At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 225

“Will people pay attention to us?” Zheng Jie said with a bit of unease.

Her fears were not unreasonable, her own status was much lower than others, so going over to greet them so presumptuously would depend on whether they were happy or not.

After all, in high society, people don’t just casually strike up a conversation with each other, but rely on introductions between acquaintances and mutual acquaintances within the circle.

If people are not happy about it, or even resent it, it would be more than worth it if they offend Shen Neo themselves.

“I once met Mr. Shen at an upper-class party, when I was introduced by a noble person, and also showed my face in front of Mr. Shen. This time, strike while the iron is hot, and get acquainted with Mr. Shen again, it will be of great help to my future career.” Liu Dafu obviously does not want to let go of this opportunity, it is worth the effort, “Besides, with the status of Mr. Shen, it is not an easy thing to meet her by chance, but today I can run into her here, so I have to climb the relationship, if we can really get the care of Mr. Shen, whatever we do in Wujiang City, it will be smooth sailing. ”

“Then let’s go.” Zheng Jie was also persuaded, pushed open the car door and followed Liu Dafu out of the car.

Neo saw them get out of the car, out of a kind of social etiquette, and of course was too embarrassed to sit alone in someone else’s car, so he also pushed the door and prepared to get out.

“Hey, hey, hey, I say, you can just sit honestly in the car, do not get out of the car, so that Mr. Shen see you such a person sitting in my car, I have to be how degrading ah.” Liu Dafu hurriedly stopped Neo.

“That’s right, Neo, you don’t have to get off, we just met an acquaintance and went over to say hello, you don’t know some rules of high society, it won’t be good if you make a joke, you just sit here, we’ll be back in a while.” Zheng Jie also said.

Neo also let it go.

Sitting in the car, he saw Liu Dafu and Zheng Jie, who were extremely respectful, come to the front of the Mai Bā hè car and say something to the window.

Neo was sitting inside the car, so naturally he could not hear what they were saying.

After a while, Liu Dafu and Zheng Jie, the two of them returned to the car.

“I told you, people wouldn’t even bother with us, they just said they had something to do and told us to go away.” Zheng Jie sighed and sounded disappointed, it seemed to have turned out very poorly.

“That’s not necessarily true, it’s just that we didn’t pick the right time.”

Liu Dafu said, “Mr. Shen also said just now that they came here to pick up someone, and it’s someone important, so let’s not disturb them.”

“I’m quite curious, since General Manager Shen is so powerful, what kind of person could it be to have her personally come to the train station to pick up someone this late at night?” Zheng Jie’s face showed a few moments of curiosity.

“You just don’t pry, we don’t even know the specific background of General Manager Shen, and how can we figure out the important person that General Manager Shen is talking about, some people’s identity is not something you can understand, knowing too much is not good for yourself, understand!” Liu Dafu said with a few hints of reprimand in his tone.

“Mm-hmm, husband you are right.” As soon as she saw that Liu Dafu seemed to be upset, Zheng Jie’s tone immediately became much softer, lest Liu Dafu become angry.

“Only hubby, ah, this time such a good opportunity, did not manage to climb into friendship with Mr. Shen, I don’t know if there will be any chance in the future.” Zheng Jie said.

“Of course there is, Huaxia’s four-yearly heritage auction will be held in Wujiang City this month, by then, not to mention Mr. Shen, even more powerful figures will be there, wait until that time, climb well with the noble person.” Saying that, Liu Dafu started the car.

When Neo heard them talking about that Mr. Shen coming to pick up someone from the train station, he couldn’t help but think of the previous incident where someone from Jiangxia Institute was coming to pick him up from the station.

But he had already asked Xiong Lao to convey that he didn’t need to.

Neo was far less familiar with the Jiangxia Institute than the Jiangnan Institute, and he didn’t even know what the director of the Jiangxia Institute was.

Therefore, Neo had no intention of making contact with the people of Jiangxia Institute. Besides, this time, he was originally prepared to rely solely on his own strength to find out.

Half an hour later, the car had stopped in front of the Guanshankou Hotel.

The Guanshankou Hotel, also a quasi five-star hotel, had a magnificent entrance, with the national flag and the hotel flag waving in the wind in the night sky, the hotel lobby was brilliantly lit, and the beautiful receptionist, full of spirit, had a professional heart-warming smile on her face.

“Neo, this is the key to your room, two thousand eight hundred a night, huh, you should never stay in such an expensive hotel either, enjoy yourself.”

Zheng Jie booked the room and handed the room card to Neo.


