At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 218

“Over twenty years?” Neo froze.

“Mm.” Wang Renhua nodded, “The host worms were planted in the deceased’s body over twenty years ago and lurked until the day she died, then finally exploded, because there were too many host worms in her body, almost all organs in her body, so when the host worms exploded, a series of her internal organs gradually failed and collapsed, thus leading to her death.”

So that’s how it was, no wonder no one in the Purple Hospital could treat it back then, after all, who would have known it was caused by the host worms?

Only, more than twenty years ago?

Wouldn’t that be the time when Zhou Yun had just been born?

At that time, Wang Lian should have been with Zhou Yun’s mother all the time, so why would Qu Yan use such a sensational tactic on a subordinate?

Wait a minute.

Neo suddenly had a thought in his mind, “Master Wang, you just said that you had met Qu Yan once twenty years ago, when it was at a wedding, what was that about?”

“Hmm.” Wang Renhua nodded, a reminiscent expression surfaced on his face, “Third Young Master, at that time I was only about forty years old, at that time, although Xuanwu Island was bought by the family, it had not yet been built into what it is now, so I was all out and about at that time, collecting and buying all kinds of precious medicinal materials for the family, then just once when I was passing through Wujiang City, I happened to hear that the Wujiang Cao family was holding a wedding, and the bride was the young lady of the Murong family!”

“The Cao family? The Murong family?” Neo frowned, he was not very familiar with either of these two families.

But the Murong family, it seemed that he had heard someone mention it as a very unusual family.

“Well, although the Cao family is also considered very powerful in Wujiang, but in front of the world’s giants, it is just insignificant, but the Murong family is unusual, the Cao family’s man actually married a girl from the Murong family, at that time, I was also very shocked after hearing about it, and with curiosity in my heart, I also managed to get through to get into the wedding site. ”

Wang Renhua continued, “However, after I arrived at the scene, this is how I found out that the Murong family did not have anyone come at all except for the bride, the second young lady Murong Hong, and a maid who had followed the second young lady around since she was a child!”

“This is a very strange thing, after all, the Murong family marrying their daughter, this is a big event, how could no one from the maiden’s family come.” Wang Renhua continued, “I was still young and a bit gossipy, so I asked around and found out that Murong Hong was expelled from the Murong family, it was said that she was discovered by the family for fornicating with a certain man when she was still a girl. Murong family’s blood, also for the sake of Murong family’s reputation, although expelled Murong Hong, must also arrange a next home for Murong Hong, otherwise if Murong Hong just wandered outside and was bullied by all kinds of gangsters, it would also be a kind of humiliation to the Murong family.”

“So the Cao family became the receiver, although it was a receiver, but Cao Yunfeng, the eldest son of the Cao family, seemed quite happy about it, and at that time, the wedding scene, smiling from ear to ear, after all, that second Miss Murong, looked really national, not to mention that no matter how she was expelled, it would not change the noble blood of the Murong family in her body.”

“However, at that time, I also heard from some gossips that Murong’s second young miss, was already pregnant.” At this point, Wang Renhua also felt that she had pulled a bit too much, after all, the Third Young Master was asking himself about Qu Yan, and he was pulling east and west, pulling these irrelevant things about the Cao and Murong families.

“Sorry, Third Young Master, I’ve pulled a bit too much, let’s go back to Qu Yan.” Wang Renhua said, “I just saw Qu Yan at Cao Yunfeng and Murong Hong’s wedding, at that time he seemed to be quite close to the Cao family, in fact, now that I think about it, this is still quite strange, after all, with Qu Yan’s ability, a family like the Cao family he simply looked down on. But at the time I didn’t think much of it, because apart from special people like Qu Yan, there were also two treasure hunters, one tall and one short, at the wedding, and people from the Southwest Famous Sword Villa, who are rarely known by ordinary people. …”

Wang Renhua continued to reminisce and said.

But when Neo heard this, his heart, which had been listening attentively, suddenly stirred in his heart!

Zhou Yun’s mother’s identity was actually also a grand lady of a luxurious family, and from what Wang Renhua said, she gave birth to Zhou Yun at that time but then left the family with Zhou Yun in her arms, so it must be a sinful fate for Zhou Yun’s birth as well.

The story is that Murong Hong was pregnant before she married Cao Yunfeng, so could Murong Hong be Zhou Yun’s mother?

Twenty years ago, Murong Hong married into the Cao family, and then left the Cao family on a wintry night.

The Cao family would naturally send someone after them.

Since Qu Yan was close to the Cao family, perhaps Qu Yan was also one of the people in pursuit!

“Master Wang, would the Bug Society use a host of bugs when pursuing someone?” Neo asked as he thought of this.

“It’s possible.” Wang Renhua nodded, “Generally speaking, bug workers can directly seed bugs at people face to face, however, bug workers can also directly release tens of thousands of host bugs in an instant, which can infest any human within a hundred meters of themselves, this move is generally used to deal with those who are hiding.”

“I see!”

When Neo heard this, it dawned on him.

Yes, when Wang Lian was on her deathbed, she once said that when she and Murong Hong secretly left the Cao family, they ran in panic all the way.

