At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 209

“Yes, no problem!”

Yoonee agreed without even thinking about it.

Yeah, such a great opportunity, one could never miss it.

Hanging up the phone.

Yin Yi told Ma Dongmei what had just happened.

Ma Dongmei’s eyes widened and her mouth looked like it could fit a duck egg in it, “Oh my God, Xiao Yi, no, Apple Live actually invited you to the party! Oh my god! Oh my god! You’re really going to be a hit, you’re going to take off!”

“That’s great, Yi! Wow, you’re going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month! You’re going to be famous, you’re going to be traveling all the time, you’re going to be eating all the time, you’re going to be wearing all the fancy cosmetics! You’ll be on the internet all the time!”

Ma Dongmei hugged Yin Yi with excitement, and the two of them were jumping and screaming like crazy.

Yin Yi’s heart was also overwhelmed with excitement.

Yes, what girl doesn’t fantasise about being a celebrity and from then on doing planes all day long to play everywhere, soaking in hot springs in Hokkaido, diving in the Maldives, sunbathing on the beach in Hawaii and drinking afternoon tea in Honolulu.

“Of course, when you go to the party tomorrow, there will definitely be a lot of tycoons, when the time comes, Xiao Yi, you should seize the opportunity to show your face more and try to meet a few more, if you can have a tycoon as your golden master, you will really have no worries about your clothes and food.” Ma Dongmei said.

“This, is this really good?” Although Yin Yi’s heart was overwhelmed with excitement, she was not a brainless gold worshipper after all, “Wouldn’t that be a bit too underhanded?”

“No, not at all.” Ma Dongmei touched Yin Yi’s soft and smooth little arm, and pinched Yin Yi’s powdered face full of collagen, “Xiao Yi, you are in such a good condition, you can’t waste it, a woman’s youth is not long, you have to take advantage of your youth and beauty to make a good amount of money, xiàn zài de shè huì is like this, money is the king, everything else is false. ”

“Mm!” Hearing Ma Dongmei say so, Yin Yi also did not say anything.

“But Ah Mei, Apple Live has said that I can’t go alone tomorrow, I have to bring Neo along.” Yingyi added.

“Ah, why? What qualifications does that hanger-on have to go?”

“Because the reason I was invited is because the live broadcast that teased Neo just now was on fire, so the live broadcast company asked me to bring Neo there, I guess, to promote the drama effect, and when the time comes, they might want me to tease Neo again live.” Yoonee said, “But, I’m worried that Neo he won’t go over with me, after all, if he’s smart, he would have seen that I was teasing him just now, because I said I was going to bed and he ended up giving up his spot and I ran away again.”

“Hey hey, Yi, don’t you worry about it. Just that hanger-on Neo, who’s to say no to you? Ryanorrow you can tell him that you’re taking him to Apple Live’s party and he’ll go crazy!” Ma Dongmei said, “After all, that hanger-on has never seen anything in the world, so he’ll be happy to go to a party of such high class and see the world, and besides, you’ve invited him to go with you, so that hanger-on will definitely be willing to go.

The first thing you need to do is to invite him to the party. If he won’t, then we’ll use the killer move!”

“Ah, yes, I almost forgot!” When Yin Yi saw Ma Dongmei like this, she suddenly slapped her head and came to a sudden realization, and her expression relaxed all of a sudden, as if she had the victory in hand.

This was stable now.

Early the next morning, Neo sat up.

He took a deep breath, his face was calm, and slowly, one by one, he put on his clothes, his movements were not fast, they were steady, as if he was performing a ritual.

Yes, it was a ritual.

The ritual that precedes the search for Zhou Yun.

From today onwards, every step I, Neo, take is for the purpose of finding Zhou Yun, every step I take is for the purpose of finding Zhou Yun!

Neo dressed very slowly.

Slowly, but with great care, he tidied up his backpack, wrapped the long-dried rose and placed it carefully in the deepest part of his backpack.

Grabbing his backpack, Neo opened the door.