Despite the fact that a night at Mei Lin Xiaozhu was several tens of thousands of dollars, Neo didn’t say anything more, although Zheng Jie still sounded very down on people, Neo didn’t say anything either, after all, they did give themselves a room too.

The first time I went to the room, lying down on the bed, I couldn’t help but think of Zheng Jie again, alas, speaking of which, back then, I was quite sorry to her, and by all rights, she should resent herself, but I really didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to help herself now and take herself to a hotel, although a bit down on herself, but I have to say, this is still very generous.

Thinking about this, Neo felt that the classmate love back in high school was really innocent.

“Hey, Neo.”

Just at this time, there was a sudden knock at the door and Zheng Jie called out from outside, “That, Neo, there’s a party upstairs, come along! It’ll be more lively with more people.”

To be honest, Neo did not want to go.

But when he thought about it, he had been treated so well, he had given himself a ride, he had given himself a room, and now he had taken the initiative to invite himself.

We are all classmates, so it’s embarrassing not to give face.

Thinking of this, Neo also went out the door.

It was Zheng Jie at the door.

At this time, Zheng Jie had already changed into a lavender dress, and obviously had made up again, her eyes fluttering, eyelashes long, looking delicate and lovely.

Only, she was the only one at the door, and there was no Liu Dafu in sight.

“Come on, Neo, since it’s fate that we can still meet today as former classmates, you’ll accompany me to that party.” Zheng Jie said.

Neo was stunned.

“That, that’s a bit not very nice, your husband ……”

Neo didn’t have the heart to continue, but the meaning was obvious.

Yes, although you and I are classmates, but after all, men and women are different, besides, you are also married and have a husband, how can I just go to some party with you.

I thought your husband was there just now.

“My husband is very busy with his business, so he won’t have time to go to a party with me, so hurry up and don’t think so much!”

Zheng Jie didn’t have to say anything, she pulled Neo up and got on the lift.

Soon, the lift went all the way up to the top floor of the Guanshankou Hotel.

The place was bursting with music and the sound of a piano, and men and women in tuxedos were coming in, obviously, a party held by the upper class.

“Hello, entrance ticket please.” At the door, there were security personnel, stopping Zheng Jie and Neo.

Zheng Jie took out an entrance ticket and waved it, the security personnel let it go, but then stopped Neo, “Sir, please show your entrance ticket.”

“Are you sick!” Zheng Jie was quite domineering and directly disliked the security officer angrily, “Can’t you see that he came with me, what do you need an entrance ticket for!”

“Sorry, sorry.”

Once the security staff saw that Zheng Jie was furious, they didn’t dare to stop Neo anymore.

And they even apologised one after another, perhaps because Zheng Jie’s entrance ticket was rather special.

After all, Neo had seen that everyone else’s entrance tickets were white, and only a few people like Zheng Jie had golden entrance tickets.

It seemed that Zheng Jie’s status was still relatively high.

After the two of them went in, they found a seat and sat down.

This party was quite high class, after all, the top floor of such a big hotel was not something ordinary people could afford to rent, not to mention that it was all used for one party.

“Oh, Neo, you didn’t think that I, Zheng Jie, would have the day to soar to greatness?” Zheng Jie elegantly held a tall glass with a glass of Nalgene 1988 red wine.

She gently sipped it and crossed her legs, her white thighs, hidden under her gown.

“Eh, you’re really struggling well now.”

Neo’s words were not perfunctory, but he did quite approve of Zheng Jie in his heart.

He and Zheng Jie are high school classmates, of course, know Zheng Jie’s family conditions, Zheng Jie is just an ordinary worker’s family, high school grades are even more general, and in high school when people are more frivolous, more or less belong to the kind of girl a little mixed.

Even the teacher in high school, also repeatedly taunted Zheng Jie on the podium, saying she could not have any success.

After the college entrance exam, Neo went to Jinling University, while Zheng Jie heard that she didn’t get into any good schools and didn’t seem to study anymore, but Neo wasn’t sure.

Now more than three years have passed, Zheng Jie has become such a status and position, no matter what means she used, Neo thinks, for a woman, this is not a very easy thing.

Therefore, Neo also admired her a little bit in his heart.

“Oh, do you know why I struggle so well? What is my motivation?” Zheng Jie raised her eyelashes and looked at Neo, her gaze shimmering with streams of light under the reflection of the red wine.

“What is it?” Neo subconsciously followed the words.

“It’s you.”

“Me?” Neo froze.

“That’s right. I think you should still remember that you rejected me back then, this matter.” Zheng Jie’s tongue gently slid across the wall of the red wine glass and glanced at Neo.


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