance, I couldn’t have come here and would not have met Zhou Yun.

So, if I follow Wang Renhua’s instructions and go in search of Master Kurenai, I might have more encounters with Zhou Yun!

Thinking of this, Neo regained his spirit and headed up the hill again.

Sure enough, there was a Haagen-Dazs storefront ahead.

“Do you have vanilla flavoured ice cream here?” Neo asked, still unable to resist.

“Yes.” The shop assistant skillfully took a vanilla-flavoured ice cream for Neo.

Neo held it in his hand, remembering the way he and Zhou Yun had eaten ice cream together by the lake, and remembering how Zhou Yun had treated him just now, he couldn’t help but feel a little more sorrow in his heart, and couldn’t help but have a slight tear in his eye.

The clerk at Häagen-Dazs looked at Neo, who had left.

“Hey, what’s going on? There was a beautiful girl in black who bought vanilla ice cream just now, and she was also in tears while eating it, so how come this handsome guy also seemed to be in tears just now.” The shop assistant gossiped to her colleague.

“Yes, so to speak, they seem to be quite a good match, ah.”

“By the way, where did the pretty girl in black go?”

“I think she went up the mountain.”

“That handsome guy also went up the mountain, maybe, they will meet.”


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