A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3153

“I personally saw him take control of the thunder tribulation and kill a silver feathered eagle, and he also answered the battle alone, defeating the remnant soul of a man-eating ancient cultivator.”

“That scene, it was simply astounding, that island disappearing was caused by that Kai following the ancient cultivator’s remnant soul in battle.”

The staff member was on the spirit ship and witnessed Kai’s might, now he was asked to follow Kai and fight against him, how would he dare.

“What the hell are you farting about, do you think I’m stupid? That kid is just a Harmonisation realm cultivator, in bullishness, how far can he be bullish?”

“And follow the ancient cultivator battle, why don’t you say dragon and tiger fight?”

Ye Fengqing didn’t believe what this staff said!

Inside his perception, how could a Harmonisation Realm cultivator not be more bullish than the Transition Realm.

“Yes, it’s the dragon and tiger fight, that Kai summoned out a golden dragon and directly f*cked over more than eighty fierce tigers on the other side.”

“That’s a golden dragon, the first time I’ve seen one, and those eyes are the size of a water tank.”

The staff member compared!

Ye Fengqing at this time, had already been furious and red, then he slapped his face and directly exploded the staff member’s head!

The body flew straight into the sea of ink now!

“Fuck, dare to tease me now, looking for death thing ……”

Ye Fengqing spat viciously!

He thought that the staff was teasing him, and summoning a golden dragon was just bullshit!

Ye Feng Qing slapped this staff member to death, the other staff members were trembling in fear, obviously what they said was true, but all of them didn’t dare to speak anymore either!

“Go and steer the ship for me, whoever dares to speak demonically again, I will slap him to death ……”

Ye Fengqing yelled at the rest of the staff!

Those staff members all lowered their heads, but none of them dared to sail the boat!

If they really drove the boat to find Kai, then none of them would want to come back alive!

The shock that Kai had given them was just too deep!

Especially the moment the golden dragon appeared, Kai was like a god descending from the heavens, how would they, the ants, dare to mess with a god?

Ye Fengqing instantly froze when he saw that none of the staff moved, knowing that it had never been like this before!

“I told you guys to steer the boat, can’t you hear me?”

Ye Fengqing roared angrily once again!

However, those staff members remained motionless, each one of them lowered their heads as if they were waiting for judgement!

They would rather be slapped to death by Ye Fengqing than to face Kai straight on and follow him against them!

At that time, they were afraid that they would die a miserable death!

“Ah ……”

Ye Fengqing was in a hurry and violently slapped out a palm!

The wind whistled and instantly sent a staff member flying, directly in mid-air his body exploded and turned into a mist of blood!

“I am ordering you all now, immediately open the ship for me ……”

“Otherwise, you will all be like him!” Ye Fengqing threatened those staff members!

But even with this threat, those staff members still didn’t move a muscle, and no one went to open the boat!

“Ah …… ah …… ah …… ah ……”

Ye Fengqing was so angry that he started to spin in circles on the boat!

In front of so many people, he, the rudder master of the Demon Sealing Alliance, was provoked by the lowest class boatman!

This simply made Ye Fengqing to die of anger!

The aura on Ye Fengqing’s body all exploded out, a terrifying aura surrounded Ye Fengqing’s body!

The originally calm Ink Sea also began to surge with huge waves at this moment, lapping at the shore one by one!

“You dare to provoke my majesty, I will let you all die ……”

Ye Fengqing was furious and wanted to kill all the staff!

“Rudder Master, calm your anger, so many people are watching, and that Kai you mentioned, seems to have already come over!”

At this time, a Transition Realm expert from the Demon Sealing Alliance’s rudder walked up to Ye Fengqing’s ear and whispered!


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