At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 229

“Then don’t you marry him!”

When the pale yellow girl heard the pink girl say this, her face immediately turned white and her hands grabbed the pink girl’s shoulders, her sisterly concern overflowing.

“It’s no use, sister.” The pink maiden felt the concern of the light yellow maiden.

Because this care from the sisters so warm, the pink maiden heart of how much aggression and depression, it can no longer hide, hugged the light yellow maiden, face, also pink tears jade, pear blossom with dew ……

“Daddy has promised the Xiong family, the Xiong family’s old man also nodded, there will be no more room for manoeuvre, I am sure to be married to Xiong Hui.” The pink maiden wailed and cried.

“Why is there no room for manoeuvre when the old man of the Xiong family nods, how can you force such a big thing as marriage?” The pale yellow maiden looked a little indignant.

“Sister you were not in Wujiang City before, you do not know many things, the Xiong family in Wujiang City itself is the top family now, what they say, never retracted, and the Xiong family’s old man, is the Xiong family’s current ruler, his words, moreover, can never be disobeyed, even if it is the mayor of Wujiang City, as long as the Xiong family’s old man nods that he wants to replace it, then the next day, Wujiang City will definitely take on a New mayor, their power is so big, now I want to marry Xiong Hui thing, the Xiong old master has nodded his head, so this matter will already be like the time that has passed, absolutely absolutely will not take back.”

When the pink girl said this, the kind of despair revealed in her tone made even the light yellow girl’s heart ache for it.

“I really don’t like that Xiong Hui at all, he is so bad, I heard that he often goes in and out of those red clubs in Wujiang, asking several women to go in at a time to play with him, and every morning, when those girls come out, their bodies are all bruised, purple and tear-stained, and I don’t know what horrible things he has done to those girls. I’ve heard that Xiong Hui is very biàn tài and cruel, once he was accidentally touched by a pregnant woman in his car, he kicked her stomach and blew it up, I’ve seen him too, his eyes are very gloomy and scary, I think he is the devil, a devil that can’t be guessed or seen, seriously, this kind of person, one look at me and I would be scared to death, the thought of being married to him really makes me tremble all over. ”

With that, the pink girl’s puffy tears fell even harder.

Her body was also trembling a little.

The light yellow maiden hurriedly took her in her arms to comfort her.

“What then.” The pale yellow maiden’s face was also pale from the pink maiden’s words and sighed regretfully, “Alas, if only you had sneaked out before, sister, and hadn’t been found by the people Dad sent, so that they couldn’t find you and there would be no way to force you to marry Xiong Hui, but unfortunately now that you’ve been found, then Dad will definitely take strict precautions to let you escape again, so why don’t I think of another way to help you escape again!”

The pale yellow girl said here, a worried look appeared on her face again, “Only, sister, seriously, I’m actually worried that if you go out alone, will you encounter any danger, after all, there are so many bad people out there, and since you are escaping from home, you definitely can’t use the family’s power outside alone again, and I’m worried that you will get hurt.”

“Sister, although there are bad people out there, there are still good people.”

As the pink girl said this, a sudden, surprising glow emerged on her face.

“Huh? In that case, sister, you must have met good people? By the way, sister, where did you go the last time you ran away from home?” The pale yellow maiden asked.

“I went to the eastern city of Jinling.” The pink girl said, “Sister, let me tell you, ah, actually sneaking out alone is really fun, and I think dressing up as an ordinary person is also much more fun and interesting than being a lady of a luxurious family, I can come into contact with many people I haven’t come into contact with before, after I arrived in Jinling, I went to rent a house to live by myself, if it was to the past, surely someone from the family would have booked a hotel for me , but I found it really fun to go and do things on my own and meet a really nice boy.”

At that, the pink girl’s face looked to add a few more glowing moments.

“What kind of boy?” The pale yellow teenage girl also had a very interested look on her face.

“That boy was a normal guy, and if I hadn’t snuck out of the house I certainly would never have crossed paths with a boy like that in my life.”

The pink girl said, “When I was renting the house, those landlords were quite bad, they tried to bully me, but luckily that boy rushed up to save me, he was a very ordinary guy, but he was not afraid of those rich and powerful landlords at all, he bravely faced those bad guys in order to protect me.”

“Ah! There’s still such a person.” The pale yellow maiden could not help but exclaim when she heard this.

