A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3137

Soon, those Blood Soul Monsters were wiped out, and the water rinsing in that pool of water turned a light red colour!

Now that we know that under this pool of water leads to the Ink Sea outside, we just need to swim out!

Only, for the unknown depths of the water pool, no one dared to enter rashly!

“Servant Ye, did you find out that this man and woman are demonic cultivators, when they made their move just now, I sensed the aura of the demon race from them.”

Zhou Tai whispered in Ye Fengqing’s ear!

“I found out long ago!” Ye Fengqing could tell that Jin Dong and Luo Xi were devil cultivators long ago.

“Isn’t your Demon Sealing Alliance specialised in hunting devil cultivators? Now that these two are devil cultivators, why don’t you do it?”

Zhou Tai wanted Ye Fengqing to make a move on the two!

If Kai dared to help, he would be colluding with the devil cultivators and would definitely be resisted by many cultivators!

“You damn fool, can’t you see that Kai has been helping those two devil cultivators, if we make a move now, we have no chance of winning.”

“Besides, we’re stuck here and we need someone to get us out.”

“When we get back to the shore, we’ll reveal the identities of these two demonic cultivators, and no one will be able to escape then!”

Ye Feng had thought about it early in the morning, now he would hold his tongue for now, when he returned to the shore, he would turn on Kai!

“This is a good idea, when the time comes, you and I will join forces, no one will be able to run.”

Zhou Tai smiled coldly!

At this moment, Kai had no time to pay attention to the two men, but instead looked at the bottomless pool of water, frowning slightly!

“Mr Chen, I will take the lead to go down, after all, we just swam up from the water, so we are more familiar with the situation inside.”

Jin Dong took the initiative and asked to lead the way!

Kai glanced at Jin Dong, then nodded “Then be careful, I’ll follow you at the back, if there is any danger, you immediately retreat back ……”

“No problem ……”

Jin Dong finished speaking and plunged headlong into the pool of water!

Then Kai and also Ji Yun they all jumped into the pool water, and the other cultivators saw this and jumped in as well!

Finally Zhou Tai and that Ye Feng Qing looked at each other and also followed suit and jumped in!

Jin Dong swam desperately towards the depths of the water with his memories, soon he found a shimmering hole, he knew that if he went in here, it would be the lair of the Blood Soul Monster!

Jin Dong was a little hesitant, if they went inside and there were still Blood Soul Monsters, there was no way they could cope with them in the water!

These Blood Soul Monsters could revive infinitely in the water, they had no chance of winning!

At this moment, Kai swam to Jin Dong’s side from behind, then signalled Jin Dong to follow him, Kai took the lead and swam in!

After entering the cave, the water inside turned directly into a blood-red colour, and vision began to be obstructed and blurred!

Kai could only rely on his Divine Sense and kept groping his way forward to swim!

Just as Kai and the others swam into the cave, a faint layer of light enveloped each of them.

For a moment, everyone seemed to be wrapped in a thick aura, and their bodies were very comfortable.

At this moment, everyone began to greedily suck in the thick aura!

In the water pool, that light red blood water had a very strong spiritual qi, not to mention the fact that the water here was blood red.

It was obvious that the blood water here hadn’t faded yet, and the aura was the thickest!

Kai couldn’t help but start absorbing it at this time, this kind of rich aura was very rare even in the Celestial Realm!

Along with the absorption of the crowd, they all seemed to have forgotten about the dangers in the cave, one by one, they stopped swimming and immersed themselves in the blood water, all as if they were asleep!

Even Kai, also stopped swimming and quietly soaked in the water, like a baby, feeling the thick aura around him pouring into his body!

Suddenly, the current at the bottom of the sea trembled!


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