A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3168

“Ich, leave this matter to me, I’ll go talk to those old guys and ask them to send troops ……”

At this time, Fire Phoenix walked in and said!

Seeing the fire phoenix, IH said with some hesitation “If it was before, there is definitely no problem for you to step in, but with your current strength, I’m afraid there is no way to leave this Demon Emperor City, right?”

Fire Phoenix used to have high strength, but after being knocked into the secular world, her strength has dropped greatly, and now she is only at the Harmonisation realm, and if she wants to leave the Demon Emperor City, then King Knight will definitely not agree!

“Don’t worry, that Knight King guy is suspicious by nature, when he sees me, he won’t intercept me right away.”

“It’s this Demon Emperor City of yours, how long can it resist? The other few old things, they are all in other continents, far away, it will take time for me to come and go.”

Fire Phoenix asked to Yihe!

“I still have 100,000 generals in the Demon Emperor City right now, and with the addition of the spell formations around the Demon Emperor City, it shouldn’t be a problem to withstand it for ten days and half a month.”

Yi He said!

“That’s good, you wait for my good news!” After the fire phoenix finished speaking, it leapt and directly transformed into a fire phoenix and flew towards the outside of the city!

When seeing the fire phoenix directly transformed into a fire phoenix, Isha immediately stared with wide eyes, full of incredulity and said “Dad, this is not …… this is not that ……… …”

“Not bad, she is the fire phoenix, I haven’t seen her for many years, I didn’t expect her to be knocked into the secular world, now Chen is the owner of the fire phoenix.”

Not waiting for Isha to finish, Yihe nodded and said!

“Kai is the master of this Fire Phoenix?” Isha’s face became even more filled with disbelief!

And at this moment, the fire phoenix rose up into the sky, its wings burning with flames, waving continuously!

On a hilltop several miles away from the Demon Emperor City, Li Xing was looking at the Demon Emperor City in front of him with a bit of smugness on his face!

Because it wouldn’t take long for this Demon Emperor City to be annexed by their Ming Li Royal City!

At that time, he would be able to claim the throne within this Demon Imperial City, and he would also be able to crush Isha underneath him!

The reason why Huben didn’t take action against Li Xing when he was in control of the Demon Imperial City was that he wanted to rely on Li Xing to get rid of those stubborn elements and royalist experts within the Demon Imperial City!

Then he would find a way to kill Huben, and he would be able to get Demon Imperial City without bloodshed!

It was a pity that he didn’t expect Yi He to kill his way back to Demon Imperial City so quickly, killing Huben and regaining control!

“My lord, the Jade Tripod Sect’s people have already escorted that Princess Isha into the city, I instructed my men to all pretend they didn’t see it.”

At this time, a King City general came forward and whispered to Li Xing!

“Hahaha, now that that Jade Cauldron Sect has followed Isha all into the city, we’ll be able to kill them all in one fell swoop, they must have thought that they had acted covertly and sneaked into Demon Emperor City, and that we hadn’t discovered it.”

“Unbeknownst to them, I purposely let them in, so that we can catch them all in one net and catch them in a jar.”

Li Xing laughed out loud!

“Xing’er, what is it that makes you so happy?” King Li slowly walked out from a tent, followed by that Hu Yixiao!

“Dad, most of that Jade Tripod Sect’s people have already escorted Isha into Demon Emperor City, we can launch our attack anytime now.”

Li Xing said to King Li!

“That Jade Tripod Sect has indeed come after all.” King Li smiled coldly, then looked at Hu Yixiao behind him and said “Elder Hu, next you can go to the Jade Tripod Sect and take it down with ease, but when you take down the Jade Tripod Sect, don’t forget the things you promised me.”

“King Knight don’t worry, if I take down the Jade Tripod Sect, I will definitely follow King Knight’s orders in the future, and all the resources within the Jade Tripod Sect will also be available for King Knight to use whenever he wants.”

Hu Yixiao nodded like a pug and said!

“Hahaha ……” Li Wang waved his hand “Go, I’m sending you hundreds of guards entourage ……”

Hu Yixiao a thousand thanks left!


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