A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3157

He did not understand what benefits this Kai had given the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder that was worth making this Demon Mountain Ghost Elder fight for his life!

“Patriarch Ji, is your Fei Tian Sect going to follow the demonic cultivators and get mixed up with them as well?”

Ye Fengqing asked!

“I’m happy to dabble with whomever I please, what the hell do you think you are, and you’re minding my business.”

“What kind of thing is your Demon Sealing Alliance, you know better than anyone in your own heart.”

“If you dare to round up on Mr Chen today, I, Ji Lianzhang, will fight to the end even if I spell out the entirety of the Fei Tian Sect’s family fortune.”

“The big deal is that all of them will die here, and no one will f*cking live ……”

After Ji Lianzhu finished speaking, that Transition Realm aura on his body also instantly erupted!

As soon as many cultivators saw that Ji Lian Battle was also going to die with them, they all dispersed in an instant, and half of the hundreds of cultivators left at once!

Many people are not from the Demon Sealing Alliance, nor are they from the Zhou family, who would accompany them to fight for their lives!

When Ye Fengqing saw that Ji Lianzhu was going to die with them, he was a bit headstrong!

How could he not expect that these people would defend Kai so much!

Originally, Ye Fengqing was thinking of having people swarm over Kai!

Even if Kai could really summon a golden dragon, facing so many people, a mouthful of saliva from one person would drown him!

But now this situation, before the fight started, half of the people ran away!

In a swarm of people, if they were really pushed, the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder and Ji Lianzhang would all die together, and then he, the rudder of the Demon Sealing Alliance, would also be finished!

Zhou Tai was also trembling with embarrassment!

He had managed to coax and trick several of the Zhou Family’s Flying Masters to come here!

If all of them were to fold here, and for the sake of a woman, then when he went back, his father would definitely skin him!

The Zhou Family’s prestige and strength in this area was thanks to a few Transitional Realm experts!

If these experts were to die, the Zhou Family would be trampled underfoot in minutes!

“Kai, if you have the ability to fight me one-on-one, do you dare?”

“If you win, I can let these few demonic cultivators live.”

Ye Fengqing knew that a group fight would not work, so he wanted to follow Kai in single combat!

After all, he was at the Transition Realm, Kai was only at the Harmonisation Realm strength, a big realm difference, that strength was a world of difference!

Ye Fengqing did not believe that Kai could beat him!

Kai glanced at Ye Feng Qing, his eyes full of disdain “Just yourself to fight me?”

“What, I’m not enough on my own?” Ye Fengqing froze!

“It’s better to let these few people from your Demon Sealing Alliance come together, if it’s just yourself, I don’t even have the desire to fight!”

Kai said indifferently!

When Ye Fengqing heard this, he instantly became furious, “What are you blowing about, come if you have the ability, I am more than capable of dealing with a Harmonisation realm cultivator like you by myself.”

Kai saw that Ye Fengqing insisted on following the single fight, so he waved his hand and said “Then you do it ……”

“What? Wouldn’t I be laughed at if I were to make the first move against you, a Harmonisation Realm cultivator, it’s better for you to make the first move.”

Ye Feng Qing said with a cold smile!

“If I make a move, you won’t have a chance to make a move!” Kai finished speaking, his eyelids gently raised, his eyes fluctuated without any fluctuation as he glanced at Ye Fengqing!

Buzz …………

In the next second, the berserk divine dragon power, like a golden dragon, instantly rose up from the top of Kai’s head!

The Dragon Crystal in front of Kai’s chest shone with a dazzling light!

Rolling divine dragon power filled Kai’s entire body!

A terrifying power was erupting!

The ground beneath Kai’s feet began to cave in, while Kai’s figure instantly shot out in a staggering shadow!

Terrifying sonic booms rang out like thunder!

Kai struck out, sternly and viciously, without the slightest hesitation, and at an extreme speed!


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