A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 3135

At this time, although Ye Fengqing looked at Kai with displeasure, he did not dare to strike at Kai casually!

It was obvious that Kai’s side was clearly stronger!

“Look guys, how did this water become like this?”

At this moment, suddenly a cultivator shouted out!

Everyone looked towards the Spirit Spring water on the side and found that the originally light red water, at this moment a dark colour was spreading underneath!

Seeing this, Kai waved his hand, and a brilliant spiritual light condensed into a ball and struck towards the water!


The spiritual light exploded, instantly illuminating the surface of the water very brightly!

And this time, the crowd saw that in this water, a stream of bright red was spreading, and soon all of the light red water turned bright red, and it also carried a thick bloody aura!

Seeing this scene, so people were shocked, not understanding where this blood suddenly came out from!

Looking at the bloody water in front of them, a weird feeling rose in everyone’s heart!

Those who originally wanted to go underwater to find a way out, no one dared to move this time!

Looking at the pool of water that had turned bright red, everyone’s scalp was numb, and feeling the thick bloody gas, it made people even more nervous!

Just when the crowd was looking at the pool of water nervously, suddenly the water in the pool of water tumbled up, followed by two blood-red figures were seen rushing into the water and then falling down towards the shore!

Seeing the figures that suddenly emerged, everyone’s expression tightened and they clenched the weapons in their hands!

They thought it was some kind of monster, so they prepared to meet it!

Devil Mountain Ghost Elder, on the other hand, waved his palms and without waiting for those two blood-red figures to land, he intended to strike first!

“Senior, wait a moment ……”

Kai hurriedly stopped the Devil Mountain Ghost Elder!

“Mr Chen, aren’t we going to strike first and kill these two monsters?”

The Devil Mountain Ghost Elder was puzzled as to why Kai had stopped himself!
r> “They are not monsters!” After Kai finished speaking, he leapt forward and then caught the two figures and landed firmly on the ground!

Only when it landed on the ground did the crowd see clearly that it turned out to be two people, a man and a woman!

After wiping the blood off their faces, they all let out a sigh of relief!

It turned out that these two people were the same Jin Dong and Luo Xi who rode away on the Sacred Turtle!

Jin Dong and Luo Xi were also looking differently at this moment, with panic in their eyes, breathing heavily, still not having recovered from the shock.

“Mr Chen, how did you end up here?”

Jin Dong asked in surprise after he came back to his senses.

“How did you two get here? And how did you rush out from the middle of this pool of water?”

Kai asked in return!

“Water pool?” Jin Dong froze, then looked at the blood-red water pool in front of him, then looked around, then said with a bewildered look on his face “The two of us were being chased by the Blood Soul Monster, and we don’t know how we ended up here.”

“Blood Soul Monster, what is this thing?” Kai was baffled, he did not know what a Blood Soul Monster was!

“It is a kind of monster in this Sea of Ink, in order to cure our senior sister, that is why we came here, our senior sister’s illness requires the Blood Soul Bead in order to be cured.”

Jin Dong simply explained after Kai!

“Blood Soul Bead?” Kai had never even heard of it!

At this moment Jin Dong pulled out a blood red bead from his pocket, there was also a faint red halo around the bead.

“This is the Blood Soul Bead, it can cure senior sister’s bloodlust, originally we used the Sacred Turtle and lured those Blood Soul Monsters away and stole the Blood Soul Bead, but we didn’t expect to be discovered anyway.”

“The two of us were blocked in the Blood Soul Monster’s lair, and we could only quickly escape towards the depths of the Blood Soul Monster’s lair, and without knowing how it happened, we came here!”

Jin Dong himself did not know how they came to be here!

Kai listened to Jin Dong’s story and suddenly brightened up, it seemed that this place followed the Mo Hai to get through, and this passage was this Blood Soul Monster’s lair!


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