At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 217

The island of Xuanwu is full of trees, cliffs and cliff faces, and the mountain springs are flowing.

This is a typical Pacific island landscape.

On such a rugged island, it would be difficult to build a small house.

However, in the middle of Xuanwu Island is a flat piece of land, which at a glance you can tell has been artificially developed, and on the flat ground is a square hexagonal building with a sci-fi feel.

On such a small island, which is thousands of kilometres from the nearest mainland coastline, it is possible to build such a building. This kind of financial power is enough for even the rich and powerful to look up to, not to mention ordinary people.

At this moment, Neo, Elder Xiong and Wang Lianhua were standing in front of a crystal freezer.

Wang Lian was lying quietly in it on her back, wearing a sterile, snow-white dress.

Although several months had passed, Wang Lian’s body was as good as the original, thanks to the -50 degree Celsius environment and the protection of inert gas in the freezer.

Seeing Wang Lian, an indefinable sadness welled up in Neo’s heart.

It seemed that he had gone back to that day at the Purple Hospital.

He recalled the image of himself and Zhou Yun kneeling in front of Wang Lian that day, and Wang Lian putting their hands together.

Yet, now it was back in front of Wang Lian, but alone.

At that time, in front of Auntie Wang, he himself had promised to take care of Zhou Yun.

Now, even though he was facing Wang Lian’s body, when he thought that he still did not know where Zhou Yun was at this time, Neo’s heart could not help but feel a lot of guilt and shame.

“Third young master, come this way, I have modelled all the data of her remains on the computer.”

Wang Renhua stood quietly to one side, waiting for Neo to gaze at Wang Lian’s remains for a long time.

Although he was not sure about the relationship between Wang Lian and Neo, he knew that it was Neo’s intention for the remains to be sent to him, and since the Third Young Master attached such importance to it, it must have had some relationship with the Third Young Master as well.

So when Neo gazed at the remains in the freezer, Wang Renhua did not bother.

He waited until Neo lowered his head and his emotions slowly calmed down.

Only then did Wang Renhua say.

Neo nodded his head.

He followed the crowd to the screen of another supercomputer.

On the screen was a three-dimensional model of Wang Lian’s remains. It could be said that this model contained data on almost any part of Wang Lian’s body, and one could see any blood vessels going and the five internal organs.

So, to store this human body model, 50 hard disk sets were used just for every 10 5t hard disks.

That means that 2500t of storage space was used to store this model alone!

And to be able to mobilise such a large amount of data, you can imagine how fast this supercomputer was running!

“What exactly is Auntie Wang’s illness?” Neo frowned and couldn’t help but say.

From the day Wang Lian died until now, Neo had never been able to let go about this matter.

Yes, what a good person Auntie Wang was, a maid, yet she had devoted her life to raising the young lady’s daughter and had dedicated her life to Zhou Yun’s family.

And a life of hardship, but finally, for her and Zhou Yun to meet themselves.

Originally, Neo felt that he could finally let Wang Lian, who had suffered all her life, enjoy her life, but who knew that something like this would happen?

Neo really wanted to know what kind of strange disease she was suffering from.

“Third Young Master, after we built this model, we conducted a lot of simulation work and inputted almost all the viral germs on earth into the model for testing, and found that the deceased did not die because of the disease.”

Wang Renhua said as she operated the computer.

“Huh?” Neo froze, his heart wondering even more, “Then because of what?”

“This ……” Wang Renhua pondered for a moment, seemingly unsure of how to say this for a moment, “Third Young Master, to put it simply, the deceased was given a host of worms.”

“A host of worms?” Neo froze for a moment, something so unfamiliar.

“Well, it is a creature that can be planted into a person’s body, this creature is extremely small and will even enter the body through the body’s pores, then circulate with the body’s blood system into the various organs and bowels of the body, thus lurking and parasitizing in them.” Wang Renhua said, opening an alloy case on the table and taking out two closely fitting pieces of glass, handing them to Neo, “Third Young Master, this is it.”

Neo lifted it up in his hand, but could see nothing.

“To use this, Third Young Master.” Saying this, Wang Renhua pushed over another ultra-optical microscope, placed the glass piece on the carrier table, adjusted it, and pushed it in front of Neo.

Under the microscope, what appeared in Neo’s eyes was a worm that had been magnified tens of thousands of times.

When he first saw the worm, Neo could not help but feel astonished.

