At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 216

This series of changes was so unbelievable that she could hardly react.

Especially with Neo, who is still unbelievable to her.

After all, for the past four years, her view of Neo was that of a non-existent hanger-on.

Now, however, she felt a deep wariness and unpredictability about Neo’s identity.

She knew that Sun Lian Yu’s identity was that of a rich second generation in Jinling, and as powerful as Sun Lian Yu was, that was still a transparent identity.

But the feeling Neo gave her at this moment was very mysterious, and it was most frightening not to be able to figure out Neo’s true identity.

Zhang Hang could have someone escort Sun Liangyu away directly, yet he was respectful to Jiang Chunnan.

Jiang Chunnan, on the other hand, treated Neo like a young master.

What would be Neo’s status then?

“Neo, yes, I’m sorry ……” Yin Yi didn’t know what to say, she only knew that she had to keep saying sorry sorry sorry at this time.

As for sorry for what, Yin Yi couldn’t say it for a moment.

Sorry, too much.

Starting with the photo shoot at Teng Wang Ge, then renting the house, then ……

The more I thought about it, the more regretful and even more scared Yin Yi became.

What kind of person was she? Just an ordinary girl, an ordinary girl from a city family, who dared to look down so low on a rich young man like Neo.

Yes, if Neo became angry, he could do whatever he wanted to do to himself at this time.

“You don’t have to be afraid.” Neo said, reaching out and pulling the letter from Yin Yi’s hand.

He could also see Yoonee’s uneasiness and understood it.

“I won’t do anything to you.” Neo continued, “Because I think you’re still quite nice, at least within the girls in the class, and haven’t taunted me for no reason like the others, otherwise I wouldn’t have given you a reward before.”

Yoonee froze when she heard this.

“You, you’ve given me bounties too?” Yoonee froze when he heard this.

“That’s right, and I gave you a bounty on the first day of your live broadcast.” Neo said.

In fact, the reason why Neo was picking on this matter was to let Yin Yi relax and not have too much baggage on her mind.

Let her know that she had once treated her quite well.

If Yin Yi realised this, she should not be so scared anymore.


When Yin Yi heard this, she felt even more extremely curious in her heart.

The first day she went live, she herself remembered very clearly, when she had just started going live, the popularity was not much, and the people who came to watch were all classmates and her acquaintances.

The people who came to watch were all classmates and acquaintances of theirs. Who had paid the bounty, and she had thanked them all.

However, it was clear that there was no Neo.

Moreover, in order to increase his popularity, once he even stopped Neo later after class and asked him to follow his live stream.

Now that Neo said he had given himself a reward, Yin Yi was really unable to react.

“This, this is true?” Yin Yi asked hesitantly.

If she had said that before, Yin Yi would have disliked Neo on the spot and called him a liar.

However, now, knowing that Neo’s identity was unfathomable.

Even if Yin Yi was not sure about Neo’s words, he did not dare to deny them casually.

“I am Xue Nu.” Neo said dryly.


Yin Yi was stunned again.

She suddenly understood.

It turned out that Neo was Xue Nuo.

No wonder!

“You, you’re brother Xue Nu?” Yin Yi couldn’t help but shout.

In her voice, there was a little more intimacy and surprise.

Yes, to Neo, she only felt intimidated at this moment, after all, she had mocked Neo and used him in the past and made many mistakes.

But to Xue Nu, there was always a feeling of closeness in her heart.

This is actually quite easy to understand.

It’s like when you meet someone online, and after meeting them, it always feels different from online at first.

So, at this time, hearing Xue Nu, Yin Yi’s heart, really stabilised a lot.

Yes, for Xue Nuo, Yin Yi is close, after all, brother Xue Nuo on the internet, is a big brother like character who spoils her and protects her.

Giving her bounties.

Especially during that pk, he even supported her and let her win.

These were some of the experiences that made Yoonee memorable and had an indescribable feeling for Xue Nuo.

“Yes, I am Xue Nu.” Neo looked at Yin Yi and said, “So, you don’t need to be afraid or worry about anything anymore, you believe it now, I used to think you were quite nice.”

“Brother Xue Nu, I ……” Yin Yi was surging inside and couldn’t help but go forward.

However, Neo stopped her, took the letter, and came to Jiang Chunnan’s side.

“Director Jiang, just now Xiong Lao called me, I need to make a trip to the family’s Xuanwu Island, have you prepared the helicopter?” Neo said.

