A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3166

Ji Yun took the coin and nodded vigorously before following Kai to board the blimp!

With that, the airship slowly lifted into the air and flew towards the Demon Emperor City!

With the airship, Kai and the others were much more relaxed and just waited quietly!

Just as the airship flew towards the Demon Imperial City, the entire Demon Imperial City at this time was heavily guarded!

The Demon Emperor City was guarded by a large number of guards all around!

And on the hill not far from Demon Emperor City, a dense number of soldiers also appeared, and there were also a large number of demonic beasts!

The two sides were thousands of metres apart, but the aura of sabre-rattling was already very thick!

The Ikh Demon Emperor sat on top of the imperial city’s grand hall, his brows furrowed!

And in the middle of the great hall were some of the great generals of the Demon Imperial City!

Only, amongst these generals, the highest strength was only the seventh grade of the Harmonisation Realm, and there was no one with high strength at all!

Ever since the Demon Imperial City was seized by Li Xing and Huben’s conspiracy, some of the people in the Demon Imperial City who were loyal to Yi He and some of the people who were strong were secretly slaughtered!

Huben was afraid that these people were highly powerful, and if they rebelled at that time, Huben wouldn’t be able to suppress them at all!

With the help of the people of Ming Li Wangcheng, Huben was still able to sit on the throne of the Demon Emperor, but he couldn’t always rely on the people of Ming Li Wangcheng to help him rule!

So this Huben secretly killed all the people in the Demon Emperor City who were a threat to him!

This resulted in all the powerful people in the Demon Imperial City being gone, leaving only the generals of the Harmonisation Realm!

Originally, there were five royal protection experts within the Imperial City, in order to activate the secret mechanism when the Demon Emperor needed it when the Demon Emperor was in danger in the Demon Imperial City, these five royal protection experts would appear!

These five royal protection experts are all the great cultivators of the realm of the transition, usually when nothing is meditating and cultivating, but not ask about the things of the demon imperial city!

IH’s demon emperor was betrayed by Huben, and the incident was too sudden, so he didn’t have the time to release the five royal protection experts!

After IH recaptured the Demon Emperor City and killed Huben, the first time he went to check on the five royalist experts, he found that all five of them had died a horrible death!

It was obvious that Huben had taken advantage of their defences and killed all five of them!

As a result, the strength of the Demon Imperial City had dropped greatly, and the entire Demon Imperial City, except for Yi He himself, had no more Transition Masters!

Luckily, there are many guards in the Demon Imperial City, plus those demonic beasts around the Demon Imperial City, there are tens of thousands of them, which can temporarily protect the Demon Imperial City!

However, after knowing that Yi He had come back and recaptured the Demon Emperor City, the Li King immediately brought people here and prepared to forcefully attack the Demon Emperor City!

King Li had come prepared and had brought quite a few experts with him, clearly having the advantage in terms of strength!

However, Demon Emperor City was protected by the city, and King Knight did not bring his men to attack the city in the first place, and for a while the two sides were at a standstill!

“Demon Emperor, that Ming Li Royal City is bullying people too much, they have brought people to their doorsteps, the big deal is that we will die together and resolutely fight them to the end.”

Someone opened his mouth, breaking the tranquillity in the great hall!

“I don’t feel right, the strength of that Ming Knight King City is clearly higher than ours, I think we’d better seek peace.”

“The reason why that Knight King didn’t attack us in the first place, I feel that he also has the intention to seek peace.”

“We can send messengers to find that Knight King to beg for peace, the big deal is to send him some more resources to make them retreat.”

Some people feared the strength of the Ming Li Royal City and actually took the initiative to beg for peace!

As Yi He listened to the voice begging for peace, his brows couldn’t help but frown slightly, and a murderous intent came out of his eyes!

Staring tightly at the general who was begging for peace, Yi Hyuk suddenly waved his palm, and an incomparably sharp aura arrived instantly!

Boom ……

That great general who had begged for peace was directly sent flying with a palm strike, and exploded in midair!

Seeing this scene, the others all dared not breathe a word!

“I summoned you all to discuss the strategy of retreating from the enemy, not to let you beg for peace and disturb the army’s heart, in dare to disturb the army’s heart, this is the end.”

Yi He said with an icy face!


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