A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3160

Ji Lianzhuang was also a Transition Realm expert, and although Kai looked to be in the Harmonisation Realm, his true strength was feared to be higher than even the third rank of the Transition Realm!

Not to mention Jin Dong and Luo Xi, Ji Yun and the rest of them who were at the 8th or 9th grade of the Harmonisation Realm!

These dozen or so people from the Demon Sealing Alliance were no match at all!

Just as Ye Fengqing was somewhat at a loss for words, and those four Transition Realm Elders also had panicked faces, Kai slowly spoke!

“Patriarch Ji, Elder Ghost Senior, you two step back, it’s only four Transition Realm 1st or 2nd Grade Elders, I can deal with them on my own!”

Kai’s words immediately caused the crowd to all be startled!

If it was at the beginning when Kai said this, they might not have believed it at all and would definitely say that Kai was bragging!

But now that Kai had said this, there were surprisingly many people who felt that it was possible!

“Mr Chen, although these four people only have the strength of the 1st or 2nd rank of the Transition Realm, but a good man can’t be outnumbered, and with the four of them joining forces, the 3rd rank of the Transition Realm wouldn’t necessarily be a match for them.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder reminded Kai!

“Elder, don’t worry about it, I’m sure of it, you guys back off ……”

Kai smiled faintly, his face was one of incomparable confidence!

Seeing this, the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder and Ji Lianzhang could only retreat!

Ye Fengqing was overjoyed to see Kai being so braggadocious and said to the four elders “You four, you must kill him, absolutely not let him live.”

The four elders nodded, and the panic they had just felt was removed for a few moments, and a few moments of anger appeared on their faces!

Kai, alone, was going to take on the four of them, this was clearly looking down on the four of them!

When the four elders of the Demon Sealing Alliance surrounded Kai, everyone’s eyes were placed on them!

For a Harmonisation Realm cultivator to fight four Ferrying Realm cultivators alone, this was simply an unparalleled occurrence!

All of these people’s eyes all watched without blinking, after all, just now Kai’s punch to fly Ye Feng Qing was too fast, many people didn’t see it clearly before it was over!

So this time, they wanted to see just how perverse Kai’s strength had become!

Especially with such a spectacle as the Harmonisation Realm fighting four Transition Realms alone, none of them wanted to let go of the wonderful images!

For a while, the atmosphere became tense and no one was talking!

Gao Qilan was a little nervous in his heart at the moment, after all, the opposite side was four experts of the Transitional Succession Realm!

“Miss Gao, you don’t need to be nervous, Mr Chen will be fine, these four Demon Sealing Alliance elders will soon be killed by Mr Chen.”

Ji Yun could see Gao Qilan’s nervousness, so he softly comforted her!

Ji Yun had followed Kai for this period of time, he had already started to blindly worship and trust Kai!

If Kai said that he could defeat an Immortal with a single punch, Ji Yun would believe it!

At this moment, the four Elders of the Demon Sealing Alliance stared at Kai tightly, directly locking him down!

The aura on each of them began to blossom, and the strong aura flowed within their bodies, finally erupting out directly, surrounding their circumference!

A strong aura emanated out, enveloping Kai!

Facing the four people’s aura, Kai was calm, without the slightest ripple on his face, and in his eyes, they were as deep as an abyss, unable to see any emotion!

“Make your move …………”

One of the elders shouted, and all four of them struck out at the same time!

As the crowd watched, the four elders actually made the first move, they were afraid that if Kai made the first move, they would not have a chance!

So they intended to strike first!

Four figures exploded out like meteors, the four of them swept through the air, their hands steeply joined together, and their strong auras instantly burst out!

“The four directions come to congratulate ……”

The four people shouted explosively, instantly the four breaths were like torrents bursting out, vaguely a shadow was seen, sweeping across the sky, swiftly and fiercely pouncing towards Kai!

The four people were killing moves as soon as they struck, and they were also four people combining their attacks, cooperating quite well!


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