Then, Neo froze.

At the door, there was Yoonee standing there.

Seeing Yin Yi, Neo’s heart let out a sigh of regret, and he felt a bit uncomfortable.

To be honest, he used to have a good impression of Yin Yi, at least he didn’t think she was a snobbish girl, otherwise, Neo wouldn’t have rewarded her so much, but after yesterday’s day, especially after watching Yin Yi’s live stream last night, Neo was a bit disappointed.

This Neezi had changed.

The live broadcasting industry is like a mud quagmire, even a white lotus flower will be polluted black after getting stuck in.

If it was before, perhaps Neo might have used Xue Nuo’s identity to guide her.

But now, Neo no longer had the time to care about that.

“That, Yin Yi, I’ll stay here for one night last night, from today onwards I won’t live here, from now on there won’t be anyone else renting in here except you, you can stay in these two bedrooms as you like, you’ll never see me again, you don’t have to pay your rent for now, you can give it to me together when I come back, of course, if I can still come back. Goodbye.”

Yes, Neo didn’t know when he would return after this trip.

Perhaps, he would never come back for the rest of his life!

After all, if he never found Zhou Yun, he would only be on the road for the rest of his life!

With that, Neo walked around Yoon Yi and headed for the door.

“Wait a minute hey!” If Neo left, she wouldn’t be able to attend the party, she had to take Neo to the party today.

She said, Yin Yi hurriedly caught up with Neo and blocked Neo’s front.

“What’s wrong?” Neo frowned, this girl teased herself once last night, what does she want now.

“Neo, accompany me to a party.” Yin Yi simply said directly.

It was also true, Mei was right, with this kind of looks of her own, Neo would definitely agree to her request obediently.

“A party?” Neo frowned, “What kind of party?”

“Well, it’s the Golden Autumn Gala held by the Apple Live platform, at the Yangtze River Hotel, there will be a lot of rich people there, and there will also be a lot of beautiful women, and a lot of delicious food, it’s all to eat then, how about going there together!” Yin Yi said.

She decided in her heart that Neo was a hangman, so she said that these beautiful women, food and so on, just to attract Neo, after all, a hangman, can see how much of the world, as soon as you hear that there are delicious, must be immediately anxious to go over.

The moment you hear that there is something good to eat, you must go over there immediately. Neo frowned even more.

The reason is that after hearing her say this, Neo also understood that this girl is not talking about any other party, this is not the Apple Live party!

Wasn’t it the same party that the woman had called herself about last night?

To be honest, Neo was very resistant to this kind of live party, for the same reason, this party is not a serious party.

How come Yin Yi was attending too?

“How about it, come on, let’s go there now.” Yoon Yi felt that her words were very provocative and attractive to a hanger-on like Neo, so needless to say, this guy would go with her.

“Yin Yi, I think, you’d better not go over there.” Neo finally couldn’t help himself and said.

Last night, Neo felt that Yin Yi had already changed and had started to be poisoned by the live broadcast. If Yin Yi still went to some party today, she would definitely be further lost at that kind of party where materialism was paramount and yù wàng was flowing with money and wealth, and would even be bāo yǎng or something like that after meeting those so-called tycoons and rich youngsters.

“That kind of live streaming, it’s not something good, I think you shouldn’t do it either, find a proper job.” Neo said, “That kind of live streaming will only make you degenerate and make you lose yourself, you will regret it in the future if you go on like this.”

Yin Yi was instantly frozen.

She probably didn’t expect Neo to refuse anyway, and not only did she refuse, she even went so far as to educate herself with a reprimanding tone.

“Oh, Neo, what are you, and who are you to say that about me?” Yin Yi looked at Neo with great dissatisfaction, “You’re just a scum, you’re not qualified to say anything about me!”

“I’m a slag?” Neo didn’t know what this ninny was talking about.

“That’s right!” Yin Yi suddenly looked at Neo with contempt, “If you’re not a scum, then let me ask you, do you know where Li Mengyao is now?”


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