A man like none other and the man decree Chinese Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3136

Just when Kai was happy to find the way out, suddenly the water in the pool raised huge waves and a single crimson monster appeared!

These monsters were all blood red, they could clearly distinguish their arms and legs, but they could not see their faces, they were like bloody people covered in blood!

Looking at the humanoid monsters in front of him, Kai seemed to have guessed something, the lair of these monsters was connected to this place, I believe that these guys should be caused by this Blood Tan in front of him, after all, these were the blood of the ancient Immortals and Demons converging together, and the energy contained within was self-evident!

And this blood water connected to the sea of ink outside through the cave, and under the slow nourishment of this blood water, this monster with a reddish body appeared!

Otherwise, there shouldn’t be this kind of monster in the Ink Sea!

The others all became nervous when they saw the Blood Soul Monster that suddenly appeared, as they did not know how strong this Blood Soul Monster was!

With a low roar, these Blood Soul Monsters instantly launched an attack towards the crowd on the shore!

Undifferentiated attacks, hitting everyone on sight!

At a time like this, the crowd all rushed forward with their own weapons, now it was a battle for their lives, no one dared to reserve their strength.

Kai, on the other hand, was holding the Dragon Slashing Sword and slashed at one of the Blood Soul Monsters, a sword bolt shot out and pierced through the head of the Blood Soul Monster, which instantly transformed into a puddle of blood and water, before falling into the Blood Tan!

Kai protected in front of Jin Dong and Luo Xi, looking at the Blood Soul Monster that was killed by his sword, he couldn’t help but wonder “This monster is too weak, it was killed just like that?”

“Mr Chen, don’t be careless, this Blood Soul Monster can be resurrected, it can’t die ……”

“Otherwise we wouldn’t have been chased everywhere.”

Jin Dong hurriedly reminded Kai!

Sure enough, the Blood Soul Monster that had been decapitated by Kai, was now in the blood water, and slowly began to coalesce again!

Many other cultivators, too, had discovered this situation!

Can’t kill it at all, can’t kill it at all……

This time, each and every one of them had a big head!

Although the strength of the monster is not strong, but it can’t be killed, so if it continues to be consumed, everyone is going to be consumed to death!

Kai looked at the Blood Soul Monsters that kept resurrecting, and seemed to have an idea in his mind!

“Attract these Blood Soul Monsters towards the shore, don’t kill them in that blood water so that they might not be able to revive.”

Kai shouted loudly!

After saying that, Kai looked towards Jin Dong “You use the Blood Soul Pearl, attract a Blood Soul Monster up, let’s try ……”

Jin Dong nodded and then took the Blood Soul Bead, the Blood Soul Bead emitted light and instantly attracted three Blood Soul Monsters towards this side!

Jin Dong took the Blood Soul Pearl and started to run towards the distance, wanting to get away from the Blood Tan!

The three Blood Soul Monsters were in hot pursuit, and their mouths were emitting bursts of raspy low roars!

Kai glanced over and realised that he was far enough away from the shore, so he swung the Chopping Dragon Sword in his hand violently, and a brilliant light instantly pierced through the three Blood Soul Monsters’ bodies!

The three Blood Soul Monsters were instantly decapitated and turned into three puddles of blood, however, these three puddles of blood were constantly flowing!

By the looks of it, it seemed to be flowing in the direction of the Blood Tan!

It was obviously trying to flow into the Blood Tan for resurrection!

Seeing this, Kai knew that his guess was right, there was no way to resurrect these fellows if they were not within the Blood Tan, so he slapped his palm out, and a flame instantly ignited in the centre of his palm!

The Origin of Fire erupted, and the temperature of the flame reached tens of thousands of degrees, but it was only a matter of a split second, and the three puddles of blood directly turned into vapour and disappeared!

Seeing this, Kai immediately told the crowd about this method, so they all lured the Blood Soul Monsters to the shore to behead them!

Some people used flames to evaporate the blood water, others used things to block the flow of blood water!

There were also people who used containers to fill up this blood water!

After all, this blood water contained a large amount of spiritual qi, and it was also a good resource for cultivation!


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