A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3161

Ear-piercing shrill sounds rang out, and a stern and incomparable aura tore through the void, finally directly bombarding towards the motionless Kai!

Facing the attack of the four, Kai’s body instantly erupted with a golden splendour!

A golden scale covered his entire body, and the Unbreakable Golden Body activated!

By the looks of it, Kai was planning to resist this attack!

When the crowd saw that Kai was still motionless against the attack of the four, they were all very shocked!

Gao Qilan, on the other hand, had his fists clenched tightly, and a look of worry showed in his eyes!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder also frowned, although Kai was very strong, following the four elders of the Demon Sealing Alliance against each other was not without a chance of victory!

But that was under a reciprocal attack, now Kai was standing motionless, not dodging, not flashing, just taking a hard beating like this, could he still withstand it?


In an instant, the place where Kai was standing directly collapsed, smoke and dust instantly filled up and covered Kai’s figure!

No one knew how Kai was now!

The four Elders had scored a hit, but they did not stop, instead, they once again swept over a hint of ruthlessness!

“Ten Thousand Sword Cage ……”

With another explosive shout, the four elders all had an additional longsword in their hands!

The long swords were swung violently, instantly transforming into dozens of sword awnings, as if ten thousand swords were swung in unison!

On top of this longsword, there was a special pattern that emitted a heart-stopping aura!

Dozens of sword awns exploded out, instantly penetrating through that smoke and dust, only a rumbling sound could be heard!

The four elders were ruthless, they knew Kai’s power, so they did not dare to be careless, the attack in their hands was like a torrential downpour, an amazingly powerful sword awn, like thousands of meteors sliding down into the smoke and dust!

Watching this scene, everyone was slightly moved, this level of attack, Kai alone is impossible to withstand down!

And these four Demon Sealing Alliance Elders, the moment they struck, they were killing moves, it seemed that they wanted Kai to die for sure, so almost everyone had exhausted the spiritual energy in their bodies.

These Demon Sealing Alliance Elders also knew that if this strike could not kill Kai, then they were afraid that they would not have a chance, and they would be the ones to die!

The raging storm of swords fell, everyone was quietly looking into the smoke and dust, they all wanted to see how Kai was doing right now!

“This Kai, really arrogant to the extreme ah, facing the attack of four people, even stood motionless, this time, I’m afraid it’s hard to escape.”

“To be able to resist the attacks of the four elders of this Demon Sealing Alliance in a hard way is simply an impossible thing, not to mention the fact that these four people have used up almost all of their spiritual energy.”

“Too crazy, if that Kai doesn’t die like this, I’ll kowtow to him twice.”

The crowd whispered as they all waited for the smoke to clear!

Gao Qilan as well as Ji Yun and the rest of them were all nervously looking into the smoke and dust, all of them nervous!

Everyone was waiting for the final result!

Ye Fengqing, on the other hand, had the corners of his mouth lifted slightly and let out a long sigh of relief.

The power of the four elders that had erupted, Ye Fengqing was most aware of it, although these four elders only had the strength of the 1st or 2nd rank of the Transitional Succession Realm, but if the four joined hands, the power that erupted, the 3rd rank of the Transitional Succession Realm couldn’t even carry it.

It was impossible for Kai to resist the attack of four people, and that too without any resistance or dodging!

Now Ye Fengqing was waiting to see Kai’s corpse, whether it had turned into mush or not!

The four Demon Sealing Alliance Elders also slowly fell down from mid-air, each of them looked a little pale, in this almost instant of time, they had exploded all the spiritual energy in their bodies, which made them all look weak!

By the coast, a gust of sea breeze blew by, permeating the air of tension!

Everyone was practically holding their breath, waiting for the smoke to clear!


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