A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3162

The scene was nothing but ragged breathing and the sound of that sea breeze blowing through!

Amidst the sea breeze, the smoke and dust gradually dispersed, and the scene gradually became clearer, revealing a mess, and a large pit that was so deep that it couldn’t see the bottom appeared in front of everyone!

But just as the crowd was about to go forward and take a look at the situation in the pit, suddenly a golden light flashed in the pit!

Along with the flickering golden light, a figure slowly rose from the pit.

So the people’s pupils then shrunk, their eyes full of surprise, only to see Kai suspended in mid-air, his body flickering with golden light, his breath rushing around his body, a golden dragon circling around Kai, wrapping Kai up in it!

Kai stood in the middle of the golden dragon, his expression calm and unruffled!

In an instant, countless sounds of horror rang out, followed by screams and excitement!

“Mr Chen is awesome, too awesome ……”

Ji Yun jumped up high and raised his arms!

“Mr Chen, bull …… too bull ……”

“Mr Chen is more than just bull can compare!”

Jin Dong as well as Ji Lianzhuang and the others were also praising Kai in succession!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man looked at Kai dumbfounded, and finally a sentence emerged from his mouth, “Mr Chen is really a small cow with a big top ……”

“Senior, what does this mean?” Luo Xi asked in disbelief!

“The cow is up in the air ……,” the demonic mountain ghost old man explained!

Luo Xi froze, then understood and instantly blushed!

Kai slowly fell down, his body unharmed, even in the face of the attacks of the four Transition Realm Elders, Kai did not suffer any damage!

For this result, Kai himself was very satisfied!

It seemed that his absorption of that Dragon Qi had substantially helped in the enhancement of the Unbreakable Golden Body, as well as the forging of his own physical body!

“It’s incredible, could it be that just by relying on one’s own body protection technique, one blocked these attacks?”

“What kind of body protection technique is this? It does seem very strong.”

“See that golden dragon? This can’t be a golden dragon possessing the body, right?”

Many people speculated, they did not understand how Kai, a cultivator who looked to be in the Harmonisation Realm, could have such a strong body protection divine power!

In particular, that golden dragon made many cultivators who had not seen Kai summon a golden dragon feel very shocked!

Ye Fengqing’s smile froze on his face at this moment, uglier than eating shit!

As for the four elders, their faces changed drastically and their eyes were filled with panic as they knew that what awaited them next might be death!

Especially Kai’s seemingly, unperturbed demeanour made them feel even more in danger, a danger that made their hearts beat faster and faster, and their breathing become rapid!

The scalps of the four elders were numb, they did not understand, Kai’s realm was clearly only the Harmonisation Realm, how could the aura and strength that erupted out be even stronger than the Transition Realm, fully capable of reaching the Transition Realm’s fourth grade strength!

This is not scientific!

Kai then turned his gaze towards the four Demon Sealing Alliance Elders, without a trace of emotion in his indifferent eyes!

There was no anger, no killing intent, all there was was indifference!

It was as if these four Demon Sealing Alliance Elders, in Kai’s eyes, were like ants, and could not evoke any emotion from Kai at all!

Looking at Kai’s eyes, the four elders instantly had their scalps explode and hurriedly retreated backwards!

However, just as the four elders were retreating, Kai suddenly moved!

Only Kai’s figure was instantly deflated, and immediately after, several figures were seen to appear!

In an instant, four identical Kai’s appeared!

Each Kai carried that same aura!

This time, the four elders were dumbfounded, and even those other cultivators were dumbfounded!

They had never thought that Kai would even be able to split his body!

“Run separately, only one of him here is his real body ……”

Ye Fengqing ordered to the four elders!


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