A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3163

Ye Fengqing thought that these four figures of Kai, it was obvious that only one of them was real, the others were nothing more than illusions or residual shadows!

When the four elders heard Ye Fengqing’s order, they immediately split up and began to flee!

The four of them could only gamble now that the Kai behind them was nothing more than an illusion!

But just as the four elders split their heads and retreated backwards, Kai had already arrived in front of them!


Kai’s powerful punch swung out, directly hitting that elder’s back!

Four Kai’s struck out at the same time, and all of them struck the backs of those four elders with a single punch, and in an instant, the breath exploded, and the robes of the four elders were shattered, and they screamed miserably as they flew out!

The four elders all flew hundreds of metres and then fell heavily to the ground, their lives and deaths unknown!

At this moment, everyone fell silent!

Those gazes looked at Kai as if they were seeing a monster!

They did not understand how it was possible for Kai to have four identical ones that also possessed attack power at the same time?

It was impossible, how could such a thing happen?

Ye Fengqing was even more dumbfounded, his entire body was frozen on the spot like a fool!

Kai’s four figures merged together, and there was a hint of disorder in his breath!

At the same time for the four body breath, let Kai a moment some difficult to bear.

If not for the fact that those four elders had exhausted their spiritual energy at the beginning and were still fleeing under panic, it would not have been so easy for Kai to rely on decapitating these four elders at once!

Although Kai could transform into doppelgangers using the Nine Shadow Sword Technique, and each doppelganger possessed the same aura of Kai!

Only the strength possessed by each of the doppelgangers would also be greatly reduced, after all, Kai had to separate his own power.

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder seemed to have seen something, and immediately stepped forward to gently hold Kai’s shoulders with one hand, and a spiritual force was instantly struck into Kai’s body!

“Mr Chen, are you alright?”

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder asked in a small voice!

“I’m fine!” Kai gently shook his head, and then turned his gaze towards Ye Feng Qing Dao “Now do you still want to get rid of the demons?”

Ye Fengqing did not dare to speak, his face filled with embarrassment!

Seeing that Ye Fengqing didn’t speak, Kai continued, “If you don’t want to defend the devil, I still want to act on behalf of the heavens, your Demon Sealing Alliance has lost its conscience, and you don’t do good things, so I’m going to destroy you.”

When Ye Fengqing heard that Kai was going to kill himself, he was immediately horrified and said “If you dare to kill me, the Demon Sealing Alliance will definitely not let you go, you have to know that the entire Celestial Realm has my Demon Sealing Alliance’s forces, if you kill me, you will definitely be subjected to the endless pursuit of the Demon Sealing Alliance.”

“If you bring someone to leave now, I’ll pretend I didn’t see it, and this matter will end here, what do you think?”

Ye Fengqing was still threatening Kai with the Demon Sealing Alliance!

Listening to Ye Fengqing’s threat, Kai however laughed and then said indifferently “If I don’t kill you, your Demon Sealing Alliance is also after me ……”

Ye Fengqing froze, not understanding what Kai meant, Kai then continued “Your Demon Sealing Alliance’s Five Elements Heavenly Fury, you know it, right?”

“Of course I know!” Ye Fengqing nodded!

“The Gold Fiend, Fire Fiend, and Wood Fiend of those Five Elemental Heavenly Fiends were all killed by me, and they were the ones who told me the secrets of your Demon Sealing Alliance.”

Kai looked at Ye Fengqing with a cold smile on his face!

When Ye Fengqing heard that three of the Five Elements Heavenly Fury had been killed by Kai, and that they had also told Kai the secret, his eyes widened in shock!

“These damned fellows, our Demon Sealing Alliance’s secrets, how dare they casually expose them, simply damned!”

Ye Fengqing gritted his teeth and said viciously!

He didn’t expect Kai to follow their Demon Sealing Alliance to have a grudge long ago, so it seemed that his own little life was not guaranteed!

“All of you from the Demon Sealing Alliance deserve to die ……”

After Kai finished speaking, he slapped his palm down towards that Ye Fengqing!


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