At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 208

Oh, Neo laughed.

Since he didn’t listen to advice, then whatever.

This young girl’s strength, Neo knew, could easily escape under the siege of a dozen B-rank combatants, definitely very human, not to mention the assassin who assassinated himself.

This anchor was definitely asking for death.

And when you think about it again, this anchor is also considered a scum, even live-streaming to hook up with women, and even using deception, this time meeting a young girl, is also deserved.

However, after just being teased by Yin Yi, and now seeing this kind of trash anchor, to be honest, Neo was also disgusted with the live streaming industry.

For the sake of profit, many people have slowly turned into profit-seekers and have forgotten their conscience.

In the case of Yin Yi, although this girl and himself did not have much interaction, but at least in the past, there was not much bad to him.

But just now, she had deliberately tricked herself for the sake of the live show.

This made Neo feel very disappointed.

Forget it, I don’t care so much, just find my Zhou Yun, thought Neo, he didn’t think too much about it, he was ready to sleep, wake up early tomorrow morning and set off on his journey!

Just then.

Neo’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

What came was an unfamiliar mobile number.

“Hello.” Neo said.

“Hello, may I ask, is this Mr. Snow?” On the phone, it was a sweet-sounding female voice.

“Ah, sorry, I think, you have the wrong number ……,” Neo said subconsciously, but then his heart fluttered, hmm? Xue Nu? Isn’t that the same name that was on the live streaming platform?

“Uh, well, this is Xue Nuo, but ……” Neo remembered that he was Xue Nuo, but his heart was wondering, not many people would know that he was Xue Nuo, so who would be calling?

“Ah, Mr. Xue Nu, hello.” The woman seemed to be able to sense Neo’s confusion and immediately continued, “I’m from the VIP contact department of the Apple Live platform.”

“Oh, hello.”

Apple Live Streaming Company, was the live streaming platform just now.

When Neo registered, he used his mobile phone number to register, so the Apple Live staff knew that he was Xue Nuo, this was quite normal.

It was just a bit strange in Neo’s heart, why was he calling himself?

“Mr. Xue Nu, we are calling you this time because we want to invite you to participate in our live streaming platform’s annual Golden Autumn Gala.” The woman said and further explained, “Because Mr. Xue Nu, although you haven’t registered with our live streaming platform for long, only about three months, you have already topped up over 600,000 yuan and reached the level of our white diamond member, so we are honored to invite you to this party.”

Er, so that was the case.

Neo also knew that nowadays, many live streaming platforms would hold some parties and such, on the one hand, to earn popularity, on the other hand, why not give some tycoons a chance to pretend?

But Neo is not interested in these parties and so on.

Besides, he didn’t have the time to go to them himself.

“Thanks a lot, but it’s really not necessary.” Neo said, about to hang up the phone.

“Mr. Xue Nu, please wait a moment.” The woman seemed surprised that Neo had refused in one breath, after all, those who came to top up their bounty on the live streaming platform did so to pretend to pick up girls, now that they were invited to the party, that was simply giving you the opportunity to pretend and pick up girls, all this, it was surprising that there was still a refusal.

“The most popular female anchors on Apple Live, the ones who can sing and dance well, the ones who are good looking, the hottest We’ll have a lot of entertainment, so you’ll be able to interact with a lot of beautiful women. …”

The woman was very vague, but the meaning of her words was clear enough.

In one simple sentence, that was for the tycoon and the beautiful woman to pull a relationship.

In fact, Neo also understood that the live streaming platform was having a party, huh, thinking with his toes, he also knew what it was for.

However, Neo is not interested in this kind of dancing.

Besides, he would be leaving tomorrow.

“It’s really not necessary, that’s all.” Neo still refused.

When the woman saw that she had said this much, Neo still did not agree, and she knew that she could not convince Neo.

“Alright then, Mr. Snow, have a nice life.” The woman hung up the phone.

Neo also turned off the phone and went to sleep.

And at that moment, in the other room next door.

“Wow, Xiao Yi, you’re on fire! So many people have suddenly flooded into the live broadcast room!” Ma Dongmei and Yin Yi both looked at the number of people that kept pouring into the live broadcast room with surprise.

“Yeah, so many bounties!” Yin Yi also shouted in surprise.

With the influx of people, the bounties had also gone up.

The bounty now added up to a few thousand dollars.

“Anchor, I heard that you just molested the hangman here, haha, that was hilarious, again?”

“Yes, I also heard someone in the qq group say that you molested a hangman to sleep in his bed, that hangman even took it seriously, anchor, please do it again ah, want to see ah!”

“That’s right, anchor, I want to see what that hanger-on looks like, do it again, I’ll reward you with a yacht!”

In the public screen, all kinds of remarks were posted.

“Okay, everyone, don’t be in a hurry, we’ll continue the live broadcast tomorrow!” Yin Yi turned off the live broadcast, and when she saw that her followers had risen by several thousand, she couldn’t help but feel happy.

“Amei, am I taking off here?” Yingyi said excitedly.

“Xiao Yi, it seems that Neo’s hanger-on has had an effect on the show, we should still make use of him in the future, hehehe.” Ma Dongmei said with a smile, “I didn’t expect that hangman to be of some use after all.”

Just as the two of them were talking.

Suddenly, Yin Yi’s mobile phone rang.

“Hello, is this Anchor Xiao Yi?” On the phone, a sweet woman’s voice said.

“Ah, may I ask who you are?” Yin Yi’s heart was suddenly moved and she hurriedly asked.

“Hello, I’m the contact person from Apple Live.” The woman said.

“Ah, hello hello!” As soon as she heard that it was someone from the live streaming platform calling her, Yin Yi was already very excited in her heart, even though she didn’t know exactly what it was for yet.

Yeah, the platform calling her, no matter what, it’s definitely a good thing!

“Hello, Anchor Xiao Yi, we at Apple are holding a Golden Autumn Gala tomorrow and need to invite some anchors to attend, and you, are on the eligibility list for our invitation.” The woman said.

“Ah, really?!” When Yin Yi heard this, she was simply going crazy with joy.

She couldn’t believe it was true either.

Yes, Apple Live, one of the best and biggest live streaming platforms in the industry.

And as for the live streaming company’s party, although Yin Yi had never been there, she had heard about it, and not only had she heard about it, she had also watched the live broadcast of previous parties, and that kind of spectacle was really unprecedented.

Those who could go were all tycoons and well-known and very hot anchors.

In short, if you go, it will not only confirm your status and popularity, but also bring you some exposure and fame.

At the same time, you might even get to know a lot of tycoons.

In the past, Yin Yi was envious of those anchors who could go to the event, thinking that they were all heavenly.

Now, they were calling to take the initiative to invite themselves to the party?

“Well, it’s actually a temporary decision by our company, because our online surveillance staff, suddenly found out that anchor Xiao Yi has added many new fans and popularity, and also watched Xiao Yi’s anchor just now, and found it very fun and interesting, and also thought that you have a lot of potential, so you are attending as a newcomer of the future star, and if you come to participate, it will definitely increase even further popularity.” The woman said, “So, we’ve deliberately invited you to be able to come to the party, which will be held at the Yangtze River Hotel in Jinling, so I hope you can attend then.”

“Yes, I’ll go, I’ll definitely go!” Yes, how could Yoonee not go.

“Good, but we have one more request.” The woman added after a pause.

“Sure, go ahead!” Without even thinking about it, Yoonee agreed.

“That is, bring along that hanger-on you were flirting with when you were live just now, hehehe, so that we’ll have more fun at the party.”


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