A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3143

“You kid really has something, no wonder you’re so arrogant, opening the Origin Space and sensing several Origins in a mere Harmonisation Realm, even in the Ancient Era, you’re still considered a genius character!”

“Only your fate is bad, you met me, even if you opened the Origin, what can you change?”

Bone Cliff said with a cold smile!

“Then try it ……”

Kai shouted explosively, and the Dragon Slashing Sword in his hand swung upwards, instantly sending that Prime Spear flying!

This sword of Kai’s was flooded with a golden light that instantly reflected in the entire sky, and it was as if the entire sky had turned into a golden river of stars!

Even the seawater, which was as black as ink, changed colour under this golden light!

Bone Cliff frowned slightly, and the Prime Spear behind him instantly disappeared, directly following that Prime Spear that had been shaken away and converged together!

Eighty-one Prime Spears that directly converged into one!

Bone Cliff leapt and grabbed the Prime Spear, and above the Prime Spear, a tiger’s roar erupted, and a force that destroyed the heavens and the earth instantly erupted!

Boom …………

Kai’s sword, followed by the power emitted by the Prime Heavenly Spear collided together, causing all the surrounding space to instantly distort, and the surrounding seawater instantly lifted up a hundred metres of huge waves!

This kind of power caused everyone on the island to feel suffocated.

“This power, it’s completely not inferior to me anymore, Chen is just too powerful, he’s only at the eighth grade of the Harmonisation Realm, it’s too terrifying ……”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Elder was shocked, although he was a third rank of the Transition Realm, but following Kai’s just this strike compared, he admitted that he couldn’t even execute it!

Too terrifying, how could this be the power that a Harmonisation Realm Eighth Grade cultivator could burst out?

When Ji Lianzhuang saw this strike, his expression became a little complicated!

As the Soaring Sky Sect Patriarch, a cultivator who had just been promoted to the Transition Realm, in the face of that strike that Kai had just made, he was actually shocked to the core by the aftershocks that were emitted!

Just now, he instinctively wanted to run, because the strike just now, the aftershocks that erupted, all caused the crowd to feel the danger!

If he had turned his head and ran, it would have been just too humiliating!

The others, not to mention the others, were all grim-faced as they tried their best to resist the aftershocks that erupted!

At this moment, Bone Cliff, under this blow, his body violently retreated backwards, the Prime Spear in his hand instantly dispersed, rushing towards transforming into a stream of light, plunging straight into the top of the island!

Eighty-one Optimus Spears, on the small island unexpectedly formed a strange pattern!

Looking down from mid-air, Bone Cliff’s face instantly became unsightly, as these eighty-one Prime Heavenly Spears were actually directly arranged into a large hand with a middle finger raised!

It was obvious that Kai was using this method to humiliate him!

Seeing that Kai had knocked down the Prime Spears with a single strike, all of the people secretly breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts!

Even the other cultivators silently prayed for Kai’s victory, after all, only if Kai won would they be able to live, otherwise all of them would be eaten by this Bone Cliff!

“These broken bones of yours aren’t bad, surprisingly they didn’t crumble under this Dragon Slashing Sword of mine.”

“However, this Dragon Beheading Sword sword spirit of mine is damaged, so its power is not fully utilised, otherwise these few broken bones of yours would have long since become crumbs.”

Kai said with a cold smile on his face!

Bone Cliff listened to Kai’s words, anger was written all over his face, as a powerful person from the ancient times, although there was only a wisp of residual soul left, the divine might was still there, and now being teased by a small cultivator of the Harmonisation realm, Bone Cliff was going to die of anger!

This was exactly the case of a tiger being bullied by a dog, and a dragon being teased by a shrimp in the shallows.

Bone Cliff waved his hands, eighty-one Prime Spears returned behind him, but at this time, Bone Cliff was surprised to find that among the eighty-one Prime Spears, there were actually several cracks!


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