A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3154

Ye Fengqing heard, raised his head to look over, and indeed far away to see Kai and others, is sitting on the holy turtle slowly come!

Seeing Kai and others came, Ye Fengqing then put away the outburst of breath, and then coldly glanced at those staff said “Afterwards, I will settle the score with you ……”.

After saying that, Ye Fengqing brought people back to the shore and waited for Kai to come ashore!

“Mr Chen, look at those people on the shore, it must be Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai who are up to no good, they are probably going to work against you!”

Ji Yun saw from afar that the shore was black with all the people, so he reminded Kai!

“These two guys have suffered a defeat, they definitely won’t stop.”

“Whether it’s the rudder of the Demon Sealing Alliance or that Zhou Family, their strength isn’t weak, or else let’s change direction and go ashore from somewhere else?”

Ji Lianzhuang looked at those people on the shore, so he said!

“No need, soldiers come to stop the water to cover the earth, it’s a blessing not a curse, it’s a curse that can’t be avoided ……”

Kai had a calm face!

After advancing to the peak of the eighth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, Kai’s mindset had changed greatly along with it!

Those newly promoted Ferry Realm cultivators now, Kai did not place them in his eyes in the slightest!

“Don’t worry Mr Chen, no matter what, I will always protect Mr Chen.”

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder said with a firm face!

“Mr Chen, I think my senior sister and I should go down from here, now that we have docked, the two of us can swim up.”

“Now the two of us, our Demon Race identities have been exposed, so if we are with you, we will drag you down with us.”

“Then the Demon Sealing Alliance and the Zhou Family, will definitely use this as an excuse to find trouble with you.”

Jin Dong followed Kai and said!

“The two of you just stay put and don’t have to think about it so much.”

“What can happen to the Demon Race? There are good and bad in the Demon Race as well, and the Human Race also has that treacherous villain, I never judge a person by their race.”

“When I encounter those devil cultivators with good intentions, I should help or help them, and when I encounter those human cultivators who are unforgiving, I should kill or kill them.”

“I will not be swayed by this mass consciousness of the Celestial and Human Realms.”

Kai comforted Jin Dong!

Kai’s words moved Jin Dong and Luo Xi so much that both of them almost cried!

After all, they, the Devil Race, were hiding everywhere in the Celestial Realm, hiding their identities, like street rats!

Even though they were Demons, they had never done anything bad and had always been taught to be generous and kind!

Even when Luo Xi got bloodthirsty, every time Jin Dong offered his own blood to give Luo Xi relief, and never thought of grabbing anyone else to bleed them out!

The Devil Mountain Ghost Elder’s eyes were also filled with reverence and admiration for Kai!

“Chen is right, in fact, the demon race should have been given a proper name a long time ago, it’s not like all demons are unforgivable.”

“Within the human cultivators, some are even worse than animals.”

Ji Yun also agreed with Kai’s statement!

After following Kai for this period of time, Ji Yun’s thoughts were subconsciously being changed by Kai!

Even Ji Lianzhuang had begun to change!

In the past, although Ji Lianzhang would not actively hunt devil cultivators, he never allowed devil cultivators to travel on his family’s airships!

He still had coloured glasses for demonic cultivators!

However, this time, Ji Lianzhang’s view of devil cultivators was also slowly changing!

Soon, the Sacred Turtle swam to the shore, and after Kai and the others went ashore, the Sacred Turtle let out a whimpering sound from its mouth!

Kai knew that this was the Sacred Turtle following him as a farewell!

After the Holy Turtle submitted, Kai had a divine soul connection with the Holy Turtle, and as long as Kai needed the Holy Turtle, the Holy Turtle would be able to sense it immediately!

As long as Kai needed the turtle, the turtle would be able to sense it immediately. Now that Kai had gone ashore, he would not be able to use the turtle!

Kai touched the holy turtle’s head, gently patted it and said “Let’s go, if there is a need, I’ll shout at you……”

The Holy Turtle nodded as a response and then turned around and swam away!


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