A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3159

Zhou Tai looked at Ye Fengqing, whose life and death were unknown, and his entire head buzzed!

Ye Fengqing, a cultivator of the Transition Realm, was actually sent flying by Kai with a single punch, his life and death unknown?

It was really out of line!

As for those elders of the Demon Sealing Alliance, each of them had their mouths open, not knowing what to say!

Zhou Tai, on the other hand, had a knot in his throat rolling, and he did not dare to look directly at Kai!

For a while no one even dared to look at Kai or speak!

“Cough cough cough …………”

A coughing sound rang out, it was from that Ye Fengqing, proving that he was still alive!

Seeing that Ye Fengqing was not dead, a few disciples of the Demon Sealing Alliance immediately went over and helped Ye Fengqing up!

Ye Fengqing’s face was pale, his chest was sunken in, and his whole body looked extremely weak, as if he could die at any time!

The Demon Sealing Alliance’s disciples helped Ye Fengqing walk over!

Ye Fengqing looked at Kai with disbelief and anger in his eyes!

“Kill him, together, kill him for me ……”

Ye Fengqing roared out with all his might!

After roaring, he spurted out a mouthful of blood and became even weaker!

When the four Demon Sealing Alliance elders heard Ye Fengqing’s order, they could only take up a stance and stand in front of Kai!

While the four faced Kai alone, there was a strong look of scorn in their eyes, no longer the disdain and contempt they had before they started!

Seeing the four Transition Realm Elders of the Demon Sealing Alliance dealing with Kai, Ji Lianzhang and the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder also instantly stood to Kai’s side!

Although there were four Transition Realm Elders, the three of them did not need to be afraid at all, after all, these four Transition Realm Elders were only Transition Realm 1st or 2nd Grade, they could completely handle them!

Seeing Ji Lianzhang and the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder standing out and following Kai to stand together, the faces of those four Demon Sealing Alliance Elders became extremely ugly!

The four of them against Kai and the three of them could only take a beating and had no chance of winning! >
Seeing this situation, Ye Fengqing also knew that the elders under him had no chance of winning, so he turned his gaze to Zhou Tai and said “Zhou Tai, still not letting your Zhou family’s experts step in?”

“Servant Ye, this is something that your Demon Sealing Alliance follows Kai, it has nothing to do with my Zhou family, and eradicating demonic cultivators is also something for your Demon Sealing Alliance, I will not be involved.”

Zhou Tai hurriedly shook his head, just now Kai punched away Ye Fengqing, which directly scared Zhou Tai!

“You …… “Ye Fengqing was so angry by Zhou Tai’s words that his liver hurt, he angrily looked at Zhou Tai and said “You don’t get involved, then what did you bring your Zhou family’s Transition Realm experts to do?”

“I brought people to watch the fun, can’t I? Is it against the law to watch the fun?”

Zhou Tai looked at Ye Feng Qing’s dying look and wasn’t afraid of him!

Pfft …………

Ye Fengqing was so angry by Zhou Tai that he sprayed out another mouthful of blood!

“Kai, I’m just bringing people to watch the fun, I don’t mean to compete with you, and the harsh words I said to you on the Spirit Ship, just take them as me farting.”

After Zhou Tai finished speaking, he led those Ferrying Realm experts of the Zhou Family backward, following the other cultivators to stand together!

Those scattered cultivators who originally wanted to follow the Demon Sealing Alliance to fight the demons and defend the Dao, saw that Zhou Tai had all retreated with his people, and they all retreated backwards as well!

Of the hundred or so people that had been gathered, only a dozen or so people from the Demon Sealing Alliance were left at this point, facing Kai and the others!

Kai looked at Zhou Tai’s attitude, don’t faintly smiled, this Zhou Tai seems to be not a pure fool, but also knows to judge the situation, especially the attitude of bowing down, or very quickly.

Kai knows that in the Celestial Realm, strength is honoured!

If today he did not show in such a strong strength, I believe that these more than a hundred people must have swarmed up and beheaded them all!

Ye Fengqing was a bit dumbfounded at this time, just by relying on this number of people from his Demon Sealing Alliance, how could he possibly f*ck over Kai and the others!

One must know that the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder was a cultivator of the third grade of the Transition Realm, his strength was the highest among these people!


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