A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3141

“It also made use of the skeletons of the tiger beasts here and practised ninety-nine hundred and eighty-one Prime Spears.”

“This guy is cruel beyond measure, you guys aren’t the first ones to come on top of this island, in these thousands of years, there were also a dozen or so groups of cultivators who discovered this island and came on top of it!”

“In the end, they were all eaten away by this Bone Cliff’s bone and blood, I guess it won’t take long for him to remake his flesh and leave.”

“Your friend should be in danger right now, so you’d better go find her as soon as possible.”

“This drop of my soul blood can help you find that guy, while his strength hasn’t recovered yet, make sure to put him to death, otherwise it will be very dangerous.”

The old man followed Kai as he spoke, a drop of soul blood slowly condensing out from his brow!

And just as the soul blood condensed into existence, the old man’s figure became fainter and fainter, and in the end, it completely disappeared!

“Senior, senior ……”

Kai called out twice, but the old man’s voice could no longer be heard!

A ripple rose from the surrounding waters, and the spatial dimension slowly disappeared at this moment!

The crowd was still not far from Kai and the others, immersed in the wrapping of aura!

At the thought of Gao Qilan being in danger, Kai quickly woke up Ji Yun and the others before swimming towards the sea!

As for the others, Kai did not care about them, there was no danger here for the time being, if they were willing to immerse themselves in cultivation, then let them be!

Kai’s top priority was to save Gao Qilan, if Gao Qilan had a shortcoming, Kai did not know how to explain to Gao Qiqiang!

Soon, Kai and the others revealed their heads from the surface of the Ink Sea, and then swam up to the island.

After getting onto the island, Kai instantly sacrificed the drop of soul blood!

Along with the soul blood suddenly exploding and turning into a blood mist, a ripple suddenly rose from the island, followed by a ripple not far away from Kai and the others!

A guy with tousled hair and tattered clothes appeared!

Only to see that he was still holding an arm in his hand, eating it with a big mouthful as blood continued to fall low along the corners of his mouth!

And in front of this guy, there were morose white bones, spread all over the ground!

This person should be the Bone Cliff that the old man said, looking at this scene in front of him, this Bone Cliff was simply cruel to the extreme!

Gao Qilan and a few other cultivators, all of them were pale and trembling on the side, seemingly suffering from a great shock!

Upon seeing this scene, Ji Yun couldn’t help but vomit!

Even the other cultivators on the island were filled with shock!

They had been travelling around the island for several days and had never seen a sight like this!

It was unknown what Kai had used to make it seem like another world had opened up above the island!

“Kai …… Kai ……”

Seeing Kai and the others suddenly appear, Gao Qilan shouted in excitement!

“Patriarch save us, save us ……”

A few disciples of the Soaring Sky Sect, after seeing Ji Lian Battle, also shouted excitedly!

Kai ran towards Gao Qilan, but just after taking two steps, he was shaken back by a force!

Only to see that Bone Cliff dropped the arm he was gnawing on in his hand and wiped a handful of blood from his mouth “I still want a little bit, to enjoy you guys, but I don’t want you to take the initiative to send it to my door.”

“It seems like that old devil told you, otherwise how could you break my spatial barrier and enter my dimension.”

“Old thing, release the person, I can let you die painfully, if not, I will let this remnant soul of yours go through the pain of purgatory.”

Kai gritted his teeth and said in an ice-cold voice to Bone Cliff!

Bone Cliff was slightly stunned, then he laughed out loud and said “Hahaha, ignorant child, do you know who I am and you dare to say such words?”

“I don’t care who you are, dare to touch my woman, even if the heavenly king, I will let his soul fly away.”

Kai casually grabbed his hand and the Dragon Cutting Sword appeared in his hand, the aura of his body rushing and churning!


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