But still, they were caught up on a broken cliff.

Murong Hong gave the swaddled Zhou Yun to Wang Lian to carry and hid under a bush near the cliff, while she herself used a dead branch to pretend to be a baby and jumped into the cliff with her arms around her.

Those who were pursuing then mistakenly thought that Murong Hong had jumped off the cliff with Zhou Yun in her arms, so they had no choice but to go back.

In this way, Wang Lian was able to escape with Zhou Yun in her arms, and thus could safely continue her escape.

But, wait!

Before Neo, it was as if an image had suddenly appeared.

Twenty years ago, the wind and snow were raging, on a clear, cold cliff.

Murong Hong was holding a parcel pretending to be a baby, looking back coldly at the person who was chasing after her, before resolutely jumping and falling into the cliff.

The person who caught up with her was none other than Qu Yan.

Qu Yan looked at the ten-thousand-foot cliff, a snowy fog filled the sky below and nothing could be seen.

Then he stood quietly at the edge of the cliff, seemingly listening for something.

At this moment, Wang Lian, holding Zhou Yun, hid motionlessly in a nearby bush, her heart beating wildly, but her body dared not move a single bit, only covering Zhou Yun’s tiny mouth and curling her body into a ball, waiting for Qu Yan and the others to leave.

However, at this moment, a cold smile suddenly emerged from the corner of Qu Yan’s mouth.

With a wave of his hand, he released thousands of insects.

These host insects drifted in the wind and snow, covering all creatures within a hundred metres around!

They landed on Wang Lian’s body and infested it.

This lodging of the host worms lasted for twenty years, until twenty years later, the host worms suddenly exploded!

“But, why did he do that?” Neo couldn’t figure out that Murong Hong had already jumped off the cliff, yet Qu Yan still had to use this killing move.

“With that Qu Yan’s ability, he would be treated top notch even if he went to any of the big giants, so how could he be employed by the Cao family to chase Murong Hong?” After listening to Neo’s account, Wang Renhua was also puzzled.

“Right, also, Master Wang, you just said that you also saw the Jianghu treasure hunters at the Cao family’s wedding?!” Neo suddenly remembered what Wang Renhua had just said again, and his heart stirred again.

Suddenly he thought of the time before when Zhou Yun was hit by a car in front of the hotel, and from the surveillance video in front of the hotel, he saw that it was a tall and a short two people who drove Zhou Yun to the car.

Later, he asked Zhu Dayou to investigate and found out that those two people, were the Jianghu treasure hunters.

“Yes, Third Young Master, I am also wondering, the Jianghu treasure hunters have always followed the treasures, I wonder why they went to the Cao family’s wedding, could it be that Miss Murong’s body has what they want?”

Wang Renhua reminded Neo with this remark.

Remember, back then, before Wang Lian died, she gave Zhou Yun a round jade pendant. Although Neo didn’t understand these ornaments, looking at that jade pendant, it was by no means an ordinary thing.

Could it be some kind of treasure?

Thinking, Neo told Wang Renhua about the suspicion in his mind.

“Aiya, Third Young Master, that’s a jade phoenix!” After hearing Neo’s description, Wang Renhua couldn’t help but slap his thigh, “That’s a real treasure!”

“A jade phoenix? What’s that?”

“This thing, it’s a long story.” Wang Renhua said, “It’s not something that can be explained in just a few words, but since Third Young Master asked, then to put it simply, this thing, it’s rumoured to be a treasure that was scattered around the world in the ancient times, during the God and Devil War.”

“The Great War of Gods and Demons? What is this?”

“It’s the war between the Gods and the Demons, roughly 35,000 years ago.” Wang Renhua said.

“What?” Neo was dumbfounded, “No, thirty-five million years ago, wasn’t that the Neolithic Age? How come it was a war between the gods and demons? There were gods and demons? That’s too fake?”

“Well, this is just a legend, Third Young Master.” Although Wang Renhua said it, he didn’t intend to make Neo believe it, and continued, “Anyway, Third Young Master, that Jade Phoenix is a treasure, so the reason why Qu Yan is close to the Cao family should also be for the Jade Phoenix, and later you said that Murong Hong left the Cao family, and Qu Yan went after it, not because he followed the orders of the Cao family, but really because he wanted to catch up with Murong Hong and get that treasure.”

“And when he saw Murong Hong jump off the cliff, although he thought that both Miss Zhou and Murong Hong were dead, he knew that Wang Lian might be hiding and that jade pendant was also on Wang Lian, so he released the hosts so that, after the hosts infested Wang Lian, he could control Wang Lian by controlling the hosts.” Wang Renhua said.

“But Auntie Wang seemed to be fine even afterwards.”

“That might be because Qu Yan’s ability isn’t enough to control it remotely.” Wang Renhua said.

“Wait!” Neo suddenly looked startled, his face showing panic, “At that time, Zhou Yun was also being held in Auntie Wang’s arms, so if Auntie Wang was infested by the host bug, wouldn’t that mean Zhou Yun was also infested by the host bug?”


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