At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 215

Holy shit!

At this moment, the hearts of all the people were crouching.

Looking at each other face to face, who could it be?

Could there still be a super young man hiding?

And those beauty anchors, at this moment, also had an indescribable mind in their hearts, their eyes darting around, who is it? Who is so powerful?

There was even a super young master hiding?

A young master who is even more powerful than Sun Shao.

Why didn’t I realise?

If I had been smart enough to see what was going on earlier, I would have been able to curry favour with the young master and be taken over by him, which would have been the pinnacle of my life.

While the crowd was thinking about it.

“Director Jiang.” A young man walked in from outside.

Of course it was Neo.

“Holy shit, why is this hanger-on coming over.”

“And pretending to know people? Talking to this Director Jiang? This hangman has a bit too much drama.”

“Oh, isn’t he always like that? Didn’t he also pretend to be with Sun Shao just now, just a psycho.”

“That’s also true, otherwise, how else would Anchor Xiao Yi have easily fooled him.”

“Alas, just now, we should have just thrown this hangman into the river to feed the fish, to save him from running around and going crazy, if this displeases Director Jiang, maybe Young Sun will be unlucky with him too.”

The crowd whispered.

Sun Lianyu was also panicked, damn, this little hanger-on, came to stir up his own scene again?

What’s the sense of propriety in this mess?

“Go away, you little hanger-on, didn’t you call your friend to come? Someone, take this hanger-on aside!”

Sun Lianyu’s words had just fallen.

Over there, Jiang Chunnan and the others had already bowed their heads respectfully to Neo: “Third young master, sorry, we’re late.”

“Not too late, not too late, it was quite quick.” Neo said honestly, Jiang Chunnan was really fast enough.

He also didn’t know that since the last time something like that had happened, Jiang Chunnan had made Neo’s safety a priority matter to deal with, and whenever Neo called in, he was the first to respond.

The crowd looked dumbfounded.

Young master?!

This, this guy, was actually referred to as Young Master by Director Jiang?!

At this moment, those anchors who were just scratching their heads, their attention was all at once focused on Neo, no, he, his status was even higher than Sun Lian Yu Sun Shao?

At this moment, the hearts of these anchors were as regretful as if they had just missed out on tens of billions of dollars.

I should have known that I should have been nicer to this third young master.

Sun Lianyu was also frozen.

His mouth was open and he couldn’t speak.

This kid is not crazy, not a psycho, he really has strength ah!

“This, this ……”

Sun Lian Yu did not know what to say, wanted to apologize, but for a moment did not know how to say, and this identity change is really too fast, he still can not turn over for a moment.

Only the heart but really crouched.

“Director Zhang, things you should know what to do?” Jiang Chunnan said coldly to Zhang Hang.

Zhang Hang was stunned.

He was also not expecting the young master Jiang Chunnan was talking about to be such an ordinary teenager like Neo.

He was also not expecting that Sun Liangyu would dare to be so bold and be so rude to Neo, whose status was day to day.

After reacting.

He certainly understood Jiang Chunnan’s meaning.

Just because his own young master didn’t speak didn’t mean he didn’t have a temper, it was just that his status was too honourable, and there were some words that it wasn’t necessary for the young master to say.

It was enough for Jiang Chunnan, as a subordinate, to express his attitude.

To Jiang Chunnan, Zhang Hang’s understanding was actually not enough, but he knew that Jiang Chunnan had absolute power of speech in Jinling City, whether in the business and political circles or in the circle of black and evil forces.

It is said that the number one businessman in Jinling, Shen Wanguan, is under Jiang Chunnan’s command.

It is said that Zhu Dayou, one of the most mysterious figures in Jinling’s black and evil circles, is also one of Jiang Chunnan’s men.

The rumours may not be credible, but since there is such a rumour, there must be some connection.

Shen Wanguan and Zhu Dayou, these are both popular figures in Jinling City, if they are really Jiang Chunnan’s men, then it is unimaginable how powerful Jiang Chunnan is.

Moreover, such a bullying figure was still just a subordinate of this youth, respecting the youth as Young Master.

Zhang Hang knew that although the Sun family was bullying, he himself could still drink at the same table with Sun Lian Yu’s father’s uncles, who was still his father’s son.

But he himself might not even be qualified to eat and drink with Jiang Chunnan, and this young man, still Jiang Chunnan’s master!

Which is more important, it’s not a question of thinking with your f*cking toes or your ass.

It was, simply, a matter of not thinking at all.

“Take it down!”

Zhang Hang didn’t even bother with nonsense anymore, and directly waved his hand.

Immediately, the two marine police officers who had been following behind him immediately swarmed up and rushed up to hold down Sun Liangyu.

The marine police, naturally, also had the power to enforce the law.

This time, at once, the cruise ship, a little chaotic.

