A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3171

There was no order from Ich, yet some of the great generals couldn’t help themselves and opened the gates to charge out!

Their bloodlust was aroused and they needed to kill to vent!

Looking at the generals killing out from Demon Emperor City, Li Xing was somewhat dumbfounded!

He could not believe that this was actually the generals of Demon Emperor City!

To know that these generals had all been oppressed by the Huben, where were they still bloodthirsty, and those that were bloodthirsty had long been killed by the Huben!

But now, these Demon Imperial City generals, who originally seemed cowardly, were showing a fearless spirit at this moment!

Li Xing didn’t have time to issue the order to retreat, and the tens of thousands of people who were scouting the path were instantly washed away!

The Demon Imperial City generals went crazy and waved the weapons in their hands!

No fear of life and death, no fear of bloodshed ……

For a while, the soldiers of the Ming Li Royal City were killed and threw away their armour and retreated backwards!

Yi Hyuk watched this, his heart filled with relief!

However, he knew that this short-lived excitement had caught King Na Li off-guard, but it would definitely get harder and harder later on!

Yi Hyuk ordered the soldiers to return to the city, because by the time that Knight King reacted, none of these generals who rushed out would be able to return!

Underneath the Demon Emperor City, calm was slowly restored!

Only the corpses that littered the hills told of the killings that had just taken place here!

The setting sun shone on the bright red blood, causing a gleam of red light!

A few crows hovered in mid-air, emitting ear-piercing cries!

After the aura of bloodiness, what was brought about was sadness!

Looking at the corpses on the ground, every general’s heart was shrouded in a cloud of gloom!

“Dad, let’s go back and rest, it’s getting dark, I guess that Ming Li Wangcheng isn’t good at attacking anymore.”

Isha said softly!

But Ikh stood motionless, the dead below were his people!

Ikh was grieving inside!

When Isha saw that Ikh was not moving, she also stayed with him and looked at those corpses underneath the Demon Emperor City without moving!

I don’t know how long it took, but the sky was completely dark!

A full moon hung high above, illuminating the land as if it was spreading a layer of silver frost over the land!

“Dad, look what’s that?”

Isha suddenly realised that in front of the full moon, a shadow was flying towards them!

At the same time Knight Star, who was on the hilltop, also noticed the shadow in mid-air!

“Dad, there’s a situation ……,” Knight Star shouted up!

King Knight walked out from that tent and looked up to find that in mid-air, it was a huge airship!

“A blimp?” King Knight frowned slightly “How could a blimp appear here? In this area, only that Fei Tian Sect has airships, but that Fei Tian Sect’s airship shouldn’t have flown here?”

King Li was puzzled, not understanding how a blimp suddenly appeared!

“Should we shoot down the blimp?” Li Xing asked!

Knight King, however, waved his hand “Let’s take a look and see, what kind of person is it that drove a blimp here!”

One must know that airships were rare things, not everyone could own one!

Apart from being expensive to build, airships also required a high level of technical and resource support!

Even their Ming Li Royal City couldn’t build a single airship, and the King of Li felt that those who could own airships definitely wouldn’t be ordinary characters, so he didn’t dare to act rashly!

If they offended any clan families at this juncture, it would be more than worth it!

Lixing and King Lixing watched as the blimp flew towards the skies above Demon Emperor City!

At this moment, Yi He, who was standing on the city wall, finally had a smile on his face when he saw the approaching blimp!

“Mr Chen, this should be Mr Chen coming back ……”

Yihe understood very well that Kai had followed Ji Yun of the Fei Tian Sect.

So he was not surprised at all if Kai came back as a blimp!

“Kai? How can he still come back in a blimp, doesn’t this blimp have a fixed route?”

Isha was a little curious, not understanding what Kai had the ability to do to come back as a blimp.


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