At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 227

Neo really froze.

What happened, didn’t Zheng Jie already not care about the previous things, didn’t she forget about it, didn’t she also say at the party before that the previous love-hate relationship had all gone away?

Why are you bringing this up again now?

“Then you just lied to me, you still remember what happened before?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

“Nonsense!” Zheng Jie coldly glared at Neo, “Of course I remember what happened in the past, not only do I remember it, I have never forgotten it, I keep it deep in my heart, every once in a while, I will bring it out and remember it, to uncover the scars deep inside me, and at the same time remind me to never forget what you once did to me, and never forget how much you once made me suffer humiliation, and always remember that the man I hate most in the world is called Neo.”

Neo was stunned.

He had seen the expression on Zheng Jie’s face when he said those words.

It was really called a gnashing of teeth.

A look filled with hatred.

If there was a third person standing here at this moment and saw Zheng Jie’s appearance, they would not necessarily think that Neo had done something wrong to Zheng Jie.

However, Neo knew very well in his heart that although he could indeed be said to have wronged Zheng Jie, it was definitely not to the point of being outraged by God.

In fact, he was not really sorry for her either.

Although Neo had not forgotten that incident, whenever he thought back on it, he felt that he had gone too far, but from a certain point of view, what he had done was reasonable, so I really didn’t expect that now, three or four years later, Zheng Jie had a husband, but he was still holding on to that incident.

She even took such a big detour to get back at herself because she held a grudge against herself.

How much did she hate herself that she would go to such lengths to get back at herself?

Neo couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t figure out that Zheng Jie would hate himself to such an extent.

“Zheng Jie, are you talking about the high school New Year’s Day performance?” Neo said hesitantly.


Perhaps because she heard Neo mention the New Year’s Day performance, Zheng Jie looked even more excited, probably because Neo’s words further stimulated her to remember what had happened back then, further stabbing her heart.

“Oh, you actually still remember this matter, it seems you have some conscience than I thought, I thought only I remember this matter, you have long forgotten it.” Zheng Jie said with a cold smile, and her gaze turned red, looking extremely agitated.

Neo listened to this, but his heart became even more confused.

If it was really about the high school New Year’s Day performance, then it wasn’t so bad.

“Of course I haven’t forgotten, but if it’s really because of that incident, you don’t have to be like this.” Neo said.

“No need to be like this?” Zheng Jie said with a cold smile, “Do you know how long I had prepared to confess my love to you? I started preparing a month before the New Year’s Day performance, every time I went home and practiced my words in front of the mirror, every action, every word, I had designed and prepared for a long time. Do you know how much courage it took for me to stand on the stage and confess my love to you? It was in front of the whole school! So many eyes on me, so many people looking at me, and on the stage of the performance, when everyone was not expecting it, and I confessed my love to you, something that would have surprised everyone, when everyone’s attention was on me! Besides, I was a girl, a girl confessing her love for a guy! Do you know how much breath she had to use to convince herself to pluck up the courage for that! And what happened, you rejected me in front of everyone!”

“You refused so cruelly, so decisively, with hardly any room for negotiation, and left the stage straight away, leaving me standing alone.”

Zheng Jie continued, “Sparse laughter rang out from the stage, followed by a huge outburst of laughter, as if everyone was laughing at me, watching my jokes, and vaguely, I heard someone scolding me for jiàn huò, for being ashamed, for not knowing shame, for deserving it.”

“A girl, who has taken so much risk, who has gathered so much courage, and who has fantasized in her heart about the beauty that will follow her confession, and yet, in that one moment, all of her fantasies, have turned into a bubble, and not only that, she has to suffer the criticism of others who do not understand, do you know how painful that must be?!”

“And the root cause of all this pain is you! Neo!” Zheng Jie became more and more agitated as she spoke, “It’s all because of your refusal! You don’t know how much damage you caused to that young girl back then, just because you refused! Because of that, I will hate you forever!”

Neo was completely stunned when he heard this.

He didn’t expect that Zheng Jie had such a painful realization about that incident.

Yes, back then, when Neo was in high school, there was a New Year’s Day performance in the school, and it was performed as a class.

The show of Neo’s class was a group dance performance for boys and girls, which also appeared as the grand finale.

