At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 204

Long hair tied in a light blue floating belt, light and agile.

A light blue and white ancient style attire, flowing and light, white fluffy trousers, light blue at the ankle, like a blue lotus flower.

The corners of her eyes with a faint water-powder like look, as if she was a young girl walking out of an ancient ink landscape.

This, why is this nympho here?

And taking pictures here?

For a moment, Neo felt that his mind was spinning.

What was this?

But wait, Neo suddenly came back to his senses, this young girl in front of him was not that weird young girl!

Because that weird girl’s breasts were not as big as the girl in front of him!

When he thought of this, Neo took a closer look at her, and his heart fluttered again.

Yes, this girl was actually Yin Yi.

It was just that with her make-up on, she looked a bit like that weird girl.

Plus, the clothes were almost identical to the eccentric girl, so it was no wonder that Neo was mistaken at first glance.

“What the hell, where did this wild kid burst out of, barging in and blocking my shot!” tony pointed at Neo, glanced at Yin Yi, when he saw Yin Yi’s chest, a light flashed in his eyes and added, “By the way, I haven’t seen this wild boy, he’s not one of mine anyway, is he a fan who came over to see your photo shoot?”

Yin Yi looked at Neo and frowned, before he could say anything.

A stout girl suddenly appeared next to her, pointing at Neo and cursing, “Neo, if you’re a fan who came to see Xiao Yi’s photo shoot, just stand outside and watch, why did you come inside the photo shoot? You’re sick, just to attract Xiao Yi’s attention!”

Neo knew this girl too, she was in the same class, Ma Dongmei.

She was usually on good terms with Yin Yi.

Neo was stunned, not knowing exactly what Ma Dongmei was talking about.

But now Neo probably understood what was going on, it should be that Yin Yi had asked this tony to come for a photo shoot and happened to be here at his villa.

“No, I’m not here to see Yoonee take pictures, I’m going over there.” Neo said.

“Oh, you’re teasing me?” Ma Dongmei smiled contemptuously, looking as if she completely saw through Neo, “Xiao Yi just posted about her photo shoot in the class group, and here you are, you didn’t come to see Xiao Yi take photos, so what are you doing here at Tengwang Pavilion? What do you think you’re doing here for nothing? Do you have a house here? Don’t pretend, we all know what kind of person you are. Hurry up and go back! If you delay this, you won’t be able to afford the damage!”

Ma Dongmei said, pointing to the group of people next to her.

These people, all of whom were some of the fans that Yin Yi had accumulated when she was the anchor, heard that Yin Yi was here taking pictures and came over to watch.

There were also a few students from the class.

But there was no Song Chun or Zhang Hui. Neo was quite comforted in his heart, it seemed that after the stimulation of Song Chun’s sister last time, Song Chun had really started to work hard.

You know, Song Chun still has some interest in Yin Yi, if it was before, he would have rushed to support him.

But after hearing Ma Dongmei’s words, Neo really laughed.

“Oh, I’m really going over there.” Neo didn’t bother arguing with her too much, he had to do his own business, thinking, Neo pushed the crowd away and continued to walk forward.

“Okay, I’ll see what you really want? You want to go into the villa? If you break in, the owner of the villa will flay you alive!”

Ma Dongmei saw that Neo was bent on going his own way, so he didn’t stop him, clutching his chest and sneering at Neo’s back, “Good, I’d like to see how you pretend! I’ll see what you really want to do.”

It’s also true that there was nothing else in front but the villa’s front door, what could this guy Neo do if he had to walk over there?

“Neo is really annoying.” Yin Yi also said with a frown.

She didn’t feel much for Neo either, not good or bad, but seeing Neo here, there was no need to think, Neo must have seen the news in the class group and ran here to see himself for a photo.

As for him having to walk through here, there’s no need to think about it, he must have done it to attract his own attention, after all, some hangers-on like goddesses and always do something strange.

Some hangers-on like goddesses, so they do strange things, and Neo had no money, so he had to use such strange behaviour to make his presence felt.

The idea of this made Yoonee’s heart frown on Neo, who was not impressed by him in the first place.

The crowd of onlookers, many of whom were in the same class, were also looking at Neo’s figure and laughing contemptuously, waiting to see Neo make a fool of himself.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Neo walked straight towards the villa gate.

He didn’t care if anyone was looking behind him, after all, all he wanted to do was to take a rose with him.

When he arrived at the villa’s entrance, Neo was just about to reach into his pocket for the key.

Then he saw a rose lying quietly just under the iron fence gate.

It should have been a rose from the yard that had been blown here by the wind.

But this rose, as if it had been waiting here quietly for a long time, Neo didn’t think much of it, he just picked up the rose, put it into the backpack behind him, turned around and came back.

Yes, he had only come to pick up the rose, and now that he had done so, there was no need to open the door at all.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Neo just left.

“I’ll go, just to pick up a rose that someone else threw away, what a hangman!”

“Oh, you don’t know about this hangman Neo? That time when he was late for class, he still didn’t enter the class with a rubbish bag, I said how come I didn’t see him picking up rubbish in school, it turns out he came here to pick it up, huh.” The crowd couldn’t help but, mockingly.

