A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3164

Ye Fengqing’s face was filled with horror as he tried to dodge, but found that he could not dodge at all!

Just like that, under Kai’s palm, Ye Fengqing instantly died a violent death!

This was the Demon Sealing Alliance’s sub-leader, and he was killed just by saying so!

When the other cultivators saw this, each one of them had a knot in their throat rolling, their faces full of shock, and they did not dare to say a single word!

They were all glad that they all retreated at the last moment and no one followed the Demon Sealing Alliance, or else they would have ended up like this now!

Especially that Zhou Tai, when he saw Ye Feng Qing being slapped to death, his legs shook and he wet his trousers!

Kai even dared to kill the rudder master of the Demon Sealing Alliance, he, a son of the Zhou family, Kai would even less place in his eyes!

Zhou Tai’s forehead was filled with cold sweat, and he was also secretly thankful!

There were also those remaining Demon Sealing Alliance minions who all turned and ran when they saw Ye Fengqing being killed!

However, Kai did not chase after them!

“Mr Chen, cut off the roots and eliminate the roots, or else these guys will go back and ventilate, and the Demon Sealing Alliance will definitely not let it go.”

Ji Lianzhang hurriedly said to Kai!

“I purposely let them go back to report the news, since I dared to kill this Ye Fengqing, I am not afraid that the Demon Sealing Alliance will know about it.”

“An organisation like the Demon Sealing Alliance should never have survived in the world in the first place.”

Kai slowly spoke!

Ji Lianzhuang did not say anything anymore, he understood that Kai could say such words, that signalled that Kai and that Demon Sealing Alliance were going to be immortal!

Even if the Demon Sealing Alliance did not seek trouble from Kai, Kai would not let that Demon Sealing Alliance go!

“Mr Chen, your great kindness, we have no teeth to forget, since we sneaked out, we have to rush back before we can do so, so that Master won’t worry.”

“If Mr Chen has the opportunity, he can go to our Blood Spirit Valley as a guest, our Blood Spirit Valley is close to the Heavenly Demon Mountain, where there are abundant resources with quite a lot of strange and exotic treasures, I believe that Mr Chen will definitely be able to reap the rewards if he goes there.”

Jin Dong walked forward and followed Kai as he bid farewell!

“Brother Jin, when I have the chance, I will go and find you, there is also the Heavenly Demon Mountain that I will go to as well.”

“You two take care of yourselves along the way!”

Kai patted Jin Dong’s shoulder!

Jin Dong nodded and then left with Luo Xi under Kai’s gaze!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder also stepped forward at this time “Mr Chen, then I will return to the Heavenly Demon Mountain first and wait for Mr Chen’s grand arrival!”

“I hope that when Mr Chen arrives at the Heavenly Demon Mountain, he will be able to meet the Wind Demon Ancestor, and I will be able to have a glimpse of the Wind Demon Ancestor’s majestic power.”

“Definitely!” Kai smiled faintly!

Kai knew that even if he went to the Heavenly Demon Mountain, he would not necessarily be able to meet the Wind Demon, and it was unlikely that the Wind Demon would show up!

Now that the God-Devil War was full of mysteries, it was obvious that they were all suppressed with premeditation!

Without finding out the truth, the few devils were afraid that they wouldn’t show up easily!

If it was known that they had all been released, then it would definitely be dangerous!

Not to mention the fact that the ones they escaped from were but all spirit bodies that needed time to recover their physical bodies and strength!

So it was even more unlikely that they would easily show themselves and expose themselves!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder had also left, and at this point, only Kai was left with Ji Lianzhang’s father and son and Gao Qilan!

Even if there were only a few of them left, Zhou Tai with a few Zhou Family’s Transition Realm experts were trembling, not daring to have any thoughts at all!

In fact, at this time, if Zhou Tai, with his men, attacked Kai, Kai would not be able to block them at all, and just now, following those four Demon Sealing Alliance Elders against each other, Kai had also consumed a lot!

Adding to the fact that the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder had left, there was only one Transition Realm expert, Ji Lianzhang, who was afraid that it would be very difficult to cope with the Zhou Family’s several Transition Realm experts!

However, Kai’s performance just now had long since scared Zhou Tai out of his wits, even if Kai was the only one left at this time, Zhou Tai would definitely not dare to make a move!

Kai slowly glanced at Zhou Tai, scaring him so much that he instantly dropped to the ground!

Looking at Zhou Tai’s appearance, Kai just smiled coldly and didn’t pay any attention to it, bringing Gao Qilan and the girls to leave!

The many cultivators gave way to Kai and hid far away for fear of upsetting him!


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