At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 211


Neo froze in disbelief.

How could he have never known about this?

How come he had never known about it?

After carrying Li Mengyao to the hospital that time, he tried to ask her out for the next few days, but she never agreed to do so, so I guess it was because her legs were sore from running.

“The first time you went to a lot of places in the middle of the night, you finally bought Li Mengyao a congee with cinnamon and lotus seeds. Do you know that Li Mengyao was actually very touched in her heart, and since then, every time our dormitory went out for a meal, Li Mengyao would order this congee every time, because she said that every time she drank the congee with cinnamon, she would think of how much you used to care for her. ”

Yin Yi said, “Once at night, Li Mengyao ordered a takeaway, which was the congee with cinnamon and lotus seeds, and she ate it and cried, do you know all this?”

Neo didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Of course, he didn’t know about this.

But did Li Mengyao really do this?

“When?” Neo asked mechanically.

“I forget when, I just remember that day it seems like Li Mengyao went to Liu Chaofeng’s birthday party, and after she came back, she was lying on the bed, very sad, and then she ordered a takeaway and cried so much that she couldn’t bring herself to do it.” Yin Yi said.

It was as if something had rattled Neo’s heart.

When Yin Yi said that, Neo also remembered, that time, it should be the time when Liu Chao Feng’s birthday party, Neo Ling took himself there.

That day, he saw Li Mengyao at the party, and then took the opportunity to give her some advice when she went to the bathroom, but instead he was mocked by Li Mengyao instead, mocking himself for eating soft rice and for kneeling down to Neo Ling, a rich white woman.

Honestly, Li Mengyao should have been very happy that day, because that day Li Mengyao could be said to have made a big show of herself, ruthlessly exposing herself in public, and in the end she left ‘in the dust’ so to speak.

In that case, Li Mengyao should have been very happy when she returned.

How could she be crying?

Could it be that she was actually suffering inside when she saw herself and Neo Ling together?

“Anyway, she was crying quite a lot.” Yin Yi went on, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know, you must not know that Li Mengyao said she liked you in the dorm the night before she chased you, she said she really liked you, and I could see that too, because although she had many boyfriends, she was only really happy when she went out shopping with you and came back to the dorm every time. ”

“How do you know that?” Neo couldn’t help but ask.

“Because when she goes out with other people and comes back, she always says she’s tired, while only when she goes out shopping with you and comes back, she never says she’s tired. I think you should understand what I mean.” Yin Yi said.

Neo was completely stunned.

This, how could this be so?

“But, despite everything you said, Li Mengyao is just using me!” Although Neo believed the things that Yin Yi said, but did these things prove that Li Mengyao liked him?

Not necessarily!

“She just deliberately approached me to get me to buy her things and gifts, and when she was done milking me and met a rich rich boy, she dumped me, in the end, I simply have no love for me, she’s just using me, otherwise, why would she keep asking me for material things?” Neo said.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Neo.” Yin Yi said, “A girl’s own sense of security is low, every girl wants a boy to love her when she is in love, and Li Mengyao is the same, she asks for material things from you, but she is only driven by her inner insecurity, of course, on the other hand, Li Mengyao is indeed a material girl, she desires money and material things, but no matter what, this and she likes you. doesn’t contradict.”

“This ……”

Neo really couldn’t say anything this time.

Everything had been explained by Yin Yi, how else could he say it himself?

“So, you say you are not a scum, a girl loves you so much, yet you don’t care about her, never ask her, and now you don’t even know where she is, don’t know where she is, don’t know what she is doing, don’t know who is around her, don’t know the environment she is in!”

Speaking of which, Yin Yi seemed really quite angry and said coldly, “Say, are you a scum!”

“I …… you’re right, I, I am indeed scum.” Neo’s heart suddenly welled up with an incomparable pain, yes, Yin Yi was absolutely right, he was indeed a scum, scum not even a bit of scum left of the kind of scum.

Her last sentence had spoken completely to his heart.

It could be said that it completely revealed what was wrong with him.

It hit Neo right in the heart!

It was as if a hand had grabbed the deepest part of Neo’s heart, the thorn that was hidden in a dark place that even Neo did not see, and pulled it out raw.

Zhou Yun, I, I’m sorry, I’m really scum.

You loved me so much and I ignored you, never really asked you since you disappeared, now I don’t even know where you are, I don’t know where you are, I don’t know what you’re doing, I don’t know who you’re with, I don’t know the environment you’re in!

I, I, Neo, must find you!