“It’s ready, Third Young Master, Elder Xiong also told me to prepare the helicopter to take you there.” Jiang Chunnan said.

Neo nodded, Elder Xiong was a very thorough person, and he had definitely taken this into consideration.

By this time, the cruise ship had also arrived at the shore.

Neo was in a hurry, so he took Jiang Chunnan and the others to be the first to disembark, and of course everyone else was on either side.

“Brother Xue Nuo!”

When she saw Neo get off the boat, Yin Yi finally couldn’t help herself and shouted.

However, Neo walked away without looking back as if he hadn’t heard.

Of course, Neo heard him, but of course, Neo had no time to care about Yin Yi at this moment, he only wanted to hurry up and reach Xuanwu Island, he wanted to know what Wang Lian’s reason was.

He wanted to know what the reason was for Wang Lian’s death.

Yin Yi sat dumbly on the deck, as if something had been drained from her heart, she could no longer feel happy, she felt so grey.

Who to blame?

I blamed myself.

What a great opportunity he had, but he hadn’t seized it.

The former Neo had been quite fond of himself. If this had gone on, and he hadn’t used him or mocked him, perhaps, Neo would have thought he was good, and perhaps, he would have had a chance.

Unfortunately ……

Just at this time.

Suddenly the women on the cruise ship all cried out as if they had seen something incredible.

“Wow, a helicopter.”

“It’s spectacular!”

At that moment, a huge black and yellow helicopter, taking off from the shore, flew low over the cruise ship, almost right over the heads of the crowd, with a huge rumble, and the sound of the wind, causing the crowd to cry out in awe.

The helicopter made a turn in the sky and then headed straight off to the southeast.

Yoonee stared blankly at the helicopter, knowing that Neo was inside.

Pacific Ocean, a small island.

The island was not very big, but the coconut trees were lush, the white sand was clear, and it was a southern landscape.

Amongst the greenery of the island, there are some man-made buildings, so it is not a deserted island.

A helicopter slowly landed on the white helicopter landing platform in the middle of the island.

“Third Young Master.”

Next to the landing platform, several people were already waiting with their hands down.

At the head of them was a stout elderly man, who looked to be in his sixties.

But although he was not young, he did not look half as old as he was, instead, he had a tiger’s back and looked full of spirit, except that it was only from the wrinkles on his face, and the snowy whiteness of his hair and beard, that he could tell he was an old man.

“Elder Xiong!”

Neo got down from the helicopter and directly embraced Old Man Xiong.

This old man was none other than Elder Xiong.

To Old Xiong, Neo naturally had feelings for him.

In a family like theirs, the parents and other elders were busy with their affairs, so it was difficult for them to look after their children’s upbringing like ordinary people, so Elder Xiong had become the children’s guardian and leader.

Than the relationship with their parents.

Neo, like this, was actually a little closer to Elder Xiong.

“Third Young Master, you’re much taller than before.” When Old Man Xiong saw Neo, he could not help but have a slight tear.

Although he would often talk to Neo, after all, it had been a long time since they had seen each other.

For Neo, Xiong Lao also watched him grow up, at this time, watching Neo grow up day by day, day by day, and after not seeing him for many years, seeing Neo change from what he remembered, Xiong Lao was naturally quite emotional and very relieved.

“This is Master Wang Renhua Wang of Xuanwu Island.”

Then, Elder Xiong introduced other people to Neo.

These were people that Neo had basically never met before.

After all, this was the first time he had come to Xuanwu Island.

Xuanwu Island was also the family’s property, unlike Peach Blossom Island, which was mainly used for recuperation and healing, while Xuanwu Island was more used for researching illnesses for treatment, and would also develop some medicines and other things for the family.

Wang Renhua, a rather thin old man, looked very poised and wore a simple robe.

“Greetings, Third Young Master.” Wang Renhua also shook hands with Neo enthusiastically.

Behind him stood some young men, none of whom looked too different from Neo in age, both male and female, all wearing white overalls.

The uniforms were also beautifully designed, suit style.

These young people were not qualified to shake hands with Neo, and at this point they were all curiously looking at him with a certain respect.

After all, they knew that this Xuanwu Island was all owned by the Lu family, and they were all employees of the Lu family, and the young man in front of them was the young master of the Lu family.

“Master Wang, what is going on? What exactly is the cause of Auntie Wang’s death?” Neo couldn’t wait.

“Third Young Master, let’s go in and talk.” Hearing Neo ask this, Wang Renhua’s face suddenly gloomed and said.


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