A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3167

Everyone put their heads down, no one was daring to speak anymore, and even more so, they didn’t dare to say anything about begging for peace!

Yi Hyuk coldly looked at those people in front of him with disappointment and helplessness in his eyes!

Having been occupied by that Huben for a period of time in the Demon Imperial City, now all these great generals had also become so cavalier, without a bit of bloodlust!

Yihe know, with these people to discuss down, there is not the slightest result, so a wave of the hand said “all go down, each in their own way, the respective city gates to guard, if there are those who run away from the battlefield, kill without amnesty …….”

“Obey ……” Those generals all retreated!

Yihe sat alone in the hall with a sad face!

“Dad ……”

At this moment, Isha ran in, and behind Isha, there was Liu Ruyan and many other disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect!

“Isha ……” Seeing his daughter, Yi He hurriedly ran over and hugged them tightly!

During this period of time, Yi Hyuk had been worried about Isha’s safety!

After following Isha and exchanging a few pleasantries, Yihe looked towards Liu Ruyan and said “Miss Liu, I will remember the great kindness of the Jade Tripod Sect in my heart, if the Jade Tripod Sect has a need for me, I am absolutely obliged to do so!”

“It’s just that nowadays, the Ming Li Royal City’s army is pressing in, and will soon surround my Demon Imperial City, so there’s no way for me to entertain you guys, and I also hope that you guys will leave as soon as possible so that you don’t get trapped!”

“Demon Emperor Yihe, I brought people here this time, apart from escorting Princess Isha, I also came to see if there’s anything I need help with.”

“If I watch the Demon Emperor City fall into a cower and do nothing, Kai will blame me when he finds out ……”

Ruyan Liu said to Yihe!

When Yi He heard this, he let out a bitter smile, he knew what Ruyan Liu meant!

Right now, Ruyan Liu was Kai’s woman, and this Demon Emperor City was, to put it mildly, one of Kai’s halls!

Regardless of whether it was the Jade Tripod Sect or the Demon Emperor City, it all belonged to Kai!

So now all they needed was to unite!

“Then thank you, Miss Liu!” Yi He nodded his head and thanked him!
“Third Elder, you lead the disciples of the Jade Cauldron Sect and start refining pills right away, if a war breaks out once it does, there will definitely be a large number of casualties.”

Ruyan Liu ordered to the Third Elder.

“As ordered!” The Third Elder nodded!

“Nie Heng, Fang Shu, the two of you take ten disciples each and patrol the city walls, and once you find the injured, immediately treat them on site.”

Ruyan Liu ordered again!

“As you command!” Nie Heng and Fang Shu also led the order at the same time!

As Yi He looked at Ruyan Liu’s well-organised orders, hope flared up within him!

With the Jade Cauldron Sect on board, then the casualties would definitely be much smaller!

Just at this moment, several guards in armour suddenly ran in from outside the door, each of them covered in blood and in a very sorry state!

After seeing Yi He, they all fell to their knees and said, “Demon Emperor, the five squads that we sent letters to were all intercepted and killed halfway, and only a few of us barely escaped back.”

“How could this happen? Didn’t I tell you guys to leave through the secret passage?”

Seeing this, Yi He was filled with surprise!

“Then the people from Mingli Royal City had already laid an ambush in the secret passage, they already knew about the existence of the secret passage!”

The guard said!

When the Ikh Demon Emperor heard this, he was furious and gritted his teeth, “Huben the traitor, he must be the one who said it, now it seems that the entire Demon Imperial City has no more secrets for that Lili King.”

“Dad, what’s going on?” Isha asked!

“I sent someone out of the city, wanting to go and contact the other Demon Emperors and King Cities to inform them of the situation here.”

“When the time comes, these people will definitely see the huge benefits here and send their troops, and at that time, the Knight King won’t dare to act rashly anymore.”

“If he were to forcefully attack our Demon Emperor City, then it would be a fish death, and in the end, the snipers and the mussels would win, I want to use this method to force that Knight King to retreat.”

“I didn’t expect this guy to have precautions ……”

Yihe frowned, not knowing what to do anymore!


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