A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3138

Kai as if waking up from a dream, ears ringing a dull voice “Kid, heaven and earth breeding things are fused by you, old man rebirth is hopeless ah ……”

Kai heard a voice and hurriedly looked around, his face full of doubt!

Because he didn’t see anyone at all.

Everyone else was all motionless, absorbing the aura around them!

“Who are you? Where are you?”

Kai’s face was filled with doubt!

“Keep swimming forwards, I’m right in front of you ……”

There were a few hints of fatigue in that voice, and it sounded as if he was very tired!

With doubts, Kai began to continue swimming forward, and just after swimming a few metres, suddenly his body seemed to penetrate a barrier, followed by a red light appearing in front of him!

The red light then continued to spread, forming a special light formation, together with the blood-coloured body, which slowly appeared in the light formation!

It looked like the figure was an old man, with a reddish-coloured light shining all over his body, and there were even many lines on his skin.

These lines should have been carved on by someone, and they looked somewhat terrifying!

Half of the old man’s body was plunged into the light formation, and only the upper half of his body was exposed!

Kai took a glance over and saw that the old man had obviously been imprisoned here, and that the old man’s figure was blurred, not a solid entity, but more like a shadow!

“Who are you? Why are you here? Are those Blood Soul Monsters bred by you?”

Kai asked to the old man!

After all, this was the lair of the Blood Soul Monsters and this old man was here, so Kai suspected that the Blood Soul Monsters were bred by this old man!

“Are you kidding me, those Blood Soul Monsters are guarding the old man, how could I have bred them.”

“And that Blood Soul Pearl, that’s not a treasure, that’s the old man’s dantian, it’s just that the old man was suppressed here and the dantian was taken out.”

“I’m from the Blood Demon Clan, back then, during the God-Demon War, all of our demon clans were almost slaughtered, and because of the God-Demon War, the various clans also took advantage of the situation to have constant internal strife.”

“If it wasn’t because of the internal strife of these clans, perhaps there wouldn’t be any devil clans left in the world.”

The old man said with a miserable smile!

“The Blood Demon Race?” Kai was slightly stunned “The person who just took away that Blood Soul Bead was also from your Blood Demon Clan, they did so in order to cure their bloodlust.”

“They should not know that this Blood Soul Pearl is your Dantian, if they knew, they definitely would not have taken it.”

Kaiti Jin Dong and Luo Xi explained!

“Hahaha, you don’t need to be nervous, and even more so, you don’t need to explain, of course I know, or else how could the two of them, the two little dolls, take away the Blood Soul Pearl so simply.”

“It’s just a pity that over these thousands of years, the Blood Demon clan has declined to such a state, and the Blood Demon Technique is even more tattered and incomplete, and it’s only because of the impure Blood Demon Technique that they practiced that they got bloodthirsty!”

“I called you here because I want you to bring those two little dolls here, I want to pass on the pure Blood Demon Technique to them, hoping that the two of them will be able to glorify my Blood Demon Clan.”

The old man said to Kai in a pleading tone!

“Elder, why don’t you just recruit the two of them? There is still a need to call me out ……”

Kai was puzzled and asked!

“Do you think any random person can see me? It’s because you are the Golden Dragon’s true body that you can see me through this spatial dimension.”

“There is no way for an ordinary cultivator to penetrate this spatial dimension, so it is also impossible to see me, do you understand?”

The old man explained to Kai!

Once Kai heard this, he nodded and sort of understood, it seemed that it was because of this Golden Dragon True Body of his own that he was able to penetrate the spatial dimension.

“Elder, there is something I want to ask you.”

“Then what exactly was the reason for the God-Devil War to suddenly start? Could it be that all the ethnic groups, all of them, went to war against your demon race?”

“And is your Demon Race really as bad as the world’s legends say?”

Kai somewhat did not understand that the Devil Race, in the eyes of many cultivators, was a demon, an existence that must be put to death!


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