A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3170

Yi Hyuk stood on top of the city and looked at the thousands of demon wolves below, his heart was also filled with reluctance and guilt!

Especially that Lang Feng, Ich knew the position he held in Isha’s heart!

Isha grew up playing in the mountains and forests, all accompanied by Lang Feng, it can be said that Lang Feng watched Isha grow up!

But now, Isha wanted Lang Feng to die!

Yi Hyuk knew that Isha was more upset than him at this time, but it had to be done!

The Demon Imperial City had been ruled by that Huben for some time, and many loyal generals had been brutally killed, and the entire Demon Imperial City’s loyalty to IH had dropped a lot!

Now facing a great enemy, and also a disparity in strength, it was inevitable that the hearts of the many generals within the Demon Imperial City would not be shaken!

And Isha understood this, which was why she ordered Lang Feng to lead the Demon Wolf Pack to block the attack!

Because at this time, only Lang Feng was the most loyal!

Isha also wanted the demon wolf pack’s fearlessness of death to infect the entire Demon Emperor City’s generals!

Let these generals of the Demon Imperial City renew their fighting spirit!

Likewise, Lang Feng understood this, which was why he agreed without hesitation!

If his death could be exchanged for the safety of Demon Emperor City, then he would have no regrets in dying!

Lang Feng stood quietly in front of the thousands of Demon Wolves, the breeze blew by, causing the hairs on Lang Feng’s body to dance with the wind!

Facing tens of thousands of enemy troops, Lang Feng’s eyes were filled with resilience and unyielding!

There wasn’t the slightest bit of fear!

The thousands of demonic wolves also had eyes that glowed with ferocity, revealing their terrifying fangs!

While Lang Feng was loyal to Demon Emperor City, these thousands of demon wolves were loyal to Lang Feng!

Because of their loyalty, they have no fear of death ……

“Kill …………”

Lang Feng suddenly let out a roar, and his entire body instantly changed into a giant demonic wolf that had been charging towards the enemy army!

The thousands of demon wolves behind him also followed along and charged out!

In an instant, thousands of demon wolves rushed into the 10,000-strong enemy army and started to fight!

These demonic wolves are not very strong, even Lang Feng’s strength is not very strong, and cannot be compared to the other side!

However, they held the determination of certain death and were not afraid!

These wolves are not strong, even Lang Feng is not as strong as the other side!

Wolf smoke rises in all directions!

Under the Demon Emperor City, it instantly became a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood ……

Looking at the scene in front of her, Isha’s tears slowly flowed out!

After ten minutes, the killing sounds gradually stopped and the smoke gradually dispersed!

Thousands of Demon Wolves, all collapsed in a pool of blood, none survived!

However, the damage they caused to the enemy army was extremely low!

One could only see Lang Feng’s body hanging high above a spear, the enemy was provoking the Demon Emperor City in this way!

Looking at Lang Feng’s corpse, Isha could no longer hold back and covered her face as she bawled!

Yi Hyuk’s eyes also became moist!

When the many generals on the Demon Emperor City saw this scene, killing intent filled their bodies one by one, and their eyes flushed red!

At this moment, the bloodlust of the many generals of Demon Emperor City was aroused!

Miles away on the hilltop, King Li watched his men actually hang Lang Feng’s corpse to provoke him, he was furious and cursed “Stupid, even still provoking in this way, is this provoking the other side to resist tenaciously?”

“Dad, even if that Demon Imperial City resists, what can it do, the experts of the Demon Imperial City have already been cleansed long ago, and there are some remaining guys who are not determined in their minds, they won’t be able to become a climate.”

Li Xing said without a care in the world!

“Bullshit, what do you know, immediately let people withdraw back ……”

King Li fiercely scolded Li Xing!

Li Xing was helpless and was about to pull back the generals who were trying out in front of him when the ground suddenly shook and the sound of killing shook the sky!

Only to see the gates of the Demon Emperor City slowly open and tens of thousands of generals rushed out from the city!

These generals of the Demon Emperor City, each hissed with a murderous aura in their eyes!

The Demon Imperial City generals who were originally timid were all like killing gods at this moment!


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