A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3150

Kai took a rough look, there were as many as dozens of people, even that Holy Turtle had a dozen of them!

Each Sacred Turtle had four or five people on its back!

“Piercing Cloud Sect, these are all people from the Piercing Cloud Sect ……”

Ji Lianzhuang took a closer look and then roared angrily!

As soon as Kai heard that the other party was from the Piercing Cloud Sect, he immediately followed the Sacred Turtle and charged towards those people from the Piercing Cloud Sect!

Those people from the Cloud Piercing Sect also seemed to have spotted Kai and the others, and seeing that Kai and the others were only a few people, they all surrounded them as well!

When the people from the Cloud Piercing Sect saw the Sacred Turtle that Kai and the others were sitting on, they all looked surprised!

This was because the Saint Turtle that Kai and the others were riding on was too big, several times bigger than their Saint Turtle!

“Ji Lianzhuang, you are surprisingly still alive?”

At this moment, a middle-aged man wearing a black tunic with a gentle face asked Ji Lianzhuang!

“Qin Lei, you’re still alive, how could I possibly die.”

“Now that the heavens have allowed me to run into you guys again, I will definitely let you die without a burial place ……”

Ji Lianzhuang was all angry, his eyes were filled with killing intent!

“Hahaha, you’re joking, don’t you realise that you’ve already been surrounded by me long ago?”

“But this Holy Turtle that you have tamed is not small, if you obediently hand over this Holy Turtle to me, I can consider sparing you.”

Qin Lei said with a cold smile!

“Patriarch Ji, is this the person from that Piercing Cloud Sect who staged a sneak attack and robbed the business?”

Kai asked to Ji Lianzhuang!

“Not bad, this guy is the Vice Sect Master of the Cloud Piercing Sect, I don’t know where they learnt the turtle training technique from, relying on the fact that they have tamed a lot of Sacred Turtles, that’s why they easily crossed the Sea of Ink and sneak attacked us.”

Ji Lianzhang nodded and said!

“Turtle Training Technique?” Kai was slightly stunned, and then laughed, “That’s a good technique, I just don’t know if their turtle training technique is as powerful as mine!”

Qin Lei listened to Kai’s words, then sized up Kai and said “Kid, do you also know the turtle training technique? This Holy Turtle that you guys are sitting on, did you tame it?”

“I tamed it!” Kai said!

“Now that you’ve severed the connection with the sacred turtle, this sacred turtle belongs to us ……”

Qin Lei said with a very arrogant attitude!

“To you?” Kai laughed “Are you my son, or my grandson, saying that it belongs to you?”

“You call out a father, I can give you the Holy Turtle ……”

Kai’s words instantly drew a laugh from both Ji Lianzhuang!

How could it be said that that Qin Lei was also the Vice Sect Master of the Piercing Cloud Sect, and Kai was actually asking someone to call out to his father!

“Mr Chen, if you have such a big and good old son, wouldn’t that make you look too old.”

“I think you’d better let Miss Gao give you a big fat boy, this kind of old man as a son is not wanted!”

Ji Yun also said in a snide manner!

“Ji Yun, what are you talking nonsense about, who is going to give him a big fat boy, he has Fire Phoenix and Jia Meng, and that Miss Liu, where is the turn for me to give birth to a child ……”

Although Gao Qilan was shy, but there were a few grievances in her words!

After all, those few girls had all been pampered by Kai, and at that time, Gao Qilan had also heard a few girls shouting, and was very happy once she heard it!

But she hadn’t even been touched by Kai yet, so how could she not be resentful!

That Qin Lei was going to be furious at this point, it was even if Kai had scolded himself, the others had even started treating him like air!

“You guys are still in the mood to flirt at the end of your lives, today I’ll let you all fend for yourselves in this sea of ink ……”

After saying that, Qin Lei’s mouth began to emit a burst of ear-piercing sounds!

The Sacred Turtle that Kai and the others were sitting on, after hearing this sound, obviously became a little agitated and desperately twisted its body!

This was because Qin Lei had performed the Turtle Training Technique, causing the Sacred Turtle to become agitated!

Kai gently stroked the Holy Turtle’s head, slowly calming the Holy Turtle’s emotions!


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