A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3151

Qin Lei desperately cast the Turtle Training Technique, his forehead had long since filled with cold sweat, but he found that the Sacred Turtle that Kai and the others were sitting on was actually indifferent and quiet!

“Damn it, let’s cast the Turtle Training Technique together to make this Sacred Turtle submit to us ……”

Qin Lei ordered loudly!

Soon, dozens of people from the Cloud Piercing Sect began to cast the Turtle Training Technique, trying to tame the Sacred Turtle!

A piercingly strange sound continued to echo in the ears of the Sacred Turtle!

The Sacred Turtle began to become agitated again, and the swinging of its body grew larger and larger, causing Kai and the others to be thrown down!

Seeing this, Kai immediately cast the Clear Heart Mantra, and a sound of divine clarity was transmitted into the ears of the Sacred Turtle!

The Clear Heart Mantra caused the Sacred Turtle’s anxious heart to instantly quieten down!

No matter how Qin Lei and the others performed the Turtle Training Technique, the Sacred Turtle that Kai was sitting on was not agitated!

After a while, Qin Lei and the others were all drenched in sweat, but they were unable to tame the Holy Tortoise that Kai was sitting on!

“With this skill of yours, you want to tame my Saint Turtle, what a joke.”

“Come but don’t go, today I will let you all see how I tamed the Sacred Tortoise.”

After Kai finished speaking, the divine dragon power within his body instantly erupted, and the dragon crystal on his chest flickered with light!

Behind Kai, visions manifested as streaks of golden light shot up into the sky!

Seeing this scene, the people of the Piercing Cloud Sect were startled!

Soon, a dragon’s figure slowly appeared within the golden light behind Kai!

With a hiss, the golden dragon appeared.

The golden dragon hovered above Kai’s head, causing the Sacred Turtles that Qin Lei and the others were travelling on to all start shivering!

Qin Lei and the others looked at the golden dragon in front of them, and their eyes also widened as they directly froze!

“Go ……”

Kai waved his hand!

The golden dragon hissed and spewed out a mouthful of terrifying dragon qi towards Qin Lei and the others!

Although these dragon qi were not able to hurt anyone, the Holy Turtle that these people from the Piercing Cloud Sect sat down on, felt this dragon qi and directly panicked, suddenly rolling over and directly drilling into the deep sea to vanish!

Piercing Cloud Sect’s people all fell into the sea of ink, no matter how much they shouted, those holy turtles ran away without looking back!

What turtle training technique, in front of this golden dragon, even if the holy turtle’s own father is here, those holy turtles will not hesitate to run away!

This is the golden dragon, the head of the dragon family, the dignity of the head of the ten thousand, a small holy turtle just, still dare in front of the golden dragon wild ah!

Watching Qin Lei and the others fall into the water, Ji Lianzhuang finally laughed out loud!

Falling into this sea of ink, if there is no spirit ship around, then you can only slowly wait for death!

Waiting for the demonic beasts in the Ink Sea to come and kill them one by one!

This process of waiting for death was even more painful than direct death!

The disciples of the Piercing Cloud Sect who had landed in the water all panicked, and each of them desperately struggled to climb onto Kai’s holy turtle!

However, the Holy Turtle gently slapped the water and sent these people flying out!

Qin Lei also panicked at this moment and hurriedly followed Ji Lianzhuang to admit his mistake.

“Patriarch Ji, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong, please save me, I’m willing to return all the dirigibles to you, and also give you compensation, as much as you want!”

Qin Lei only wanted to live now, so he could spend whatever amount of money he wanted!

But Ji Lianzhan smiled coldly “Qin Lei, my Fei Tian Sect has lost so many disciples to death, is that something that can be bought with money?”

“You deserve this fate today ……”

As soon as Qin Lei saw that Ji Lianzhang was indifferent, he could only set his eyes on Kai!

A character who could erupt in a vision and draw out a golden dragon would definitely not be an ordinary person, so Qin Lei begged for forgiveness, “Fellow Daoist, father, please save me, save me, I’m willing to give you all the shares of my Piercing Cloud Sect ……”

In order to survive, this Qin Lei even started calling out to Kai’s father!

“I don’t have a good big son like you, you guys enjoy yourselves here ……”

Kai smiled faintly, then commanded the Sacred Turtle to swim away!


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