A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3139

However, Kai had also encountered many demons, even great demons like the Blood Demon, Yin Demon, and Wind Demon!

It wasn’t as bad as the legends said!

Hearing Kai’s question, the old man smiled bitterly “I don’t know why the God-Devil War was started, and I don’t know who started it.”

“However, our demon race is not as bad as the legends of the world, we must know that no matter what kind of community, there are always good and bad points, is it possible that human cultivators are all Bodhisattvas who save the suffering?”

“Among human cultivators, there are more treacherous people and more bad people ……”

“That’s why at the time of the God-Devil War, not all of the communities targeted our Demon Race, there were also many that helped us, and because of that, there were disagreements and civil unrest amongst the other communities.”

“Back then on top of this battlefield, the Green Dragon Clan was the one that stood with us, and among them, there were also quite a few Beast Clan and Human Immortal Clan members.”

“It can be said that the Divine and Demonic War back then was not what the world said, targeting our Demon Race, but rather it was a great melee, and as far as I know, back then, there was also a civil war in your Dragon Clan’s lineage, with even more deaths and injuries.”

“The great war of that year, made the heavens and the world shook, I don’t know how many worlds collapsed, this celestial realm is only a small realm among the ten thousand realms, the entire universe of the heavens is huge and incomparable.”

“Good and bad, right and wrong, there is often no dividing line, it’s just that everyone’s perception is different ……”

The old man’s face was filled with sadness as he spoke of the great war back then!

Kai was silent as he listened, the old man’s words made Kai reacquaint himself with the definitive conclusion of the Great War of Gods and Demons!

Perhaps the Divine and Demonic War was just an opportunity for someone to reshuffle the realms of the heavens, and in the end, the Demon Race was used as a shield!

After contemplating for a moment, Kai nodded his head and said “Good, I will go and bring the two of them …….”

Kai turned around and left, his body emitting a faint glow, after passing through a curtain of light, Kai saw that the crowd was still quietly cultivating!
<br> Kai went forward and gently patted Jin Dong and Luo Xi!

The two woke up with a jolt, and when they saw Kai, they breathed a sigh of relief!

“Mr Chen, cultivating here is just too comfortable, so I stopped without realising it.”

“I’m really sorry ah, we’ll go now ……”

Jin Dong thought that they had unknowingly stopped cultivating, causing Kai to come back to look for them!

“It doesn’t matter, I was just taking you two to a place, everyone else is immersed in their cultivation as well!”

Kai hurriedly said!

Jin Dong looked around and realised that sure enough, the others were also immersed in the water without moving a muscle!

“Mr Chen, where are you taking us?”

Luo Xi asked suspiciously!

“Come with me, we’ll naturally know when we get to the place!”

Kai said, leading the way in front, leaving Jin Dong and Luo Xi to follow behind!

Soon, Kai passed through the spatial dimension and led Jin Dong and Luo Xi to the old man!

The two froze on the spot when they saw the old man who had suddenly appeared, as well as the light formation, looking very surprised!

“Elder, I have brought the two of them.”

Kai said to the old man!

“Mr Chen, what are you doing?”

Jin Dong said with a confused look on his face!

“You two don’t need to be afraid, this is your Blood Demon Clan’s senior, he was just sealed here during the God-Demon War.”

“The Blood Soul Bead that you got is this senior’s dantian, I brought you two here because this senior wants to teach you the pure Blood Demon Technique, so that you won’t be suffering from bloodlust when you are cultivating the Blood Demon Technique.”

Kai explained after Jin Dong and Luo Xi!

As soon as the two of them heard that the old man in front of them was a senior of the Blood Demon Clan, they were thrilled and went forward to kneel down!


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