A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3142

When Gao Qilan heard Kai’s phrase my woman, her heart was immediately warmed, it seemed that Kai had acknowledged her identity, and it was not in vain that she had followed Kai from the land of the extreme north to here!

“So it’s the little brat of the Golden Dragon lineage, no wonder he’s so arrogant, thousands of years ago, I had no problem beheading your old ancestor, and I’m still afraid of you, a little guy whose hair hasn’t grown all the way up.”

“Today I will kill you and eat your bones and blood, your bones and blood can be much stronger than others!”

After Bone Cliff finished speaking, his body gently shook!


Suddenly, visions appeared behind Bone Cliff, the void exploded, and a hissing sound shook heaven and earth!

Behind Bone Cliff, eighty-one white as jade Prime Spears appeared, each Prime Spear was forged from the leg bones of an ancient tiger beast!

There were also runes slowly lighting up on the Prime Heavenly Spears, illuminating half of the sky, these Prime Heavenly Spears were behind Bone Cliff, making Bone Cliff just like an immortal descending!

These eighty-one Prime Heavenly Spears emitted the sound of a tiger’s roar, as if an ancient divine beast had been awakened, radiating infinite power!

Feeling this power, everyone’s faces were grave!

Ji Yun, as well as Jin Dong and the others, retreated backwards!

Only Ji Lianzhuang and the Demon Mountain Ghost Elder were still standing beside Kai!

The two were also building up their strength, ready to join hands together after Kai!

Buzz …………

Steeply, the void then trembled as a Prime Spear instantly disappeared.

Kai frowned, while the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand ruthlessly chopped towards the void in front of him!

At the same time, his mouth shouted “You two back off, I’ll deal with this guy, but it’s just a remnant soul, there’s nothing to be afraid of!”

Kai’s current strength had already reached the peak of the eighth grade of the Harmonisation realm, and he was curious to know just how strong he was now!

This sword chopped out, the entire void shattered, and the disappearing Prime Spear instantly appeared, directly following Kai’s sword aura as it ruthlessly collided together!

A violent explosion rang out, and the entire island seemed to be trembling along with it!

Kai’s feet were instantly plunged into the ground, and all of his clothes were shattered!

Rumbling …………

A terrifying aura was still coming towards Kai, and it was as if the entire island was about to collapse at any moment!

The muscles on Kai’s body all bulged as the Unbreakable Golden Body activated and golden scales covered Kai’s body!

“Break ……”

Kai shouted explosively, his body rising up violently, the terrifying aura was directly broken through and dissipated the moment Kai rose up!

Kai was holding the Dragon Cutting Sword, and his golden, unbreakable golden body was as if he was a golden armoured god of war!

Looking at Kai’s appearance at this moment, many people’s hearts were filled with envy, they were able to see that the Unbreakable Golden Body on Kai’s body was definitely a supreme treasure!

“Kid, I didn’t expect your physical body to be so strong, and even have a treasure armour to add to it, but I’m just warming up, how do you feel?”

Bone Cliff looked at Kai with a cold smile and asked!

“Doesn’t feel good, this kind of pedantry, don’t show off in front of me anymore!”

As Kai finished speaking, his chest suddenly flickered with light as the power of the divine dragon within the Dragon Crystal began to surge!

Within Kai’s dantian, the power of the three clans also glowed, and an endless aura began to spread!

At the same time, Kai’s Origin Space opened wide, and an Origin Star also flickered with light!

Thunder and Lightning Origin ……

Origin of Fire ……

The Origin of Illusion ……

Although Kai spoke easily, he did not invite to look at this bone cliff and mobilised all the power that he could, all of it!

Every Origin that was opened allowed Kai’s breath to increase by a few points.

Feeling the opening of the Origin Qi on Kai’s body, so everyone froze!

What was this situation?

Kai was only in the Harmonisation Realm, but he even had Origin Space and had sensed Origin1

Even if he had perceived the Origin, he had even perceived several types of it?

This was outrageous, outrageously excessive!

The Demon Mountain Ghost Old Man looked at Kai blankly, his mouth wide open, he had reached the Transition Realm and had not yet opened the Origin Space, but Kai, who was only a Harmonisation Realm cultivator, had even opened the Origin Space?


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