A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3158

In an instant, Kai’s disembodied figure arrived in front of Ye Fengqing, who had only just come back to his senses at that moment, and immediately let out an explosive shout, and his body’s aura similarly instantly erupted!

“Hmph, something that doesn’t know how to die, I will let you know how powerful I am!”

Ye Fengqing’s face was gloomy, and when his breath whistled, it was condensed on top of his fist, and with a fierce punch, he blasted out!

With this punch, Ye Fengqing also used his full strength, his thick breath, showing all the power of the Transitional Realm!

Regardless of whether Kai was really as perverted as that staff member had said, Ye Fengqing didn’t dare to take the enemy lightly!

Therefore, he directly used his full strength!

Ye Fengqing was very confident that he would definitely be able to defeat Kai with this full strength punch!


Kai also threw a punch, and the void exploded under this punch!

The two fists that contained an incomparably powerful aura did not have any stances and directly collided together in a hard collision!


At the moment of the collision, with the two people as the centre, the aftermath spread out in all directions, and the ground around them continuously began to tremble, as the gale made a great deal of noise!

The people in the surroundings dodged backwards to avoid the terrifying aftershocks!

In the moment the fists of the two people came into contact, Ye Fengqing’s face instantly changed, because he felt the violent and robustness of the Divine Dragon’s power under Kai’s punch, just like a flood erupting with a destructive momentum, enough to destroy everything in front of him!

That kind of mind-shattering aura was far beyond Ye Fengqing’s expectations!

“How can this be? This is impossible ah ……”

Ye Fengqing was horrified in his heart, his eyes were filled with shock and incredulity, there was no way for him to imagine that the aura that erupted from a cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm was even stronger than him, a Ferrying Realm!

He had to know that he had exerted all his strength and had exploded all the breath in his body without any reservation!

Even so, Kai’s aura was able to crush him instantly, that proved that Kai’s true strength was definitely not at the Harmonisation Realm.

Just as Ye Fengqing was horrified in his heart, the power of the divine dragon within Kai’s body continued to erupt, and the aura that Ye Fengqing had erupted was instantly crushed by this power of the divine dragon in a destructive force!

When Ye Fengqing’s breath was completely crushed, he only felt an incomparably violent force that ruthlessly smashed on his heart!

Ye Fengqing’s body instantly flew backwards, directly flying hundreds of metres before falling heavily to the ground, his entire body set into the ground, not knowing whether he was alive or dead!

The two people exchanged blows, but it was only a matter of a split second!

When Ye Fengqing was sent flying, many of the people around him had yet to react to what was going on!

Seeing a figure being sent flying, there were even people who mistakenly thought that it was Kai who had been sent flying!

After all, it was reasonable for Kai, a Harmonisation realm cultivator to follow a Transitional Succession realm cultivator, to be directly knocked away!

However, when they saw that the person who had been sent flying was Ye Fengqing, each and every one of them grew their mouths wide and were too shocked to speak!

Especially Zhou Tai and those experts he brought with him!

One by one, their eyes were filled with incredulity.

On the other hand, the cultivators who had seen Kai’s strike to kill the Silver Feathered Eagle as well as that Bone Cliff did not have the slightest change on their faces, as they had already known the outcome from the beginning!

The strength Kai had shown had long convinced them, otherwise those staff on the spirit ship would not have been able to risk being killed and refused to sail the spirit ship to find Kai.

Kai slowly withdrew his fist, then placed his gaze on that Zhou Tai!

“Do you want to compete with me as well?”

When Kai’s voice slowly sounded, it woke up many shocked cultivators!


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