A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3155

After the Sacred Turtle swam away, Kai led Ji Yun and the others towards Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai!

Although there were hundreds of people on the other side, Kai did not panic in the slightest!

On the contrary, it was Ji Yun and Jin Dong and the others who all raised their alertness and held their hands on their weapons!

Seeing Kai and the others coming over, the corner of Ye Fengqing’s mouth hooked up a cold smile, as well as that Zhou Tai, his eyes looked straight at Gao Qilan.

Now as long as Kai was killed, then Gao Qilan would be his!

This guy had never had a death wish for Gao Qilan, otherwise he wouldn’t have been bent on getting Kai killed!

Right after Kai and the others walked up to Ye Fengqing, Ye Fengqing swept a glance and then placed his gaze on the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder and Ji Lianzhang!

“Ghost Elder, I, the Demon Sealing Alliance, have been ordered to capture the demonic cultivator once again, and I still hope that you will not follow and get involved, and leave immediately!”

“And Patriarch Ji, your Fei Tian Sect has always done business to earn money, so this wading through the muddy water, I hope you won’t wade through it either.”

Ye Fengqing said to the two!

“Ruler Ye, do we have demonic cultivators here?”

Ji Lianzhuang asked!

“Of course, these two are devil cultivators, we all saw it when we were on that island.”

“Now that Kai is colluding with the devil cultivator, so I advise you to stay away from him!”

Ye Fengqing said as he pointed at Jin Dong and Luo Xi!

“Yes, we all saw it, these two guys are devil cultivators.”

Zhou Tai chimed in!

There were also a few cultivators who had recognised only Jin Dong and Luo Xi as Devil Cultivators!

“So what if they are devil cultivators? Even if they are devil cultivators, do they deserve to die?”

“Even though they are demonic cultivators, they have never victimised anyone, but you, the Demon Sealing Alliance, have captured a large number of demonic cultivators for your use under the banner of suppressing demonic cultivators, with the delusion of ruling the entire Celestial Realm.”

“Speaking of which, your Demon Sealing Alliance is even more terrifying than these devil cultivators!”

Kai said as he coldly looked at Ye Fengqing!

Ye Fengqing’s face suddenly changed as he looked at Kai with surprise in his eyes!

One must know that this was the secret of their Demon Sealing Alliance, only the top management of the entire Demon Sealing Alliance knew about this secret, the people below the Demon Sealing Alliance did not know at all!

Now that Kai actually knew that the Demon Sealing Alliance captive devil cultivators were not killing all devil cultivators, this made Ye Fengqing somewhat surprised!

However, it was only a short-lived surprise, and then Ye Fengqing laughed out loud and said, “What are you saying? Why can’t I understand? For you to say that our Demon Sealing Alliance has captive devil cultivators is simply a big joke.”

“Who doesn’t know, our Demon Sealing Alliance takes the responsibility of eliminating demons and defending the way, following the demonic cultivator is not sharing the same sky, and how could we possibly keep demonic cultivators in captivity!”

“On the contrary, it is you who defends these two devil cultivators at every turn, what exactly are your intentions?”

Ye Fengqing was not afraid of Kai revealing the secrets of the Demon Sealing Alliance, as no one would believe it!

After all, the Demon Sealing Alliance had existed for so many years and grown little by little, all because of the ruthlessness of the Demon Sealing Alliance towards the devil cultivators, which made many people voluntarily join the Demon Sealing Alliance.

Now that it was said that the Demon Sealing Alliance was following the demon cultivators as a group and was also captive breeding demon cultivators, how could anyone believe it!

“I don’t have any intentions, but as long as I’m still here, neither of them can move.”

Kai had a calm face, as if these hundreds of cultivators were placed in his eyes in the slightest!

Hearing Kai’s words, Ye Fengqing smiled even more broadly, in this way, Kai was completely pushing himself against those other cultivators!

Blatantly defending demonic cultivators, this was something that was not allowed in the Celestial Realm, it was a big taboo!

“Fellow Daoists, you have heard it, this Kai defending the devil cultivator in public, this is clearly following all of us cultivators as enemies.”

“Today, I, the Demon Sealing Alliance, am going to get rid of the demons and destroy the demonic cultivators, and if anyone dares to stand in the way, then we will destroy them all together.”

“I also hope that all of you Daoists can join us in the Demon Sealing Alliance to eradicate all demonic cultivators!”

Ye Feng Qing flashed at the cultivators who had been snubbed!

“Eradicate devil cultivators, eradicate devil cultivators ……”

Hundreds of cultivators waved their arms high in righteous anger!

The voice shook the sky, and the light aura was enough to scare people!


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