But that Li Mengyao, if what Yin Yi said is true, then she, she’s a poor girl too.

One had sort of misunderstood her.

Although Li Mengyao was, from a certain point of view, a gold-digger and a schemer with a cruel and poisonous heart, but she, too, was considered to have loved herself?

“So, Li Mengyao, should you be better now?” Neo asked, wondering in his heart if he should go and see her, alas!

Well, just go and see her once, thank her for loving her so much before, and then tell her that she loves Zhou Yun now, and hopefully she’ll understand!

“I’m sorry Neo, I don’t have an answer for you on that one.” Yin Yi finally looked at Neo and spat out the words softly, “Because, Li Mengyao has already left.”

“Gone? What do you mean?” Neo froze.

“About a month ago, one day Li Mengyao returned to the dormitory and suddenly invited several people from our dormitory out for dinner, in the private room, she drank a lot of wine and then ordered a bowl of cinnamon congee, as she drank, she cried out again, however, this time she didn’t finish her drink, she directly picked up the bowl and threw it out, lying on the table and bawling. ”

“Several of us in the dormitory froze for a moment, not knowing what to do, as we had never seen Li Mengyao like this before.”

“She cried for a long time and finally eased up a lot, and then she told us that it turned out she was leaving, she was leaving Golden University.”

“At first, we just thought she was going out to find a job, after all, now that she’s in her senior year, there are no more classes and more and more people are going out to find jobs, but then Li Mengyao said she probably wouldn’t come back, that she was going out to make her way, that she was going to be someone who would make the whole world scary or something.”

“We asked her where she was going and what her plans were, but she didn’t say anything and couldn’t tell us, so we just assumed she was drunk and didn’t mind, so we helped her back to bed.”

Yoonee said with an indefinable expression on her face, “However, the next day when we woke up in the morning, we found out that Li Mengyao was really gone?”


“Li Mengyao is gone, really gone, it’s been a month now, she has never contacted anyone in our dormitory again, she can’t be contacted on QQ or WeChat, it’s like she’s disappeared, there’s no news of her.” Yin Yi said.


Neo froze.

How, could this happen?

“She left because of you.” Yoonee added.

“Huh? That’s not possible? How do you know that?”

Neo was speechless inside, what does this have to do with me?

“It’s simple, because she left a letter behind.” Yoonee said.

“A letter?” Neo was stunned again.

“Yes, it’s this letter.” With that, Yin Yi took out a letter from her body, and on the envelope were three big letters, “Neo”.

“We got up that day and found Li Mengyao gone. On her desk, she only left this letter, and there was a note next to it, asking us to give it to you.” Yin Yi said, “So, now you also have to admit that Li Mengyao left, because of you.”

“This ……” Neo stared at the letter, not knowing what to say in his heart for a moment, what was on there was, indeed, Li Mengyao’s handwriting, “Give it to me.” Neo said.

In his heart, he suddenly felt a little sad.

Although he had slowly, and later on, lost all feeling for Li Mengyao, but now he suddenly heard that Li Mengyao had been gone for more than a month, without any news, and had left a letter to himself.

I don’t know how, but in his heart, Neo felt as if the world was vast, the world was huge, and in the blink of an eye, it was a world away.

At this moment, he couldn’t wait to see what was written in the letter, couldn’t wait to see what Li Mengyao wanted to say to himself.

Perhaps, the secret of everything should be in this letter.

“Hold your horses.”

Yin Yi, however, retracted her hand and surprisingly took the envelope back again, then she looked at Neo, “If you want this letter, then you have to promise me one thing.”

“What is it?” Neo frowned, this nee-san was actually using this letter to blackmail herself.

Could it be that she wanted to ask herself not to charge rent?

“Okay, from now on you will live here, I don’t want the rent okay, you can stay as long as you want!” Neo said directly.

Anyway, he might not come back after he went to look for Zhou Yun, so what if this house was given to Yin Yi, not to mention not charging rent?

As long as she gave herself this letter.

Although Neo wouldn’t turn his back on Zhou Yun, Li Mengyao was also the woman he had loved after all, and what was in this letter, Neo really wanted to know.

“Oh, I don’t want that request.” Yin Yi bristled and said, “This house is not yours, you do not have the right not to want my rent, you now verbally promised well, when the real landlord does not recognize what to do, of course, I am not asking for this request, my request is actually very simple.”

Speaking here, Yin Yi gave a beat and said lightly, “That is, you accompany me on a trip to the Yangtze River Hotel to attend a golden autumn party.”


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