A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3148

Just as Bone Cliff was complacent, waiting for the remnants of his soul to perish, a sudden cough pulled him back!

“Cough cough ……”

“Not too powerful, just too buried, I’m blackened.”

Only to see Kai drilling out from a piece of scorched earth!

Kai’s entire body was scorched black, as if it was burnt, but the Unbreakable Golden Body on his body was still intact, which meant that the strike just now did not even destroy Kai’s Unbreakable Golden Body!

This was also due to the fact that when Kai absorbed that Dragon Qi, the Unbreakable Golden Body was also strengthening!

Kai stood up, swept the dirt from his body and stroked his hair.

“Damn, the hairstyle is all messed up for me ……”

Kai provocatively tilted his head to look at Bone Cliff!

Bone Cliff looked at Kai, unexpectedly unharmed, the whole person was going crazy, this was his desperate move, it was his intention to die together.

Now Kai was unharmed, while he himself was going to perish ……

What is this called?

“Ah …… ah …………”

Bone Cliff shouted as if he had gone mad.

An ancient cultivator, driven mad by Kai ……

“Chen is fine, he’s fine ……”

Ji Yun looked far away and realised that Kai was not alright, he could not help but shout in excitement!

“Mr Chen’s achievements will certainly be unlimited in the future ……”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder said slowly!

So everyone looked at Kai in shock, having survived under that terrifying attack!

And at this time, Kai, looking at the bone cliff that had gone mad, smiled coldly and said “Come but don’t go is not a gift, since you burn me with fire, then I will also burn you ……”

Kai said it, a ball of flame rose in his palm, followed by a wave, directly wrapping up Bone Cliff!

“Ah …………”

Bone Cliff roared miserably!

Even if it was a remnant soul, being scorched by this Supreme Fire was very painful!

Amidst the miserable roar, Bone Cliff’s remnant soul completely flew away in ashes, leaving no more traces in this world!r>
When Kai killed Bone Cliff, the small island under his feet trembled, and then began to collapse into a sea of ink.

Kai, on the other hand, leapt up and let out a long whistle from his mouth!

The subdued Sacred Turtle appeared instantly, allowing Kai to land steadily on top of the turtle’s back!

Soon, the island sank, and not far away many heads slowly emerged!

These people were none other than Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai who were comfortably absorbing spiritual energy down below!

Just now that blow, also let these people wake up, along with the island sinking, these people all swam up!

When they saw that the island had disappeared, they all panicked!

Moreover, the spirit ship had also gone out more than ten miles away, so they could only soak in the water!

Although these people are all cultivators, they can fly in the air, but unfortunately, the island has disappeared, this ink sea can not fly, they can only soak in the water, or swim to the spirit ship!

Only this time period if there was a fierce beast attack, then they would be lambs to the slaughter!

Kai sat on top of the Sacred Turtle and smiled faintly when he saw these cultivators that had popped up!

“Fellow Daoist Chen, please help us out, can we sit on top of your sacred turtle?”

A cultivator asked loudly to Kai!

“No problem, come up ……”

Kai nodded.

Kai’s Sacred Turtle was large enough that it was still no problem to sit on a person of eight!

One by one, those cultivators climbed towards the back of the Sacred Turtle!

That Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai looked at each other and also stiffly climbed towards Kai’s Sacred Turtle!

“Get off, who told you two to come up here?”

Kai said to the two!

Ye Fengqing and Zhou Tai were stunned, then that Zhou Tai spoke “Kai, don’t go too far, don’t forget, the tickets for you guys to get on the boat are still what I got for you.”

“That’s you fool, soaking yourself in the water, not allowed to climb up!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

This made that Zhou Tai so angry that he couldn’t wait to eat Kai alive!


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