A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3147

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder and the others reflected and ran towards the spirit ship on the shore of the island!

Everyone scrambled to jump onto the spirit ship first.

The spirit ship then sailed away from the island at its fastest speed and kept running for more than ten miles before stopping!

“Kai, Kai …………”

Gao Qilan shouted loudly, now that Kai was on top of that island by himself, facing that terrifying fire lotus in the sky, could he still live?

“Mr Chen he, he’ll be alright, right?”

Ji Yun’s eyes were filled with worry, but he knew that with his strength, not to mention saving Kai, he was afraid that it would be difficult to board the island at this time!

“It will be fine, Mr Chen’s strength is beyond all of our imagination.”

The Demon Mountain Ghost Elder had immense trust in Kai!

It was because Kai had refreshed his perception time and time again!

After everyone had left the island, Kai’s Undying Golden Body flashed with the most brilliant golden light, while outside of the Undying Golden Body, a layer of flames wrapped Kai up!

Within Kai’s Origin Space, the star of the Origin of Fire, had become bright, Kai was planning to follow this Bone Cliff to fight fire with fire.

Bone Cliff’s flame was nothing more than the fire of the Earth’s core, while Kai’s Origin of Fire was derived from the Demon Race’s Supreme Fire, so in terms of flames, Kai’s flames were superior!

However, right now, Bone Cliff was holding a stance of desperation and was already undaunted, otherwise he wouldn’t have dared to expand this Fire Lotus to such a large extent!

Seeing that Kai didn’t run, and was even actively responding to the battle, Bone Cliff snorted coldly “Kid, you don’t have a chance, underneath this fire lotus, there will be no life surviving, even this island will cease to exist!”

“Whether there is a chance or not, it is not up to you, it is up to me, there are many people who want to kill me, among them there are some ancient great powers.”

“But in the end, wasn’t I still alive and well? This time is no exception!”

Kai was still desperately mobilising the Fire Origin within his body, his mouth full of disdain!

Bone Cliff did not say anything more, but instead, his entire body sank downwards violently!

The huge fire lotus flower instantly pressed towards the island!

Kai’s eyes stared at the fire lotus, his body stood straight, and a dragon’s roar resounded within his body!

Kai was surrounded by flames, but these flames were like a small flame in front of the huge fire lotus!

It seemed so insignificant, but Kai did not retreat!

“Die ……”

The fire lotus flower finally came down with a loud bang and ruthlessly smashed on top of the island!

Rumbling …………

With a muffled thunderous figure, the entire island was plunged into a sea of fire!

The surrounding sea, on the other hand, lifted up a hundred metres of huge waves, constantly spreading in all directions, wave after wave.

The spirit ships that were more than a dozen miles away were shaken by the huge waves, as if they were about to capsize at any moment!

“Kai …………”

Seeing this, Gao Qilan shouted out in grief!

Everyone else also pinched a cold sweat for Kai, after all, under this kind of attack, not to mention Kai, a Harmonisation realm cultivator, even if it was a Ferrying realm cultivator, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to carry it ah!

“Puff …………”

Bone Cliff sprayed out a mouthful of blood, his entire body was also shaking, after this strike, he knew that he could not exist for too long!

The flames were still burning on the island, and the entire island was directly bombarded and sunk, leaving only one tenth of the ground still exposed above the sea of ink!

It looks like it will soon sink into the sea of ink!

As the flames gradually died down, Bone Cliff swept a glance at the small island with only a small piece of land left, and did not find Kai’s figure!

The corner of Bone Cliff’s mouth raised a smile, under this kind of attack, not to mention Kai’s Harmonisation realm cultivator, even if it was a powerful cultivator, it would be very difficult to escape!

Kai must have turned into ashes under that attack, not even leaving his body behind!

One must know that it was the Earth’s Core Fire, with a temperature of tens of thousands of degrees, how could Kai withstand it!


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