A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3149

“Kai, if you let the two of us go up, I can give you spirit coins, as many as you want!”

Ye Fengqing also lowered his head at this time.

After all, this Ink Sea was unpredictable, if a demonic beast really came out, they would be fish meat on an iron plate inside the Ink Sea and would be at the mercy of others!

“Old me doesn’t lack money ……”

Kai coldly smiled, then let the Sacred Turtle swim towards the spirit ship!

The Holy Turtle’s huge body cut out a wave that washed Zhou Tai and Ye Fengqing in the water!

Looking at the departing Kai, Ye Fengqing’s face was filled with rage “Ah, when we get ashore, I will definitely make you look good ……”

Just as Ye Fengqing roared, he suddenly felt a dangerous aura coming from him!

Instinctively turning his head back, Ye Fengqing saw a Tiger Shark Beast that was swimming towards the two of them with its bloody mouth open!

Seeing this, Zhou Tai and Ye Fengqing were so scared that they desperately swam towards the spirit ship!

Kai watched the two fellows being chased by the Tiger Shark Beast, and immediately laughed!

However, the spirit ship in the distance, spotted Ye Fengqing and rushed towards him!

At the last moment, Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai climbed onto the spirit ship, which allowed them to escape the tiger shark beast’s attack!

The two of them were dripping wet and extremely wretched!

Kai also sent the other cultivators to the spirit ship!

Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai looked at Kai coldly, gritting their teeth in hatred!

If it wasn’t for the fear of destroying the spirit ship, the two of them really wanted to make a move right there on the spirit ship!

“Kai, you wait for me, I’m not finished with you ……”

Ye Fengqing gritted his teeth and said word by word!

“So what if it’s not over? Have the ability to hit me?”

Kai had a provocative look!

Now that he was at the peak of the eighth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, as long as he cultivated a little bit, it would not be difficult to break through to the ninth grade of the Harmonisation Realm!

So he wasn’t afraid of this Ye Fengqing at all!

“You don’t need to fool around on the spirit ship, when we dock, I will make you pay.”

Ye Fengqing said with a murderous look on his face!

Kai on the other hand coldly snorted in disdain “Then I will wait for you, even if you don’t look for me, I will still reckon with you.”

Kai finished speaking and leapt down from the spirit ship, he now had the Sacred Turtle and did not need to take the spirit ship!

Gao Qilan, Ji Yun, Ji Lianzhang, Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man, Jin Dong, Luo Xi all followed and jumped onto the Sacred Turtle!

Subsequently riding the Sacred Turtle, they swam all the way to the shore!

“Hey …………”

On the back of the turtle, Ji Lianzhang suddenly sighed!

This time, their Fei Tian Sect had suffered heavy losses, losing more than half of their airships, and even the sect disciples had lost most of their lives!

If they wanted to recover in the future, they were afraid that it would take a long period of time to do so.

Ji Lianzhan had managed to fight for the Fei Tian Sect with great difficulty, but he didn’t want it to become like this in just a few days!

The problem was that he hadn’t even avenged himself and had let the Cloud Piercing Sect’s people escape!

Not only did they let the Cloud Piercing Sect escape, they were almost buried in the Sea of Mo.

This was what made Ji Lianzhuang the most suffocated!

“Dad, you don’t have to be too upset, as long as we work hard, I believe that the Soaring Sky Sect will still be able to regain its glory.”

Seeing this, Ji Yun walked over to Ji Lianzhang’s side and comforted him!

Ji Lianzhang looked at Ji Yun, his face was filled with relief, although the Fei Tian Sect had suffered heavy losses, his own son had changed a lot, which gave Ji Lianzhang a trace of comfort.

This was also thanks to Kai, after Ji Yun followed Kai, no matter whether it was in his thoughts or in his bearing, he had grown up a lot, and could no longer be seen as the same dude as before!

“Look guys, what’s in front?”

At this time, Jin Dong seemed to have discovered something and shouted loudly!

Kai and the others looked and found that a dozen or so miles away from each other, a single black dot was travelling through the sea of ink!

Kai fixed his eyes and instantly realised that these black dots that were traversing turned out to be individuals, sitting on top of the turtle back of that Sacred Turtle, traversing through the Sea of Ink!


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