The female anchors with enchanting posture and long legs and beautiful breasts, suddenly lost their colour, as if they were a group of sheep rushed in by wolves, so scared that they did not know what to do.

Don’t look at them as if they were really unattainable goddesses in front of their fans, but in fact, they are just some ordinary people.

The kind of people who would pee in fear when they encountered something they were afraid of, more than ordinary people.

They were really scared because Sun Lian Yu was actually pressed into service by the marine police.

This, what is going on here?

What was this for?

“Chief Zhang, what are you trying to do?” Sun Liangyu was really angry and ashamed at this moment.

Damn oh, the young master of the Sun family, himself, had been pinned down on the deck in front of so many people, in front of so many female anchors!

Such a wretched mess.

You know, these female anchors, they usually kneeled down to lick themselves.

In their minds, he was simply like a male god.

At this moment, the male god was like a pig waiting to be slaughtered, being pinned down on the deck and grunting straight.

What’s more, who is to arrest oneself?

“Young Sun, sorry, you have violated quite a few articles of the Yangtze River Shipping Management Ordinance, we have the power to arrest you now, and we ask for your cooperation.” Zhang Hang said.

“Broke what regulations?!” Sun Liangyu was simply going to be a dog.

“Firstly, you have arranged a large number of fireworks on water in the Yangtze River, these flammable and explosive items, seriously endangering the transport safety of the Yangtze River, easily causing major potential casualties, secondly, you have sealed off the upstream and downstream of the Yangtze River, prohibiting other vessels from entering these waters, you privately do not have this power, this is also a violation of the Yangtze River transport waterway management, at the same time, cruise ships such large Vessels such as cruise ships need to be approved to enter the Yangtze waters, you have not been approved, this is also illegal, also, you are holding a party on a cruise ship, the number of people at this time has exceeded eighty-eight, this is a medium to large river party, also the same need to be recorded by the VPA, however you have not applied for this either, this you have violated four regulations, we are fully entitled, justified, to arrest you. ” Zhang Hang said in a righteous manner.

Sun Lian Yu listened to, the heart is called a dog ah.

I’m sorry.

This, this nonsense!

This, he really has no words to say.

Although what Zhang Hang said was true, but in the past, these things were nothing!

This was a matter of his own words, a greeting and just get it done, what filing application, what approval, it was all bullshit, it didn’t matter in front of a big young man of his level.

What’s more, Zhang Hang, you’re pretending to be a mā bī, it’s not like I’ve already said hello to you!

But then again.

The actual approval is really an approval.

The only thing that I can say is that I don’t have the paperwork to approve it, so I’m giving people a hard time.

Sun Lianyu also knew that all these crimes he had committed all depended on Zhang Hang’s mouth, and now because he had offended that so-called third young master, that was why Zhang Hang had said so.

It can only be said that whoever has the higher status has the right!

However, Sun Lian Yu was not stupid, he was also really scared.

If he could make Zhang Hang do that, how powerful did the other party have to be?

Honestly, he wasn’t afraid of getting caught, what he was more worried about now was whether the other party would retaliate.

“Oh yeah, there’s another one, you insulted someone just now, that’s also a crime.” Zhang Hang added, and after finishing, he even looked at Neo ingratiatingly.

Sun Lian Yu was speechless, this Zhang Hang was also really good at being a man, he must have licked that third young master comfortably.

“That, Chief Zhang, this matter, can you tell my father?” Sun Liangyu still had a glimmer of hope in her heart at this point, and that was to use the strength of her family to deter a little.

In fact, he also wanted to remind Zhang Hang of his own background.

However, he simply did not know how terrifying Neo really was.

“Please don’t worry, Young Sun, we will inform your family about your arrest in a written document.” However, Zhang Hang looked like he didn’t care at all, and after he finished, he even looked at Neo, “Young Sun, does this look alright to you?”

Well, Neo nodded his head.

Over there, Zhang Hang didn’t waste any more time and directly waved his hand.

In front of everyone, he escorted Sun Liangyu onto the marine police boat.

On this side, the cruise ship, under the handling of the marine police, also obediently and honestly prepared to return to the ship.

On the deck of the cruise ship, there was silence.

No one expected such an ending.

The cruise ship, surprisingly, had really returned.

“Young Lu, thank you, thank you!”

Just at that moment, a young woman suddenly knelt down in front of Neo with a thump, kowtowing to him repeatedly, obviously grateful.

Neo was stunned at first.

He didn’t know what she was doing.

Only later did he recognise that this woman had wanted Sun Lian Yu to return to the ship because something had happened to her mother at home, and as a result, she had almost been thrown into the sea.

At this moment, the anchorwoman was naturally grateful to Neo in her heart.

“Alright, it’s alright.” Neo nodded indifferently and let the anchorwoman leave.

Then, Neo arrived in front of Yin Yi.

“Yin Yi, can I have the letter now?”


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