A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3140

The old man looked at Jin Dong and Luo Xi with a smile on his face, like a kindly elder!

Looking at the old man’s smile, how could Kai not believe that this old man was a ten-evil person, although he was a Demon, he was definitely not bad!

Everyone’s origin could not be swayed or controlled, but what kind of person one wanted to be was something one could choose!

“You two get up, I will now pass on the pure Blood Demon Technique to you two, I hope that you two can carry forward the Blood Demon clan.”

“And one more thing to remember, although we are a devil clan and have no way to change our bloodline, we must not indulge ourselves and do things that will harm the heavens and the earth just because we are a devil clan, or else I will not let you go in the nine springs.”

The old man said to Jin Dong and Luo Xi!

“Don’t worry senior, even though the world has made us enemies, we would never maim any cultivator for no reason, this is also our master’s teachings.”

“Senior, I will return the Blood Soul Pearl to you, with this Blood Soul Pearl, will you be able to break free from here?”

Jin Dong took out the Blood Soul Pearl in a panic, intending to return it to the old man!

After all, this Blood Soul Pearl was the old man’s dantian, if a cultivator did not have a dantian, it would be equivalent to a waste!

“No need, this is the will of heaven, this Blood Soul Pearl will only be able to fulfil its maximum value when it reaches your hands.”

“I’ve been sealed here for thousands of years, I should have died out long ago, luckily there’s the constant flow of blood from within the Blood Tan above, I’ve relied on this energy to support me until now.”

“Now that I have passed on the Blood Demon Technique to the two of you, I also have no regrets in dying, the two of you walk over here ……”

The old man beckoned towards Jin Dong and Luo Xi!

The two of them slowly approached the old man, then the old man spat out a spell from his mouth, which transformed into rays of light into Jin Dong and Luo Xi’s sea of consciousness!

I don’t know how long it took before the old man slowly listened, it was obvious that the old man was quite tired at this time, and it was as if he had aged a lot in an instant!

Jin Dong and Luo Xi slowly opened their eyes, followed by a look of surprise in their eyes!

“This …… this is the pure Blood Demon Technique? It’s simply too different from what I practiced.”

“It turns out that what I’ve been practising has always been wrong, no wonder my bloodlust.”

Luo Xi’s eyes widened in surprise, she only now realised that the Blood Demon Technique she had practiced was wrong and fake!

“This Blood Demon Technique, you two practice it well, don’t pass it on to the miscreants, or else there will be a bloodbath!”

The old man barked at the two!

“Don’t worry senior, we will remember senior’s teachings!”

Jin Dong and Luo Xi hurriedly said!

The old man looked at the two of them and smiled faintly, he seemed to have seen the hope of their Blood Demon Clan!

The old man looked at Kai and then beckoned “Junior, when you came to this island, has anyone gone missing?”

“Yes, a female friend of mine went missing!”

Kai hurriedly nodded his head!

“Now you should know why your friend went missing, right?”

The old man asked!

Kai nodded again “She should have entered another dimension, so it’s as if she suddenly disappeared around us.”

“Only, on that island, how can one penetrate another spatial dimension and find her?”

Kai knew that there were highly powerful Immortal and Demon remnants everywhere here, all able to create their own spatial dimensions at will!

But how to enter the other’s spatial dimension, this made Kai a little puzzled!

“I will send you a drop of soul blood, with it you can cross the spatial dimension and meet your friend.”

“But on top of the island, there is only the remnant soul of that Bone Cliff, this fellow somehow got out of the confinement and ran to the island.”


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