A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3169

Hu Yixiao had just left, and then Li Xing saw that from the sky above that Demon Emperor City, a flame flew out!

“Dad, look, someone has escaped from Demon Emperor City, probably to move help ……”

Li Xing hurriedly pointed at that flame in mid-air and said!

King Li looked up, his face instantly became incredibly ugly, and his brows furrowed!

“Dad, should we intercept it?” Li Xing saw that King Li didn’t speak, so he asked again!

However, King Li still didn’t say anything, his eyes staring at the flames with a deadly stare!

After a good while, he then waved his hand and said “Don’t block it ……”

“Dad, why don’t you block, that must be the Demon Imperial City sending out people to move help, thinking that by making a fire, we won’t know about it.”

Li Xing asked in disbelief!

“That’s not people from Demon Imperial City, that’s the Fire Phoenix ……”

King Knight said!

“Fire Phoenix?” Li Xing instantly froze, then sucked in a breath of cold air and said “Hasn’t that fire phoenix not been seen for years, how could it suddenly appear in Demon Emperor City?”

“Could it be …………”

“No need to blindly guess, it’s definitely not what you think, first of all, regardless of why the fire phoenix is here, immediately command down, prepare to attack.” King Li said with icy cold eyes!

He suddenly had a very bad feeling at this moment, so he didn’t want to delay any longer!

Li Xing nodded, then stood on the mountain and slapped out a palm, which instantly exploded in mid-air.

This explosion directly caused those King City armies below the mountain to move!

An army of tens of thousands of people began to advance towards the Demon Emperor City!

“Demon Emperor, it’s not good, the armies of the Ming Li Royal City have begun to attack ……”

A guard general hurriedly ran to report!

Upon hearing this, Demon Emperor Yihe’s brows instantly frowned, then he quickly walked out of the great hall and ascended the city tower!

Looking from afar, the tens of thousands of troops from the Ming Li Royal City were advancing at a neat and tidy pace!

In front of these armies were various demonic beasts, constantly hissing!

Yi Hyuk knew that these were the vanguard of Ming Li Royal City, and were just a tentative attack!

If the Demon Imperial City didn’t even dare to meet the other party’s tentative attack, it would definitely have a great impact on its morale!

But if they went out of the city to meet the battle, it would be a loss of troops for nothing!

What Ich wanted was to stall for time, hoping that the Fire Phoenix would inform the other Demon Emperors and King Cities as soon as possible.

Isha glanced at Yihe, knowing what was hesitating in her father’s mind, and let out a long whistle!

Soon, a figure arrived at Isha’s side!

This person was none other than the hairy Lang Feng!

“Lang Feng, I order you to lead the wolves and block the other side’s attack!”

Isha ordered to Lang Feng!

“Yes, sir!” Lang Feng took the order without the slightest hesitation!

Relying on the wolves to block the other party’s army of tens of thousands was simply impossible, but knowing that it would be a death sentence, Lang Feng did not even hesitate for a second!

Lang Feng turned around and was about to jump off the city, Isha’s eyes were filled with impatience and said, “Lang Feng, pay attention to safety …….”

Lang Feng did not say anything, just nodded and leapt down!

Along with Lang Feng jumping down, a wolf whistle was emitted from his mouth!

Accompanied by the sound of the wolf whistle, from all sides of the city, thousands of demonic wolves came pouring in!

These demonic wolves bared their teeth and stood guard before the city gates!

“Dad, what is this Demon Emperor City up to? Does it want to rely on these demon wolves to stop our army?”

“This is truly ridiculous ……”

The corners of Li Xing’s mouth rose slightly, his eyes filled with disdain!

While King Li’s eyes were deep, his expression was not relaxed!

“These demonic wolves are not blocking our army, but are used to boost morale!”

King Li said slowly!

“What does that mean?” Li Xing did not understand what it meant!

“These demon wolves all know that they will die, but they don’t flinch in order to do it for the soldiers and soldiers within the Demon Emperor City to boost their morale.”

“It seems that this Ikh is also ruthless enough to go so far as to let his men’s packs perish to boost morale.”

King Knight said with some admiration!


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