It was like a lizard with wings, its head, neck, claws, tail and wings were perfect.

After all, the structure of ordinary parasitic bacteria and viruses is very simple.

“Master Wang, are you saying that Auntie Wang was infected by contact with this creature and died?” Neo couldn’t figure it out a bit.

Wang Lian had come to Jinling all right, and after she came to Jinling, she lived in Mei Lin Xiaozhu, and it was usually herself and Zhou Yun who took her out with them.

If Wang Lian was infected with this kind of lodging bug in Jinling, then how come he and Zhou Yun were not in trouble at all?

“It’s not like that, Third Young Master.” Wang Renhua shook her head, “This kind of host bug wouldn’t even exist under normal circumstances, and we wouldn’t even come into contact with this kind of creature, if the world was filled with this kind of creature, then humanity would really be doomed.”

“Could it be ……” Neo couldn’t help but shudder as a terrifying thought suddenly popped up.

“Yes, Third Young Master, normal people cannot come into contact with the hosts at all, so someone must have planted the hosts inside the deceased.” Wang Renhua said.

Neo was stunned again.

In that case, someone had done it to Wang Lian?


Wang Lian had only been in Jinling for a few days, and someone had done such a sneaky trick on her, why?

Although Wang Lian used to be Zhou Yun’s mother’s maid, more than twenty years had passed since this incident, no one should know the identity of Wang Lian and Zhou Yun?

But how did this happen to Wang Lian as soon as she arrived in Jinling?

Could it be that she had been targeted as soon as she arrived in Jinling?

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart suddenly blamed himself extremely.

I blamed myself, had I made too much of a fuss, after all, letting Wang Lian stay at the Plum Grove Villa and go to the famous chef in the capital for dinner, and then being watched?

And thus exposed Wang Lian’s identity?

“Who, who would do that?” Neo was, at this moment, blushing in pain from the self-recrimination within.

“Third Young Master, it’s not hard to find out about this.” It is an ancient ability, but it is said that in ancient times, manipulating insects was a common profession. As far as I know, there are currently three organizations that can manipulate insects, and I know the names of at least three people who can manipulate insects!”

“Who is it?!” Neo said with an awe-inspiring gaze.

“Third Young Master, look at the wings of the host insect again, look carefully.” Wang Renhua said.

Neo again complied and looked carefully at the host insect under the microscope.

Sure enough, inside the wings of the insect, one could faintly see the word “Qu”.

“Qu?” Neo was stunned, could there be Chinese characters on the insect’s body?

“This person is a very conceited person, just like some killers who like to leave their own special graphics at the scene of a murder, so he has printed this character on all of his insects. Because he also actually knows very well that in this world, not many people know about the host insects, and even if he prints the Qu character, he won’t reveal himself.”

“Who is this man?”

“He is the insect worker of the School of Wind, Qu Yan. Third Young Master, this is a very scary person.” Wang Renhua seemed to sigh.

“Qu Yan?” Neo froze again, this name he had never heard of at all, why would he lay such a heavy hand on Wang Lian? And using such a secretive technique.

However, in a flash, the doubt in Neo’s heart was suddenly replaced by anger.


So what if I know that you did it, how can I let you go!

“Master Wang, can you recognise this man?” Neo suddenly asked.

“Ah, this, Third Young Master, this person’s whereabouts are secretive, the last time I saw him was only at a wedding twenty years ago. But this man has a peculiar look, although more than twenty years have passed, I think I would definitely be able to recognise him if I saw him now.” Wang Renhua said.

“Good then, Elder Xiong, use your connections in Jinling now, see if you can pull up the historical records of all the surveillance near Mei Lin Xiaozhu and Jinling University and xxxx three months ago, I must find this guy!”

In one breath, Neo recalled all the places Wang Lian had been in those days, there were surveillance everywhere now, and these places were no exception.

Since Qu Yan had given Wang Lian a host of bugs, he must have appeared in the vicinity.

As long as the surveillance video was dropped out and Wang Renhua could identify him, he would definitely be able to identify that guy too!

Neo now wanted to find out how on earth Qu Yan had so silently given Wang Lian the host bug, it was too scary.

“Yes, Third Young Master!” Elder Xiong immediately prepared to go and do it.

However, Wang Renhua shook his head, “Third Young Master, this won’t work.”


“Because this host worm, has been planted in the deceased’s body for more than twenty years.”


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