“Forget it, Xiao Yi, ignore that kind of hangers-on, let’s continue taking pictures.” Ma Dongmei looked at Neo’s back and smiled coldly.

Besides, Neo, after leaving Teng Wang Pavilion, took a taxi directly to Jin Ling Station.

Just as he was about to buy a ticket.

His mobile phone suddenly rang.

“Hello?” The caller was a string of numbers, an unfamiliar phone number.

“Hello, may I ask if you have a two-bedroom house for rent in Star Bay, is that right, my client has his eye on that house of yours, can you take us to see the house?” A woman said on the phone.


Star Bay?

Yes, Neo suddenly remembered that apart from the Liang Shan flat, Zhang Ze had bought him several additional houses, which Neo had put online for rent at that time.

The house is a two-bedroom house, decorated in a girly style and very high-class, after all, it used to be a third-rate star, but the godfather had an accident, and the mortgage could not be repaid, so Zhang Ze did something, and the house came under Neo’s name.

I didn’t think there would be anyone else renting a house at this time.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public.

“Hey hey hey, sir sir, please give it a chance, okay? My client really wants to rent that house, she’s a very cute girl, she really likes the style of your house, can you please accommodate a girl’s small request? Please, sir.” The woman on the phone, who knew how to communicate, spoke with a bit of feminine petulance.

Neo thought about it, so be it, it was just a delay for a while.

“Okay then.”

Neo made an appointment with the woman on the phone, the woman’s client is busy, meet again in half an hour at the entrance of Star Bay.

Hanging up the phone, Neo sighed, took a taxi, and came to Star Bay.

Standing at the entrance, he waited for the woman’s client to arrive.

But just at this time.

Suddenly, a voice came from behind him, “This hanger-on, why is he strolling here again?”

Neo was stunned and turned around to see, er, what an injustice.

There were two girls standing behind him, none other than Yin Yi and Ma Dongmei, who were in Tengwang Pavilion just now.

However, Yin Yi had already changed into her normal attire and seemed to have finished her photo shoot.

Ma Dongmei looked at Neo with surprise and contempt, obviously also feeling strange for running into Neo here.

“Oh, you’ve just finished picking up rubbish in Tengwang Pavilion and you’ve come to Xinghai Bay again? It seems you know how to pick places. Both Teng Wang Ge and Xinghai Bay are upscale neighbourhoods, so how about it? Ma Dongmei said mockingly.

“Forget it, Ah Mei, don’t pay any attention to him.” Although Yin Yi did not mock Neo like Ma Dongmei did, she obviously had a bad impression of Neo too.

Pulling Ma Dongmei’s hand, she prepared to walk away.

“Hey, don’t be busy, Xiao Yi, did Sister Xiaolan just say that the landlord was waiting for us right here?” Ma Dongmei said.

“Ah, right, yes, look at my head.” Yin Yi spat out her tongue, looking cute, “Sister Xiaolan seemed to have said that she was waiting for him right at the gate of Star Bay, so let’s just wait for a while. Sister Xiaolan is so nice, she even took the initiative to find a house for me.”

“Hey hey, when you become a famous netizen anchor in the future, you can thank her properly.” Ma Dongmei said with a heated smile, and looked around again, “Just, what’s with this landlord, it’s been half an hour, why hasn’t he come yet. Really.”

“Let’s wait patiently for a while.” Although there was a bit of anxiety in her gaze, Yin Yi said, “Just bear with me, anyone who can afford to buy a house here must be rich and must be very busy during the week.”

“I’ll give him a call and give him a push!” Ma Dongmei said.

“Don’t!” Yin Yi said hurriedly.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m afraid the landlord won’t be happy and blame us for calling to rush him, I’m afraid he’ll say we can’t even wait for a while, I’ve wanted to rent that flat for a long time, the decor is lovely and I especially like it, if he’s not happy and won’t rent it to me, that would be a disaster.” Yoonee said.


Neo stood to the side, listening to the conversation between the two of them, and his heart couldn’t help but be moved, grassed up, no.

Could it be that it was Yin Yi who wanted to rent his house?

Thinking of this, Neo couldn’t help but frown.

He really didn’t want to expose himself in front of Yin Yi Ma Dong Mei.

But then he thought, “Alas, forget it, he will soon leave Jinling, set out on the great road and walk into the starry sea, why should he care about such crap!

Thinking of this, Neo took a deep breath and walked up to Yin Yi, “Uh, that, please ask ……”

“Ask what, get out of the way!” The first thing you need to do is to get out of the way and go pick up the trash.

Neo: “……”

He was at a loss for words, not knowing what to say.

“That, Ah Mei, you’d better call the landlord and talk to him, we’ll meet somewhere else.” Yin Yi suddenly spoke up, frowning.

Looking at her, Neo suddenly understood that Yin Yi must have felt that she was harassing her, so this was a way to avoid herself!

“Good!” Ma Dongmei obviously also understood what Yin Yi meant and immediately took out her mobile phone.


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