A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3156

Looking at the hundreds of people raising their arms, Jin Dong and Luo Xi’s faces were filled with nervousness, but the two of them took a step forward after glancing at each other!

“The two of us are demonic cultivators, this has nothing to do with following Mr Chen, it’s the two of us you want to deal with, so come at the two of us.”

Jin Dong said as he looked towards Ye Feng Qing!

Although Jin Dong and Luo Xi were scared, they didn’t want Kai to risk his life for himself!

“You two back off ……”

Kai said to Jin Dong and Luo Xi!

“Mr Chen, we appreciate your kindness, it’s just that today ……”

“You guys back off, even if the two of you voluntarily sacrifice yourselves, they won’t let me off the hook, and as for colluding with demonic cultivators, it’s just an excuse.”

“What’s more, it’s all a bunch of rabble, there’s nothing to be afraid of!”

Kai slowly said!

Looking at Kai’s confident face, Jin Dong and Luo Xi slowly retreated back!

As for Ye Fengqing, his face was full of scorn as he said “Kai, you are a small Harmonisation realm cultivator, how dare you mock us as a rabble.”

“You are also too arrogant, on top of that Ink Sea, I had no way to kill you, but now on the shore, I can have a hundred ways to make you die!”

“Is that so? Then try ……”

Kai said with a provocative face!

Ye Fengqing looked at Kai’s disinterested look, and in his heart, for some reason, he suddenly had a bad premonition!

Thinking back to what that staff member had just told him, and the attitude of the other staff members!

Then thinking about the time in the island, that Kai had led away the Silver Feathered Eagle, and now Kai’s fearless demeanour!

Ye Feng Qing was really afraid that this Kai guy would have some kind of stunt, really able to summon a golden dragon or something like that, in that case, he would be in danger!

“Hmph, you have united with the devil cultivators, everyone will be punished, even if I don’t make a move, these people will be able to skin you.”

After Ye Fengqing finished speaking, he looked towards the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder and Ji Lianzhang and said “Please also ask the Ghost Elder and Patriarch Ji to leave right away, don’t follow the demonic cultivators and get entangled, or else if they fight in a while, they will drag you guys into it as well!”

“Ye Fengqing, cut the f*cking crap, I am also a devil cultivator, why don’t you make a move on me? Bullying soft and fearful shit, I now admit that I’m a devil cultivator, all of you come at me.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man ripped off the black robe he was wearing and said with a fierce face!

Ye Fengqing’s face flushed red, in fact, he had long known about Demon Mountain Ghost Elder’s identity as a Devil Cultivator, only that because of Demon Mountain Ghost Elder’s strength, he had pretended not to see it, and not to provoke Demon Mountain Ghost Elder!

He didn’t expect that the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man would personally admit it, and also dismantle him in public, snapping his face!

“Devil Mountain Ghost Old Man, what are you babbling about? I didn’t expect you to be a demonic cultivator as well, you’re hiding too deeply, since you’re a demonic cultivator as well, then don’t even think about leaving today.”

Ye Fengqing said in a pretentious manner!

“Old me didn’t think of leaving either, if you guys dare to touch a single hair on Mr Chen’s head, I’ll spell out all my cultivation, even if I die together, I’ll pull all of you with me.”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man’s face was hideous, his body’s demonic aura erupted, and he didn’t hide it in the slightest, with a posture of fighting for his life!

This scared a lot of cultivators, many of them, just came over to join in the fun and catch the demonic cultivators.

Who would have thought that the devil mountain ghost old man such a great devil cultivator of the tribulation realm, even before making a move, intends to die together!

Who can stand this?

Many cultivators quietly retreated backwards, fearing that when the demonic mountain ghost old man died together, he would involve himself!

The celestial realm is the strongest of the weak, how can these cultivators work together!

All of them had their own mentality!

Ye Fengqing saw that the Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man had not yet made a move and was planning to die with him, so he was also startled!


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