A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3152

Just as Kai and the others had gone a short distance, they heard a burst of screams coming from behind them!

Looking back, they found that those people from the Cloud Piercing Sect were being chased by the demonic beasts in the Sea of Ink, and large swathes of blood dyed the sea red!

The smell of blood in turn attracted a large number of demonic beasts, and those people from the Cloud Piercing Sect could only desperately run for their lives!

But in the Ink Sea, how could they escape the tiger’s mouth of the demonic beasts!

The screams gradually disappeared, dozens of people from the Cloud Piercing Sect were all buried in the mouths of the demonic beasts!

Looking at the bloody scene, Gao Qilan was a little afraid to look straight, after all, she had never seen such a bloody side before!

Kai, on the contrary, had a calm face, in this Celestial Realm, the weak and the strong, was originally the law!

If they weren’t strong, they would be the ones soaking in the sea of ink and being chased by demonic beasts right now!

The Sacred Turtle swam towards the shore at high speed!

While on the shore at this time, Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai had already gone ashore, and behind the two, there were hundreds of people!

Apart from the people from the Demon Sealing Alliance and the Zhou Family, these people also had a large portion of other cultivators that were compelled to come by Ye Fengqing, who had gathered these cultivators under the pretext of strangling the Demon Race.

In fact, they were here to intercept Kai on the shore, and now that Kai was following Jin Dong and Luo Xi, and these two were devils, then he could make Kai out to be a devil cultivator as well.

Kai had made a fool of them and had lost people, neither Ye Fengqing nor Zhou Tai would let Kai off the hook!

As soon as they docked, they gathered their men to wait quietly for Kai!

Although there was no lack of experts around Kai, like Ji Lianzhang and the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder, all of whom were experts of the Transitional Realm, Ye Fengqing’s Demon Sealing Alliance had also brought a few experts of the Transitional Realm!

There is also the Zhou family, Zhou Tai directly put the family of a few Ferry Realm Elders all invited, to know that the status of these elders in the Zhou family, not the slightest need to him the Zhou family young master low!

Zhou Tai had also gone through a lot of trouble to invite these elders!

In this way, the Zhou Family and the Demon Sealing Alliance United Rudder combined, their strength far exceeded Kai’s side!

If Kai had not dealt with those people from the Cloud Piercing Sect and delayed for some time, he might have been able to dock and leave earlier, but now he was afraid that it would be difficult for him to leave!

“Damn, why isn’t he here yet, this guy won’t run away from somewhere else in a Sacred Turtle, right?”

Zhou Tai looked towards the Sea of Mo and realised that there was still no sign of Kai and the others, so he said!

“I’ll bring someone in a spirit ship to take a look, if this guy dares to run from somewhere else, I’ll use the spirit ship to force him ashore.”

Ye Fengqing finished speaking and brought a few experts from the Demon Sealing Alliance before boarding the spirit ship!

“Sail the boat, go find that brat called Kai for me, if that brat sits on the Sacred Turtle and tries to run away from somewhere else, then use the Spirit Boat for me to ram him.”

Ye Fengqing got onto the spirit ship and said to a staff member wearing a bagua robe!

That staff member saw that Ye Fengqing was going to deal with Kai, he couldn’t help but look unsightly and said “Ye helmsman, I …… think it’s better if you don’t mess with that Kai, that guy is not something you can mess with.”

When Ye Fengqing heard this, he was instantly enraged and fiercely slapped the staff!

He was a Ferrying Realm powerhouse, how could he not be a match for Kai, that Harmonisation Realm cultivator?

Even if Kai’s strength had risen very quickly this time, from the fifth grade of the Harmonisation Realm to the eighth grade, it was still the Harmonisation Realm, so how could he be compared to his Transitional Succession Realm expert?

“Damn, what are you babbling about? I’m an expert of the Ferrying Realm, and I’m still afraid of him, a small cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm?”

“And when have we, the Demon Sealing Alliance, ever been afraid? How capable is he that I can’t afford to mess with him?”

Ye Fengqing roared viciously at the staff member!

The staff member covered his face and said with an aggrieved expression “Ruler Ye, although that Kai is a Harmonisation realm cultivator, the strength he has shown is not comparable to a normal Ferrying realm powerhouse.”


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