That is, after the performance, it was time for all of them to bow down.

However, at this moment, Zheng Jie suddenly came out and came to Neo, holding a bouquet of white orchids, a symbol of her heart, and confessed her love to him.

Neo had forgotten what Zheng Jie said at that moment, but the general meaning was that Zheng Jie liked him very much and wanted to be his girlfriend.

Neo was stunned at that moment.

He hadn’t expected Zheng Jie to be like that at all.

He knew that at that time, Zheng Jie was a bad girl in the eyes of the teachers and students, dressing in a social manner, skipping classes and hanging out with socialites, dressing in a social and mature style.

Neo, on the other hand, although his family’s family is very wealthy, in high school there were no restrictions like in college, but at that time Neo was just like millions of high school students in China, all he wanted to do was to study and get into a good university, so people who did not know Neo’s background, thought he was just an ordinary honest student.

The fact that such a precocious and socially challenged girl like Zheng Jie had confessed her love to an honest and ordinary boy was simply a shock to the rén dà.

No one could have imagined it.

Naturally, Neo was also caught off guard.

So, of course, Neo refused.

For one thing, Neo was a bit flustered at that time, and for another, Neo was really focused on his studies at that time, not thinking about any feelings or anything like that, so he subconsciously refused.

After refusing, Neo left the stage.

After that, Zheng Jie never confessed her love to him again, nor did she even speak to Neo again.

But Neo didn’t feel that it was unusual, after all, he and Zheng Jie hadn’t had many encounters before.

The first thing that happened to him was that he didn’t really mean it, but he was just having fun.

After all, it was normal for a girl like Zheng Jie to confess her love, or even to have s*x.

Girls like them don’t really take a relationship seriously.

So, Neo didn’t take it to heart.

After that, the two of us took the entrance exams and then separated and never saw each other again.

Honestly, if he hadn’t met Zheng Jie this time in Wujiang City, Neo would have forgotten forever about Zheng Jie’s confession of love on stage.

Therefore, Neo never thought that this incident would be deeply remembered by Zheng Jie.

And it had also hurt her so much that she had held a grudge against herself ever since.

“This ……”

Although Neo felt that the rejection at that time was no big deal, but seeing Zheng Jie in this state now, his heart couldn’t help but blame himself a little, “I’m really sorry if I caused you harm at first, Zheng Jie.”

“Oh, sorry, one word of sorry and that’s it?”

Zheng Jie said with a sneer, “Do you know that just because you refused, you made a girl who seemed to be a bad girl but harbored a pure heart, completely go down the road of becoming bad! It also made her completely lose her faith in love, and from then on she went down the road of self-abandonment!”

“This ……” Neo thought to himself, “Where does this begin?

“Neo, I think, you should know, at that time I was in school, although not the school flower level beauty, but look beautiful is not it? Whether it was my figure or appearance, I was very attractive in school you should know that too!” Zheng Jie said.

Neo nodded, this was right.

Zheng Jie was already very beautiful, plus early development, mature personality, usually dressed in a more mature, dyed hair perm and earrings, the back of the hand also tattooed.

Not to mention the students, even the teachers, sometimes when they met Zheng Jie, they couldn’t help but look at her a few times.

“But what about you, you were just an ordinary boy in school, from an average family, not very distinguished in looks, and not overbearing in character. And the people who are after me and want to be my boyfriend, there are rich kids, there are the school’s schoolboy, there are the year bearers, but why do I still confess my love to you? Is it because I’m cheap? No, it’s because I like you, I really like you! I don’t have any interest in you, I just like you! It’s so pure! It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, and it was so good that I couldn’t help but confess my love for you at the New Year’s Day show! Because I couldn’t help myself!”

“And as a result, you made this precious teenage love of mine fall to pieces as if a glazed marble had fallen!”

“If you had said yes to me then, even if you had pretended to say yes, I think I would have been a good girl, yet you refused, and I was completely hurt by you, by life, so, from then on, there was no longer any pure love in the heart of that girl called Zheng Jie, she became more unrestrained, became more open, she never went to university again, she entered society She never went to university again, she entered society, she entered society, she wandered among men, she learned lies and deception, she learned tricks and yòu huò, she only had to hook her hand, and countless men came like wild bees, but, in her heart, there was no more love.”


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