“Yes, sister, I think that boy, is much better than that what’s-his-name Xiong Hui, even though he’s very ordinary, unlike the Xiong family who are a big and powerful family! But that kind of boy is really touching when he protects you!” The pink girl said.

“Sister, you’re not in love with that boy!” The light yellow maiden said.

“Huh? I, I ……” At once, the pink maiden’s face was but red, squirming, not knowing what to say.

When the pale yellow maiden took a look at her sister like this, she naturally knew what was on her mind.

Her heart was a little happy.

But more than that, it was heartbroken.

Hugging the pink maiden, “Sister, you like him, but this is fruitless.”

“I know, sister.” The pink maiden also became depressed in her gaze, “But, I sometimes really want to be able to meet him again, although I know it is impossible, but I feel that he is really different in my heart, he gives me an indescribable feeling, that feeling, makes my heart become joyful when I think of him, although he is very ordinary, without money or status, but he protects me when he did, it was as if he was the most dependable person in the world in my eyes.”

Although the pale yellow maiden had not been here long, she knew that this younger sister had grown up in a luxurious family and actually did not usually come into contact with many outsiders, nor had she ever been in love, so it seemed that she was now budding with that boy.

This kind of budding is a very innocent feeling.

It is also a very unforgettable feeling. A girl will theoretically remember the first boy she likes for the rest of her life.

“Ugh, why do I have to marry someone like Xiong Hui and not even get to meet that boy once more?” The pink maiden said, her gaze filled with a kind of sorrow, “God is really playing tricks on people, having to make people spend their lives with someone they don’t like or even hate, but making it a luxury to even see that boy once more.”

The pale yellow girl listened and was silent for a moment.

“By the way, sister, do you have a favorite? Have you ever had a boyfriend before?” The pink girl said as she steadied herself and asked the light yellow girl again.

“I ……” At this question from the pink girl, the light yellow girl froze.

She never seemed to have thought about this question at all, so at this moment, this question, made her at a loss for words.

A look of reminiscence appeared on the pale yellow maiden’s face, yet then, it became much more confused, “Sister, I, I really can’t remember anything from before.”

“Sister, you can’t remember anything from the past at all, so if you had someone you liked before, wouldn’t you have forgotten about him?” The pink girl said and sighed again, “Ugh, seriously sis, when it comes down to it, I’d rather you didn’t have a boyfriend before.”

“Why?” The pale yellow teenage girl said, baffled.

“Because sister you are so beautiful and so nice, if you had a boyfriend, he must have loved you very much, and now that you can’t remember him, or remember him, and you are separated from him, maybe you will never meet again in your life, he must be in a lot of pain and suffering!” The pink maiden said.

The pale yellow maiden froze.

For a moment, her gaze looked even more confused.

She frowned hard, as if she was trying her best to remember and think.

However, after a while.

She showed a slack expression and seemed to give up.

“Sister, I really, really, can’t remember anything at all.” Speaking of this, the pale yellow maiden squeezed a smile onto her face, “I guess I really didn’t have a boyfriend, after all, if I had before, even if I had lost my memory, I think that feeling of love would still exist in my heart, its roots, it can’t be erased, but now, I’m trying hard to remember, but I can’t recall anything, so, I guess, I haven’t been in love.”

“That’s, in fact, not a bad thing.” The pink girl hugged the light yellow girl, “Otherwise, if you’ve been in love, then the boy you liked, is now grieving and suffering for you, and I don’t think that’s something you’d want to see, because, I know what it’s like to like someone and then lose them.”

“Sister, have you thought again of the boy you met in the Golden Mile?” The pale yellow maiden said.

Yes, my sister liked that boy, but obviously, I’m afraid it’s impossible to see that boy again as well.

After all, the distance between ordinary people and the gentry was far still separated by a chasm of heaven.

Not to mention that one was in Wujiang and the other in Jinling.

“Hmm.” The pink girl nodded and said sadly, “Sister, I’m resigned to my fate, I can’t run away, the last time I sneaked out with your help, I thought I succeeded, but in fact, I was still under Dad’s watch all the time, Dad’s men have been following me, I think, I simply can’t escape.”

“No, sister.” The pale yellow girl thought for a moment and said, “Although I haven’t been in Wujiang for long, I have heard that inside the Pu Xin Temple, there is a very mysterious master who can tell fortunes, why don’t we go to the Pu Xin Temple tomorrow and ask that master to tell your fortune, if you and that boy really have a destiny, maybe the master can give you some pointers.”


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