A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3145

The runes on the Prime Spear lit up once again, while from within the Bone Cliff, a tiger’s roar unexpectedly emanated!

Immediately after that, it was seen that Bone Cliff’s body became fainter and fainter, and with that, a fierce tiger reunited with Bone Cliff’s body!

Along with the tiger rushed out, the Prime Spear even followed the tiger fusion, the tiger surrounded by a light red halo, so that the space kept distorting, there was no way to see the appearance of the tiger!

This tiger was like a projector, projected into mid-air, but the terrifying aura on its body clearly had the bloodline of an ancient divine beast awakened!

The tiger seemed to follow the entire space as one, and even Bone Cliff’s body became transparent!

Within the eyes of the fierce tiger, a red light flashed, like two spotlights, shining on Kai’s body!

“Kid, even if my main body perishes and my strength is damaged, the arts and magical skills I possess are not at all something a tiny Celestial Realm cultivator like you can comprehend, just wait to die!”

After Bone Cliff finished speaking, he flicked his palm and the fierce tiger let out a hissing roar as it steeply headed towards Kai!

This fierce tiger was sometimes in the shape of a tiger, and at other times, it turned into that Prime Spear, there was no way to tell, what exactly was attacking!

Kai faced the attack, the corner of his mouth hooked into a cold smile!

Immediately after that, he saw Kai in mid-air, not knowing when he suddenly disappeared, and when he was in the midst of appearing, he had turned into six identical Kai!

The aura on each Kai was exactly the same, and it was almost impossible to tell them apart by their aura!

This sudden change of events caused Bone Cliff to freeze, and even that Manticore stopped instantly, not knowing how to attack!

“Hmph, a small illusion, also want to make it difficult for me?”

Bone Cliff snorted coldly, followed by a vision vibrating behind the entire person, the Prime Spear instantly dispersed and reappeared as eighty-one Prime Spears!

Each Prime Heavenly Spear transformed into a fierce tiger, emitting a hissing roar!

For a moment, the entire island resounded with the hissing roar of a fierce tiger, which carried the might of destroying the heavens and destroying the earth, causing everyone to only feel a tightness in their chests, and their bodies felt as if they were being pressed down by a huge stone!

Eighty-one fierce tigers, facing the six Kai, almost surrounded Kai all the way in the middle!

This time, everyone was nervous, after all, in this situation, did Kai still have the power to fight back?

They all thought that Kai’s doppelgangers were nothing more than phantoms, in fact, there was only one Kai’s main body inside.

However, they did not know that these six Kai, it could be said that all of them were the main body, all of them had the aura and ability of Kai’s main body!

“Kid, I’ll see how you can still hide with your little illusion.”

Bone Cliff snorted coldly!

Kai, on the other hand, was unperturbed, raising his Dragon Cutting Sword high, and a dragon roar suddenly emitted from his mouth!

Only to see Kai’s body blossom with a brilliant golden light, the power of the divine dragon rushed through the Dragon Beheading Sword and straight into the clouds!

Immediately after that, Kai’s six figures overlapped, and the radiant golden light grew even more intense!

Soon, behind Kai, a golden dragon figure slowly appeared!

The huge golden dragon hovered in mid-air with a pair of eyes the size of a bucket!

The golden dragon let out a hissing roar, its terrifying aura causing the entire void to tremble!

Even though it was facing more than eighty fierce tigers, the golden dragon still exuded majesty, its eyes filled with contempt!

Looking at the golden dragon that had coalesced behind Kai, Bone Cliff’s expression changed immediately!

He had never thought that a junior of the Golden Dragon Clan only, a small cultivator of the Harmonisation Realm, how could he have erupted the Golden Dragon’s Soul?

This was simply impossible ah, only the purest and noblest bloodline of the Golden Dragon clan could erupt the Golden Dragon’s Soul!

And how could Kai, a small cultivator of the Celestial Realm, be the most noble bloodline of the Golden Dragon lineage?

Impossible, absolutely impossible ……

However, the golden dragon roaming above Kai’s head, this was something that actually appeared in front of his eyes, so Bone Cliff couldn’t even deny it if he wanted to!


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